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  1. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Is Kalas going to play CB or RB for us?
  2. If Jose goes with the 4-3-3. Where does Mata play in that formation? As a more attacking part of the midfield 3 or a wide player?
  3. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    What an amazing player we have, and all it took was a couple months for people to start to bad mouth him. He is 21 years old, there is no doubt that he will go on to become one of the best players in the world, stop complaining and enjoy what we have. Maybe we should bring Kalou back and play him on the wing. FFS what a fickle group of fans.
  4. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    Surely Rafa's deal will only be for the rest of the season? But who knows with Roman, he does like to play managers 2-3 years for 6 months work.
  5. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    We really deal with managers like a pair of shoes. Why would Rafa accept a 6 month role anyway? We need Pep to come in
  6. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    What an amazing, AMAZING, player.
  7. Didier Drogba

    Feel like crying. Didier has brought so much happiness to my life, from all the moments he gave us and all the goals. He truly loves the club, and I will miss him playing for us like crazy. Countless times we have had nothing in matches and we would kick the ball up to Didier and he will produce absolute magic and win us a game. Going to miss the hell out of seeing that. But its the right time for Didier to leave, he has won us everything and what a better way to end your Chelsea career than the winning penalty in the Champions League. He goes out on a high and with us remembering him for the greatest moment in clubs history, I think. Good luck to Didier where ever he goes, I will make sure to check out his matches. Absolute Legend.
  8. Didier Drogba

  9. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    What has happened with Matej Delac? Is he is in the reserves training right now? Or is he out on loan again?
  10. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    This can only happen at Chelsea. That a player is supposed to be signed for what 2 weeks now? Practices with the team, but no one has any idea why he hasnt been officially announced. If somehow this goes wrong I wouldnt be shocked at all.
  11. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    Thats interesting, wasnt he with the Spain squad for the world cup? Wonder how he got through that. Thats a real hassle for someone that is professional footballer
  12. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    He is 18 years old so he might not be needed today. But he will be needed in the future and will be a big player for this club. Those people saying we dont need him are the same idiots that say things like "How come we dont sign young players" or "why do we wait till Aguero is worth 40 million to try and buy him". Perfect signing by Chelsea to replace Didier.
  13. Michael Essien

    What the hell is he talking about? We can cope with out Essien? We needed a midfielder or maybe 2 before he got hurt, how are we going to cope losing one.
  14. Just scored against America. Getting on the end of a through ball. Maybe we should try that instead of having him pick the ball up in the midfield and having to do it himself. He isn't the problem, its the midfield and it has been the problem all season.
  15. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Are we really going to let Borini leave the team on a free? Would be a shame