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  1. Not sure mocking our own player is cool 🤔
  2. Right. Who knows how that situation affected him personally, he looked pretty decent until then..
  3. I'm thinking what his stats are pre Sarri sub incident and after. Anybody knows?
  4. Could it be possible that he lost his confidence after the incident at the final with Sarri? Would be interesting to compare his stats before and after
  5. Let Kepa have a go. we dont have anything to lose hopefully he can have an ok game to increase sale value.
  6. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Wow this thread :o
  7. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    The ball was cleaaaarly outside. +never a red for Kova. FA had to give Arse the cup to help them to Europa League.
  8. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Yes. and a GK coach so that they can collect those balls in the air at the far post. Applies to both Cabs and Kepa
  9. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Not sure where to post this, but here it is:
  10. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    Yes. I was screaming at my TV to get Alonso off asap just before that goal. He was very poor and didn't pass Pulisic a few times when he was in good positions.
  11. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    I agree that Jorg should take him out, but saying “Alonso is so slow” is the same as saying “Jorg is so weak”. No excuses for both of these guys. Also for Kepa - weak wrists
  12. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    Wolves need a result as well. They will want to stay in 6th
  13. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    Alonso was poor tracking back as well
  14. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    Shocking from Alonso. Has been so poor today
  15. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    Zouma, Rüdi and Giroud should have scored. All had free headers and they all went wide
  16. New Kits

    Good lad! in all seriousness these are all the stands from Stamford Bridge. Love the idea and the execution.
  17. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    After failing to score with his last 63 shots in the Premier League, Ross Barkley has scored his first goal since netting against Burnley in October 2018. Chelsea midfielder Barkley has been directly involved in eight goals in his last 10 starts in all competitions (three goals, five assists).
  18. New Kits

    What an unintelligent comment! As a Chelsea fan you should be ashamed of not knowing the story behind those patterns!
  19. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    I remeber the days when we were constantly seeing JT or Cahill on the scoresheet. Rüdiger did get 2 against Leicester, but too inconsistent..
  20. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    Agreed. Just feels like a HUGE missed opportunity. Remembe the RCL and Giroud chances btw. Tammy also had a few half chances, but looked awful - can’t believe he didn't clear the first goal of the line too! Eden is on a decline unfortunately, and Pulisic is still just 21! Good question though :)
  21. New Kits

    If you want lack of design Primark is full of blue shirts. Chelsea shirt needs a good design - not necessarily colours, but patterns. Current one has great patterns for example.
  22. New Kits

    Most of the time I think all these new kits are fine, some better, some worse. also, dont want to seem rude, but genueinly this one is shocking. The lack of design (whole shirt being just blue) and the sponsor logo makes it a contender for the worst Chelsea kit..
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    And Willian’s tracking is poor, especially when he is not in the mood. Also strugless against weaker opposition when there is no space. Pedro on the other hand worked so hard in the last few games!