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  1. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    I think this was attempted before and didn’t turn out well. Well as in well received.
  2. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    I am not saying this to defend TT and I can’t prove this either but I’m of belief that this was 100% a political move by the club. Get Kepa to win an FA Cup so he can have some records of holding a trophy so you can attempt to raise his status and move him. I am so dejected by this because it goes against everything sport is
  3. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    I didn’t realize this until I read your comment. Crazy.
  4. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    We’ll finish third and Liverpool fourth. No worries.
  5. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    Bar the Villa match, we need to go full strength in every match moving forward. Chalk this up to a bad day and let’s finish strong because we may very well look back at this and not be phased by it at all.
  6. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    Yup. That is modern football. Love the man but we are moving on from his like.
  7. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    Kepa would've done better with that shot, Callum.
  8. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    Agree with this as well. I am also of opinion that top level football is moving away from recognized strikers. Just look at the two champions league finalists. Haha.
  9. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    We're not playing that badly. One big error was made. Plenty of time to rectify.
  10. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    Tough to pass forward when everyone is static. Plus Jorginho was asking for it and defenders are very likely under instructions to work the ball up through him.
  11. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    Bad error. Credit to Kepa for saving that originally.
  12. Could and should've soundly beaten them 5-0 but who cares?! We're in the final!!!! Let's gooooo!
  13. Chelsea 2 Fulham 0

    I love me some Havertz
  14. Chelsea 2 Fulham 0

    He’s struggling out there. Hasn’t played on some time so I don’t want to be too harsh but he’s not had a good match so far.