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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    because 37 goals and 15 assists in 31 games with a weaker barcelona midfield is an awful return, and he is only 28 this year. hell he could easily drop further into midfield as he ages, he has very good passing and work rate already. he will play till 33-35 easy
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    well not like salah was getting any games. potentially 1 more signing is possible while staying within ffp but dont think any major links other then douglas costa and sissoko
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    supposedly the fee was below 30million pounds, something like 25 with added on performance bonuses. so a little less then expected. I think he might pleasantly surprise people, a mix of nani and valencia was used. in a way I could see that, he has decent trickery and speed but can be incosistent but much less so then people are assuming. he is no c.ron or bale in terms of numbers but in terms of output I think he will be a step up from any RW we have had there in a while
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    ok one of the things that selling schurrle and getting cuadrado would be that schurrle was bought for what 18million. sold for 24million or so. but say he was on a 4 year contract. that means we have already amortised around 6 million of that contract and only had to cover the 12 mill. thus for this years books we actually already made a 12 mill profit from him. now cuadrado is costing 34mill, divided by the 4 yr contract again and thats 9 million or so a year. wages wont be disimilar so they out. in essence buy swapping the two for this financial year chelsea have made a profit of 3 million already. if they want they can go splash 12 million on a defender or midfielder and be on parity. personally I think when matic isn't playing we are screwed and we need another CM and ideally a more stable CB. however cuadrado does in some ways strengthen the team because he is a great right winger and very direct. more so then any of the other options. ideally I think we need a another midfielder in the centre, as close to matic quality as possible, someone that can still attack if needed. because then it gives the option of running a matic/fab/CM midfield 3 or CM/fab/oscar option. even placing hazard in the centre and having cuadrado and willian on either side of him with 2 stable CM's would be another rotation option. sure we have mikel and ramires but neither have shown that can truly deputise for matic
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah I would love to have dybala, he is really exciting to watch and has so much potential, good footwork, speed, strength and a decent shot. Could really become a scary wing striker. But I think if Chelsea get him he would be relegated to loans or salah level appearances. He will only get better, I think in a year or two he will be playing for one of the top European teams if he keeps progressing at the rate he is. Still very raw as he makes stupid decisions and relies too much on being faster or showy instead of smart. Reminds me c.ron when he first came up England, does cool **** but wastes so much energy and time. Still I would like having him, I think he would be an excellent roll of the dice.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    I really like cuadrado, the fact is he is very similar to willian. probably better in dribbling and defensively probably similar but maybe just better positionally but tackling/pressing wise its the same. cuadrado is the most fouled player in serie a, his shooting is probably more consistent then willians too but not by much. if schurrle and salah leave he would be an upgrade on both. another player in serie a that is just amazing and can play right wing well is dybala but he is a striker playing wide. still kid is the nuts.
  7. Chelsea Finances Thread

    turkey is definitely one of the fastest growing economies in the world, cheap labour, huge populace and connection between asia and europe is very useful for its growth. Anyway with Turkey I think if your rich or at least well off your more likely to be secular. However the very poor are nearly always more religious and conservative. So if you go rich places in istanbul, izmir or the resort towns then yes you will see a very liberal and secular turkey but go to a town more central or away from where the rich hang out and its a different place entirely. The sponsorship is an interesing one, it truly depends on how much turkish airlines will give chelsea because it definitely helps them grow their brand name around the world. ie no one in asia, america or oceania would even know of turkish airlines but the connection with chelsea will change that in many places, especially asia where they probably really want to grow into since they fly to most asian capitals. And I think the failing state of the turkish game will mean people will more likely jump ship to watch and follow the English game with it becoming free to air. Its not the strongest market but a population of nearly 100m isn't tiny and the potential for secondary investment is high from other markets as I think the turkish populace cares a lot about what celebrities do so getting further turkish sponsorship could be possible.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    honestly I think balotelli has everything in his closet to be a top striker except drive. seriously the stuff I have seen from him on random occasions has me going this guy is an insane player and athlete. but he hasnt got the right mentality, an example is the game against sporting. there was one time that costa was running at the ball that was past behind the defender, he was behind the player by a step and not in the best position but as soon as he started running I knew he would fight tooth and nail to get to that ball first and get a shot on no matter what. that kind of tenacity and willingness to give 100% even though it might end up being fruitless is something balotelli doesnt have. that score a goal from purely working your arse off and just pushing your limits type of goal is the difference between him and being a great striker I think.
  9. Chelsea Finances Thread

    only issue is turkish airlines was voted best european airline and out of all the airlines I've flown it actually is one of the best. Its a newish player in the game, I think 10 years ago I would of said it was complete crap but in the last 3-4 years I can safely say I would choose it above many. The biggest issue with it is that inside europe its connecting flights are just crap, most of the major european cities are too far from istanbul so you end up having massive flights if your not coming from east to west or other way around. they try really hard with food and offer massive variety, the planes are pretty decent but not on par with the middle eastern airlines. they are looking to grow their brand because currently they have a good service and I think what they want to do is grab some of the share from the middle eastern fliers which is a big call since they fly similar routes and have nearly the same stopover locations, only positive is you can actually plan a stopover in istanbul and spend a couple of days there. so for them being a shirt sponsor for a major name like chelsea is smart business. samsung doesnt need name recognition, more people know samsung in the world then they know chelsea now. this was different 10 years ago when samsung first became a chelsea sponsor and their most known products were tvs.
  10. Official: Cesc Fabregas Departs For Monaco

    as I see it right now our strongest team is matic, fabregas and ramires. ramires can shuttle better and provide a true box to box option when needed, nearly a libero but further up the pitch. a pair of oscar, fab and matic see fabregas playing a little deeper and having a more congested centre. maybe a bit mroe control further up the pitch at the expense of instability between midfield and defense and the inability to burst in counterattack. its an interesting conundrum because I see ramires as weak link in a possession game but he is such an important aspect in the game when paired with matic and fabregas because he offers speed out of position you dont expect speed coming at you. really gets behind midfielders in an instant. oscar really is becoming a rotation player right now, could see him being secondary which is insane considering it was because of him that mata was seen as not needed.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    I actually like remy, the goal he scored against us was pretty nice, left foot I think and he is comfortable with both. very nice composure and finishing is pretty good. averages around a goal every 6-7 shots and 2 games which is decent for a backup striker and is pretty happy to attack the ball when near the goal. is he better then ba, I dont really know but he offers something different. I like how he places his shots but gets lots of power behind it.
  12. Mohamed Salah - In and Out!

    Kalou was always a fw playing a level a little above his standard and out of position. salah is interesting, when I watch him play, he has good ability to read when to make a run and dribble through players but relies too much on pace and little guile. bit too one dimensonal with little end product. however he is still young and much of his issues are at least not technical and physical like Kalou was, ie not skillful enough or fast enough. can't see him displacing starters just yet but has the ability I think to get to a similar level to schurrle who I'm not the biggest fan of but dont mind. he has the right skillset to at least bomb down the wing and annoy fullbacks, ball control is a little lacking which is a shame but can be mediated if he learns to kick the ball past an opponent instead of controlling it like kaka used to do. worth the money? probably not and as he is right now he could go both ways, either being useful and turning into a player that can cause damage or become too predictable. having lukaku and costa should help, both love early balls too so that should make him less likely to be strongly marked.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    sanchez should definitely be thought of as either a forward or the second striker in a 2 man pair. great at getting space and time on the ball, because he breaks so fast. buuutt his finishing is ****. very frustrating player
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    by the looks of it martinez at bayern really isn't a favoured midfielder. madness considering just how good he is. strong in the air, can tackle and win balls. decent passing and a willingness to do dirty work. could be a very smart acquisition if ramires and mikel leave as rumoured and maybe could be bought cheap as bayern really haven't used him at all. 16+8 over a whole season is pretty paltry considering the season before he was so lauded and played 30+8 in all comps. another option is maxime gonalons. I haven't seen him play that much but I like how he plays. very nice simple defensive mid that likes to spread play and does it well. perfect with the wide players we have. great at winning possession back in the midfield, not as good as martinez but I think he would come cheaper with smaller wages. in terms of strikers. I can't think of any strikers currently wowing me that wont cost an arm and a leg. I think loic remy would be an interesting bet. doing ok at a very poor newcastle side. debuchy is another one I would look at if the price was right, way too good for newcastle and would work as a good RB option for chelsea as azpi has done well enough at LB to maybe keep him their as first choice for another season. I really like seydou doumbia and want to see him play outside of the RPL, think he would surprise people but he really is a fox in the box type striker, remy is more complete type striker with decent heading and willingness and ability to shoot from distance. remy, lukaku and costa would make a very nice varied attack.
  15. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    ok lukaku still has some stuff he needs to improve on but I think people are over stating his issues. he plays very very similar to how torres plays but with greater strength and desire to get a shot on. he might not let chelsea get pretty passing stuff happening but get him semi open near the box from a counter attack and he is deadly. add to it he takes out central defenders for this reason alone. this season for everton he has 23+2 app with 13 goals and 6 assists. last season at wba he had 20+15 app with 17 goals and 4 assists. with 6 games to go for everton playing some of the harder teams left in the contest he might not get the same tally as last season but still sticking to about a goal every 2 games with a decent assist rate. and he really is evertons outlet, they might do lots of pretty passes but when push comes to shove every time lukaku has played for them he is creating opportunities. without lukaku evertone feels like arsenal light. has possession in nice areas but little penetration. add lukaku and suddenly the likelihood of them scoring goes up. not only because he is more likely to score then anyone else they have but because here is the huge guy that really attacks the space and defenders can't decide to stick to him or back off. at chelsea he will easily get 20+ games a season hopefully I high amount of them in the EPL and he will score goals. especially playing him alongside ball winners and speedy players like willian and schurrle would be very painful for any team that suddenly loses the ball in the midfield.