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  1. Can’t think where else to post this, but maybe another short shelf life topic - the origin of common expressions. To start the ball rolling : “BLOODY NORA”. “Bloody Norah was originally called Norah and the maid for the wealthy Duke Wodingtonshire in the 17th century. She earned the name Bloody Norah after she killed a servant of the duke with a stick of celery. When the Duke caught her repeatedly slapping the bloody corpse with the stick of celery he shouted "Oh dear god you''re all bloody, Norah...." and after beating her he banished her to a basement cell for 3 years. When the 3 years was up the Duke set her free but Norah insisted on working for the Duke. Reluctantly the Duke gave her a job cleaning the stables only to find 4 days later she had kill another servant, this time with a kettle. When the Duke found her once again maiming her victim with the dented kettle he cried "oh, bloody Norah" and grabbed a horseshoe in an attempt to kill Norah. After a long struggle Norah escapes and leaving the Battered Duke cussing to himself "Bloody Norah!". The expression came from the Duke himself as would tell the story of Norah to all he knew and would always refer to her as "Bloody Norah". As the Duke aged he grew senile and would be heard talking to himself and shouting "....BLOODY NORAH!!!!......". As people around saw him still as a respected figure in the community they all started saying Blood Norah as they all thought the Duke has invented a new cuss word. Its has stuck until present day.” If she don’t come ….
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    His skills were in other areas. Can you imagine Ronaldo being brought down and bouncing straight back onto the attack? Messi ws closer IMO, but even he didn’t seem to relish close-quarter infighting like Eden. CR and Messi may have scored more goals, but unlike our little genius, I’d not travel to SB in the snow to watch them on a Dark Monday night in November. It might be unfashionable - I care not - but I’d brave Covid, snow, dark, late hour and travel disruption to see Eden in blue one last time.
  3. Stamford Bridge Upgrades

    Please do (raises eyebrows) - medical issues have no place on this forum (unless Matron thinks otherwise)!
  4. Stamford Bridge Upgrades

    Might manage one of his boots?
  5. Stamford Bridge Upgrades

    No such luck. Now, if it’s camels or oil you’re after …
  6. Stamford Bridge Upgrades

    Oops. A year. My camel died. Speaking as someone who was born three years after that - '53 - my first job was £550/year, and I'd enjoy a couple pints after work 3 times a week, so that was 6% of my income. Average wages for a trainee computer operator (which is what I then was) these days are apparently £16,000 and beer is about £4.50/pint - so that equates to 9% of salary. Mind you, to be honest, I was in the West Country so I normally drank cider, which was cheaper and stronger. But in the mid-70s there were no PCs, mobiles, colour televisions, satellite telly etc., so we only had booze, football and women - and camels - to waste our money on. There's a lesson there somewhere.
  7. Stamford Bridge Upgrades

    Totally agree. Still in shock from being made to sit in an away seat while Scousers poured ketchup over my seat. The Shed is for Chelsea. Can you imagine us being given seats in the Kop?
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Missed the Everton statement - but even so, Delph isn't first team?
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Poor old Gylfi, Delph is also a 31-year-old Evertonian ... for that matter, the arrest was by Manchester police and the only 31-year-old Mancunian player is Kyle Walker. Not saying it's any of them, far from it, I'm sure they're models of propriety, but talk about jumping on Tabloid bandwagons ...
  10. New Kits

    At risk of repeating myself, made something like that in my garage with a car and a grease gun....
  11. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Oh for Pete’s sake ….
  12. Brought marvellous images to mind, there, KK! Excuse me nit-picking, but is that Vesper the evening prayers, Vesper the martini or Vesper the family of bats? Now that would have been magical! Or perhaps Vespa the scooter?
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Both of whom won the CL, I recollect? Or perhaps you were making another point that I missed?
  14. There are so many - the remake of the Italian Job with Mark Wahlberg, Jason Statham and Charlize Theron; the remake of Get Carter with Stallone … And slightly off topic, but every film of 39 Steps totally sidesteps Buchan’s original plot, where there is no love interest and Mr Memory Man doesn’t exist. Even Master & Commander - a great film, but in reality a mishmash of several of Patrick O’Brien’s 21 Aubrey/Maturin novels.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well, all I can say is that my vintage is better than your new wine!