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  1. Media / Press

    Jesus Christ... Never knew RAWK had a column in the Irish press, had a suspicion Dion Fanning was another anti-Chelsea drone and this confirms it. Love the lazy Tory party association as well - next you'll calling us Cockneys!
  2. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Martin Broughton levered Hicks and Gillet out, clearing the way for a takeover. Or I as I will say to any relieved Liverpool fans I meet, Chelsea season-ticket holder Martin Broughton! Could not see the court case going any other way, but I suppose when its your club you're always going to fear the worst.
  3. Media / Press

    It seems to have taken Barcelona's actions this summer in pursuing/tapping up Cesc and Mascherano before the press in this country have had bad things to say about Barca and the darkness behind the 'holier than thou' image, eventually they will acknowledge the crime that took place at the Bridge 16 months ago. No one I know (mostly rival fans as well) disagreed with Drogba's assessment!
  4. New Kits

    Having seen people at the Bridge wearing the 3rd shirt today, I can safely say it is utterly horrendous. Was skeptical of the black/orange one but like it now, but that luminous green mess goes straight in the hall of shame!
  5. Media / Press

    wonder how the Buck programme comments regarding Liverpool are being wilfully distorted? I expect 'smallish' becomes 'small' on the press copy, the fact that Joe was wished well is ignored, and what is obviously some (admittedly weak) banter gets turned into a 'blast' at both Liverpool and Cole. I would check RAWK for reaction, but would need to clear my browser history afterwards, and I'm rubbish at remembering passwords!
  6. Media / Press

    This is standard (mal)practice by the papers, there should be a rule stating that when an apology and retraction is printed it should have the same prominence in the paper as the original article - one paper produced a front page splash claiming Peaches Geldof was working as an escort - the apology (after a court case IIRC) was tucked away somewhere on page 2 details. Same happened with the raft of apologies over Kalou's birthday party.
  7. Media / Press

    If Ash banged in a transfer request now just to get out of this country I truly would not blame him. Scum journalism of the lowest form, and they wonder why he is somewhat reluctant to talk to journalists and seems a bit chippy when he does? Have they blamed him for St Cheryl catching malaria yet? If Ash stays he deserves the same support JT received after his problems earlier in the year. Only thing I will ever agree with the Scousers on is their boycotting of that paper.
  8. Media / Press

    Way too much emphasis on Drogba's sulk from Sky judging from the Football First replay - especially considering how Rooney bollocking his teammates during an England friendly was spun as him showing his "passion and leadership". In fairness, lot of positive press today, mostly regarding Carlo.
  9. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    All the people who laughed when I said Inter would win this tie. Wish I had put money on it with them now... Had to laugh at Valdes getting the hump about Jose's lap of honour. Wasn't too concerned about celebrating in front of the MHL after last years robbery was he? Also chuckle-worthy was the attempts to talk around the subject of Sergio basically cheating to get Motta red-carded. If Motta had waited for him to turn around and grabbed the c**t by the throat I could have almost forgiven him his Drogba antics a month back.
  10. Media / Press

    If he had BUPA cover it would expose him as the champagne-socialist I suspect him to be. Speaking of The Mirror, expect loads of fawning Michael Owen articles when he returns from his latest injury. The paper is running a racing club promotion selling 'ownership shares' in a horse housed in Owen's stables.
  11. Media / Press

    Sums it up really Whether or not this story breaking the same day Blair was at the Chilcot Inquiry is coincidental, the hysteria since is ridiculous and laced in double standards. As a work colleague said, the only way to get the real story is read from the last paragraph up. The most ludicrous point made was roughly, "Capello is Catholic, therefore he won't tolerate this"
  12. Gael Kakuta

    Time for Kenyon, Buck et al to step up, there is no way such a draconian punishment can be upheld.
  13. Didier Drogba

    Bit more original that sticking the Benny Hill theme over a clip of Ballack chasing the ref at least. For the record, the theory that anything can be made funny by adding the Benny Hill theme tune holds true.
  14. Ashley Cole

    The excuse of a column he churned out elsewhere in the paper confirmed that. He must be on a retainer from the Mancs!
  15. Ashley Cole

    I haven't bothered too much about this (Ash is a bit of a naive plonker, and The Sun are an absolute scumbucket of a newspaper), but a comment from Michael Calvin in the Sunday Mirror report today got right up my nose. Somewhere in his dialogue he managed to work in the phrase "Saintly Cheryl". This is same Cheryl who was convicted of assaulting a nightclub toilet attendant, and was facing racially aggravated assault charges as well. Laughable excuse for journalism, and indicative of the disproportionate press converage St. Stevie of Gerrard's ABH charge for glassing someone and Ashley's minor by comparison fixed penalty charge for being a bit drunk and sweary.