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  1. Didier Drogba

    Lampard will be our 20 goals a season midfielder.
  2. Didier Drogba

    He should never have convinced him. There goes our only chance of getting a decent striker.
  3. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by SkotkanWell Basole, in James defence we did 'settle' on Del Horno. And we got what we paid for. id="quote"> id="quote">How about Essien as an alternative to Gerrard? How about Sheva as an alternative for Henry since we tried and Arsenal rebuked us? Its not a must that when you dont get a player you want initially, you get a "Del Horno". That was just poor shopping on our part, but not because we had failed on our 1st choice left back. We could have gone for Kaladze and he becomes a hit at Stamford bridge hence avoiding all this "Cashley-gate". Its very rare to find a purchase that doesnt have an element of "alternative buy". didn't we try to buy Nakata and fail. Do you have regrets? didn't we fail to get Carlos in Roman's ist year? Who do you prefer? Bridge or Carlos? Maybe Cole was also an alternative buy afte Zambrotta settled for Barca? How about Maka after Emerson had jammed to sign for us? All you have to do is look properly at the profile of the player you are buying and forget this "alternative thing". For every player in the world, there's an option if you search well and in detail.
  4. Ashley Cole

    >>>>>>>>>>Great. Now we miss out on the best left-back in the world and go for someone not as good, In your dreams James. Zambrotta,Heinze,Chivu, are all better IMO. >>>>>>>>>>and probably only over a matter of two or three million pounds. Yes that money can buy you a potential world beater for the academy in that position. >>>>>>>>>>> Who do we go for now, that's good enough and available? Chivu since he is even more verstile. Even Jankul**** of Czech is decent enough to play that position and agood bid would get him. >>>>>>>>>>>>The only one I can think of is the Lyon left back, can't remember his name. You mean Eric Abidal. But I dont rate him as I rate Chivu or even Grosso and Maxwell. >>>>>>>>>>>Problem is we haven't got the player we wanted and now have to settle for less. If we lose a crucial goal becuause of a problem at left-back this season I wonder if people will think it was worth another few million. Not happy at all. What makes you think that when you settle for an alternative, its always bad? didn't we settle for Carvalho after Samuel had turned us down? Who is better? didn't we go for Duff after Kewell had turned us down? What were your complaints with Duff compared to Kewell?
  5. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by BazzablueAs for SWP, it's bit rich calling him a flop. The guy has had no real chance ubder Jose. Has he ever played more than 45 minutes in a game? How many games has he played in at all? id="quote"> id="quote">Actually the issue is, how many crosses did he put in for those 45 minutes he would be on the pitch. Probably 1 for every 10 times he got into good positions(thats if he ever got there anyway). For all I can remember, he doesnt see opposing full backs when he is running with the ball which usually ends up into a disastrous head on collision. A good player only needs 15 minutes to score a hattrick (Kanu)
  6. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by BazzablueYeah, Essien looked lively in a team of garbage that didn't really turn up. But the fact is that we lost, never really looked like scoring, looked defensively weak, lacked pace and width. Even a piece of glass is going to look attractive in a cowpat.... id="quote"> id="quote">Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was waiting for this response. Let's see if he can keep up with such a start. Even last season he started well and people on here started talking of him being a legend. After the Hamman tackle he lost it and people on here called hima 24M flop. So lets wait. Whereas for SWP, its time to pass judgement. He can't play football at the highest level.
  7. Ashley Cole

    Ok one last time, WE DONT NEED THAT GOLD DIGGER!
  8. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by rangersfc_chelseafcThis has to be sorted asap esp if want him for Champions League. If Gallas is unhappy and does not want to play for Chelsea Football Club anymore then I say get him to ****. Basole is saying he would rather have Gallas and Bridge,why would you want someone playing for you that shows disrespect,sellfishness and a lack of commitment on your side Basole?He has been offered a bumper contract and refuses to sign.What he has done is wrong and is making a mug out off the rest off the squad.I was a huge fan off the guy but he has now crossed the club and gives the wrong impression to the new guys that have came in. Bridgey is a great player but Ashley Cole is superiour in all departments. id="quote"> id="quote">I dont think you understood me rangers fc. I have never condoned what Gallas is doing. All I said was that if the option is to get Cole with Gallas going the opposite direction, then I would rather the whole Cole deal collapses. Actually I dont want Cole at Chelsea irrespective of whether Gallas goes the opposite direction, or stays or goes to Milan. I insist we stick with Bridge and if Gallas goes, then we look for a centre back like Ayala or Chivu. BUT if the worst comes to the worst and Arsenal asks for Gallas in exchange for Cole, that's even worse because not only will we strengthen Arsenal, we shall lose 2 players (Bridge & Gallas). That's what I said - (2 Bridges than 1 Cashley Cole). I would rather have a decent left back to fight for a place with Bridge than get Ashley Cole (who IMO isn't any better than Bridge) causing all this movement and commotion in the dressing room.
  9. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by James PrescottJust how much can he improve Arsenal - they need two of him! We can always buy another top-class CB and already have Carvalho who will do a superb job there anyway. id="quote"> id="quote">How much he can improve Arsenal isn't a big deal. How much would such a move weaken us is the real question. Ofcourse we have Carvalho who IMO is even a better defender. BUT the Cole signing would send Bridge out. I can assure you, if we sign Cole, there's no way Bridge will stay here for even a week. Therefore would I rather see Gallas and Bridge leave in order for us to get Cashley Cole? HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would rather we have 2 Bridges than 1 cashley.
  10. Ashley Cole

    Lets forget this guy and go for Chivu and Ayala with Gallas going to Roma as Nilesh suggested in another thread. These 2 defenders will cost us less than 12M and such a move will rid us of rotten tomatoes (Gallas). Think about it, a defence that looks like this. Start the season with this defence: Ferreira,Ricky,Terry,Bridge In case of any poor displays try any of: Geremi,Ayala,Mancienne,Chivu.
  11. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by Mister BlueDid you not think to ask him why he thought Kalou will be such a great signing? id="quote"> id="quote">I did, and he told me that he is fast,can run with the ball at his feet easily and will dribble any defender who comes rushing in (he only said that his problem sometinmes can be his young age which makes him wasteful). I must say I have never seen Kalou do any of that, but this guy has been a Feynoord fan for the last 20 or so years and he says that Kalou is one of the talents with promise to have come through the club. He actually said that "he is better than Drogba" if I remember his words well.
  12. Ashley Cole

    I found this on another forum on which I'm a member. (unfortunately you have to register to read it) but I copied it and want you to see if it makes sense. "According to 'man in head office' it appears a gentlemans agreement was in place to ensure Ashley Cole was not sold abroad. Once Chelsea tested the water regarding Zambrotta, an agreement was made between Juve/Barca/Real to sell two players to each side as long as Chelsea steered clear of Juventus players. Real and Barca WERE offered Ashley Cole by Arsenal, PRIOR to the decision on the Serie A punishments. Barca fresh from signing Gudjohnsen confrmed this to Chelsea and this ensured a free path to sign Cole. Thus the Cole offer and no further move for Zambrotta. This sparked Cole into action and his agent stirred things up - causing Arsenal to eat humble pie and enter into discussions with Chelsea, though they are STILL holding out for more cash and are willing to sell to Real at 16 million but not to us! Ashley Cole will not join the Arsenal training camp in Austria or kick a ball in anger in training - HE'LL BE A BLUE BY WEDNESDAY !!!!!"
  13. Didier Drogba

    I met someone when I was in Holland in June this year, who happens to be a Feynoord fan and he told me that, Kalou is going to be the best signing for Chelsea. I dont know why he said this but in his opinion, Kalou is going to be a hit and a bargain given what we paid for him. He said that he could be like Henry.(Ofcourse I chose to believe him, because Cryuff & an Basten couldnt have been wrong about him getting Dutch citizenship). Now I dont know much about Kalou apart from the games I have seen him play and he didn't look anywhere near Henry. I however hope he gets a chance so that I can see why some people think he is going to be another world beater.
  14. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by James PrescottSixth, in case you needed clarifying, IMO Cole is in a different class to Bridgey at LB. Bridge is very good and would be a good first choice if we didn't get Cole, but Cole is a class above IMO. id="quote"> id="quote">So you have changed from your earlier position of "Bridge is close to Cole" (refer to your ealier post)
  15. Ashley Cole

    Apparently its now a done deal. Ashley Cole has already left Arsenal's training ground. Sad to say but Bye bye Bridge.