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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't see what Grealish brings that would improve what we have. His position is #10 and Pulisic, Mount, Haverz are all better than him in that position. He would struggle to get starts.
  2. Has anyone mentioned Les Fridge, yet? Disappointing is not usually a word I would bandy about. He had a good season with the Juniors and so was given a debut. We lost 5-1 to Watford. He never played again. To be fair, he had to cope with Doug Rougvie as a defender.
  3. Our first tv was a Teleton portable TV in the '70s. We only got it because my uncle worked in the warehouse and was really cheap with his discount. I would have been about eleven or twelve. Even once we got it, we still mainly used the radio or, as my parents would have it, the wireless. Now that I am writing this, I wonder how they might have thought it could be wired! The sort of thought that, if voiced, would earn me a clip round the ear. I still do use the radio more than the TV. Anyway, the TV broke down a few years later, and we discovered it would cost more to replace than repair. Dad briefly toyed with building his own. He had built a record deck, amp and tape recorder, and he worked at the valve company, so he ought to be able to get the tubes. But, with Dad, enthusiasm for this kind of thing often quickly waned. He never liked the TV much anyway, probably because it came courtesy of an uncle he did not like much.
  4. Dad worked on Magnetrons in the early 70s. No, they are not robots that can morph into vehicles. They were valves that were used to generate the microwaves used in radar systems. But unlike your domestic microwave, they were rated in Giga-Watts. That's the kind of microwave that would not so much cook your dinner as instantly vaporise it. :-)
  5. Euro (2020) 2021

    He knows that the most important in football is support, especially for an England manager. He has to pick players from Man Utd and Liverpool because they are the most supported clubs in England. An England manager never picks the most talented players for the squad or a team of players most able to work together to get results, but rather a team that satisfies the prejudices of a media that slavishly follow narratives. We have known this since Hudson was ignored by Alf Ramsey or the desperate attempts to squeeze the likes of St. Stevie or Paul Scholes into an England midfield despite the penchant of the former for losing possession by ill-judged long balls and the second for scissor tackles. I stopped watching them after the 2006 finals because I could see that the England team had not substantially changed in my lifetime and probably never would. I can't see the point anymore.
  6. How's your German? Supporting the right mannschaft is very important.
  7. Super Cup is in Windsor Park, Belfast in August against Viilareal and we will also have the Club World Cup in the New Year along with the usual three domestic competitions and the CL. We are going to need our big squad.
  8. Lovely
  9. Khobar's Legacy

    The Bluemoon website is the nearest thing to victimhood in its purest form outside the boundaries of Liverpool FC. Apparently, everyone is against them including commentators, pundits, match officials, the FA, Premier League and UEFA. It's sad to see a club railing against the world for the unfair disadvantages they have suffered.
  10. Khobar's Legacy

    The easiest way to cure yourself of that feeling is to spend a couple of minutes looking at the comments on their fan sites. Talk about entitlement.
  11. Khobar's Legacy

    As my lecturers keep telling me: Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
  12. Official: Willian Departs And Signs For Arsenal

    The way RM are going, they might be fined considerable sums by UEFA (along with Barce and Juve). Of course, they will probably be let off on the grounds of the damage it could do to the marketability of the Champion's League. I would take back Hazard but if he could sort out his dietary issues. I am not sure how I would fit him into the team though. He is not a 6 but a 10 and so would be competing with those playing between the lines (I.e. Mount and Ziyech). He could play on the left, I suppose.
  13. Aston Villa 2 Chelsea 1

    Maybe they will notice. Actually, Grealish was very poor in that game. I know he has had an injury, but all the same... Don't see him playing ahead of Mount or Maddison in the Euros. If he is not in the England team then he won't get the benefit of the doubt as much as those that do. Bias toward England players is as bad as boas toward Liverpool and ManU.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    No question that it is the forward's responsibility to bag the majority, but I love seeing a goal from a deep-lying midfielder or a CB. A great team should have scorers all over the field.
  15. Aston Villa 2 Chelsea 1

    Kova getting minutes and so, hopefully, up to full speed. Score permitting, would like to see Giroud get some time. We might need him next week (and today).
  16. New Kits

    Was it very loose when you bought it? ;-)
  17. New Kits

    Reflex Blue? Is that the same as royal blue? (Worried in case someone has changed our colours to Everton pink or some dodgy granite and orange outrage)
  18. Aston Villa 2 Chelsea 1

    You can listen online to Chelsea TV if that works for you. Avoid the pre-match program because it is mostly brainless, but the commentary for the game itself is good, usually Ben Andrews plus a.n.other also on 5th Stand on smartphones.
  19. A (Chelsea) Rose by any other name

    I chose mine because most of what I say is a consequence of sitting on my arse for too long.
  20. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

  21. Chelsea Men's Player of the Year 2020/21

    Nothing to do with football, but one of my favourite clips last summer was Mason talking to a lady called Maureen about how she was coping with the lockdown. Just seems like a normal kid.
  22. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    We need to get used to the idea that VAR is not accurate down to small margins. Attackers should be innocent until proven guilty and VAR cannot be considered proof under, say, 30cms. VAR only has value when considering clear and obvious errors. Decisions like those against Son against Leicester or Stirling against West Ham (or Chilwell on Saturday, imo) were not clear and obvious errors but reasonable judgements made by experienced assistants. I also wonder whether some people see VAR as a replacement for proper training of the match officials, but I probably shouldn't say that.