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  1. Frank Arnesen

    What a load of nonsense the press here write. This isn't even believable on the 1st of April. JM is going into his third season here with countless hours of media coverage so you'd think football supporters in general let alone CFC supporters would have some idea of how this man works and how he is not willing to work. It's just as insane as the Deco-Lampard swap.
  2. Salomon Kalou

    Found this funny dutch add that involves Salomon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfV7Wmr1tvk...omon%20Kalou%20
  3. Michael Essien

    Surprised so many of you are disappointed with Ess. I get the feeling that many of you were expecting way too much from the lad - certain qualities he doesn't possess - probably due to the hype and his hefty price tag and only occasional viewing of his matches for Lyon. Considering how demanding the premiership is in comparison to the french league, I thought he had a great first season. Overall he was quite consistent. There were 3-4 disappointing performances where you really felt the lad wasn't himself and needed a rest, quite a few matches were he put in some tremendous performances, and there were some matches where we really needed his Godzilla-like presence in midfield. He will without a doubt improve immensely over the next two seasons which is both an exciting yet scary thought.
  4. Ashley Cole

    Agree. I'd rather we kept SWP and bought Cole but at the end of the day it's very hard to find a good left back and considering money is not an issue, there are many other fantastic wingers on the market we can choose from.
  5. Didier Drogba

    This is a disaster...this lad can be quite frustrating at times but he has some tremendous and unique qualities some of which have played a huge part in our success over the last 2 seasons. Jan Koller Basole?! Please. This lad is irreplaceable.
  6. Michael Essien

    Correction Basole...I did not say JM didn't like latin playmakers. I said he didn't like traditional Nº10s who are geniuses offensively but that lack consistency and are either unwilling or unable to perform defensive duties efficiently. Kaka is extremely consistent and JM publicly admitted that he would be his dream signing. Deco is a complete midfielder with extraordinary playmaking capabilities and acording to the spanish press, JM yet again tried to convince him to leave Barca. At no point in any of my posts do I say I am against us signing a latin offensive midfielder. In fact I expressed in many of my posts during last season's transfer window that I thought we really needed one and that it was my desire to have such a player especially if he were Deco, Xavi or Kaka. There are substantial differences between what Deco and Xavi could offer Chelsea, what Kaka could offer and what any of the classy argentine trio of D'Alessandro-Riquelme-Pablo Aimar could offer. This was one of the points I was tryin' to make.
  7. Michael Essien

    Check these Deco stats out Hernan. 1)Most yellow cards (13) 2)Most Fouls Committed (125) 3)252 Balls Recovered (Only Puyol has more, 276) 4)Most fouled player in la liga (125), dives included 5)9 assists, behind Xavi with 10 and Ronaldinho with 12 6)6 goals Points 1-3 say it all really...if the ball gets past, the player doesn't and 252 balls recovered in an offensive team like Barca is massive. He's also one of the top five players that runs the most kilometres in the league. You can see some of these stats using the link below...the others I recall from the end of season stats published in El Mundo Deportivo, but I couldn't find the link for you. He has greater defensive responsabilities at Barca than he had at Porto, but he had an extraordinary defensive record there too for an offensive midfielder, that's why he was able to adapt to his new role at Barca with such ease. http://www.fcbarcelona.com/eng/noticias/no...n05053112.shtml Not going to go into Zizou stats because he's by far the most outstanding and complete midfielder of the last decade. I suppose it's easy to forget how effective he was defensively after watching him in Madrid huffing and puffing to return to the halfway line. From what you said about Lampard, I think we basically define the term "playmaker" differently. The type of player you are profiling is for me just an offensive midfielder who plays down the middle with inch perfect passing, great vision and extraordinary ball control, which for me doesn't necessarily mean he's cut out to set the pace, organize, command and set-up his team's attacks. That's a playmaker for me, which is why I would attach that tag to Lamps. BTW Rui Costa only won the Italian Cup with Fiorentina.
  8. Michael Essien

    Excluding Deco, Ronaldinho and Riquelme the others you mentioned and could have mentioned are nearing retirement. Both Deco and Nedved have an incredible work rate and are solid defensively as was Zidane some years ago. Those three are complete midfielders and not traditional playmakers. If you go 6-7 years back any quality latin european side had to have a quality Nº10 and many of them did have one, sometimes even two. It's just not like that anymore. The majority now fail to find one that can adapt to the needs of the modern game. I've lost count of the number of super skilled south american playmakers who have been sent home after spending most of their time here on the bench. They simply can't adapt to the pace and defensive demands. Even when they are fantastic players they consistently get sacrificed now due to team tactics. Classy Pablo Aimar spent most of the season on the bench as did D'Alessandro. Portugal for example have always produced a decent amount of traditonal playmakers but there are no promising young Rui Costa's in the national youth teams. There are however a handful of promising youngsters that can do it all. The academies are obvioulsy looking to produce more complete midfielders. How many promising traditional Nº10s did you spot in the U-20 WC for example or in the Toulon tournament?
  9. Michael Essien

    Ah lads nice to see peepz discussing football so passionately. Just some info and opinions I'd like to share with you. It's well documented that many africans players lie about their age. In the portuguese league for example, there have been quite a few legal cases involving fake documentation and african footballers claiming their 20-21 and a few years later everyone finds out they should have retired ten years ago. Players from Nigeria and Ghana always raise these suspicions as they have become very popular in such cases. Lately, at least in Portugal, there haven't been any cases detected - or they haven't been made public - which leads me to believe that clubs and authorities have got it much more under control but it wasn't so long ago that the papers here published a list of over 100 african players playing in Europe that had lied about their age. I'm not doubting Essien's age though. He's a far too popular player not to have been investigated. Besides, he's as strong as a bull and never runs out of steam so if he's like that at Chelsea and shows his quality for the duration of his contract, he's age becomes irrelevant. No traditional playmakers please, we sure as hell don't need one now unless it's Kaka. Lampard is by no means a traditional latin Nº10 but he is still a fantastic playmaker - a modern English style playmaker, no fancy footwork or tricks but just as efficient in a extremely fast paced attacking system. The funny thing is that unlike some years ago, there are less and less Nº10s in latin football. JM has publicly manifested his disapproval of traditonal latin Nº10s. He described them as outdated, typically lazy and inconsistent geniuses that sleep during the match and occasionally wake up when they feel like it, to decide the team's fortune. Deco was a typical creative Nº10 and JM turned him into a box-to-box possession hungry midfielder. Tiago was a typical box-to-box possession hungry midfielder that Camacho was gradually employing in an occasional Nº10 role after he ditched the club's natural Nº10s because they couldn't defend or recover possession. At Chelsea, even our strikers are made to defend efficiently so that says alot about what kind of midfielders the gaffer favours. It's all about complete midfielders these days. They have to be able to play in any position at any given time and do it all efficiently. Unless we bring in incredibly consistent genius Kaka who would be extremely productive offensively 4 out of 5 matches and have excellent back-up when things don't work like Milan have with Rui Costa or by moving Pirlo up, JM won't change his system. I believe we need another modern midfielder who has excellent passing and vision and another quality winger.
  10. Michael Essien

    Mascherano is a fantastic player but he is not a playmaker. He's a typical brazilian DM that basically stands on the halfway line like a forcefield, shielding the back four, destroying opponents counterattacks, recovering possession, organizing and most importantly giving his side greater balance and therefore confidence to be more adventurous when attacking, because they know that if they lose the ball they have time to get back into a defensive position. The match against Brazil was a perfect example of that. He was a midfield monster in that match and irritated the hell out of Ronaldinho. He's a young argentine version of what Emerson does at Juventus and failed to do that night or what Costinha did for Porto during their successful CL campaign. The reason I say he's brazilian style is because unlike Maka and most european DMs like Benfica's wonderkid Manuel Fernandes for example, brazilian DMs hardly ever cross the halfway line. They cover very little ground which many Europeans find ridiculous but are incredibly effective and enable their sides to be ultra offensive. We've been linked to this lad so many times and he'd be a great addition to the squad in the near future, though if Fernandes continues to progress like he has he'd be my choice. SCP's kid Moutinho is a pure playmaker and was outstanding in his rookie season. He will definately become one hell of a player but surely he's too short and frail for the PL. SWP looks like Tyson next to him. Quaresma is an incredibly talented player, unpredictable, explosive and capable of pulling off the impossible at times. They nicknamed him Harry Potter in Barcelona for a reason. He's put on a hell of alot of muscle this season and had a decent one despite all of Porto's problems, but he's still irritatingly greedy at times and tactically indisciplined. Once he overcomes those flaws he will be world class. He's still a kid so he's got time. Castelen hasn't got anything on him IMO.
  11. Michael Essien

    French TV...my gf is french and while we were on the phone last night, a breaking news headline appeared at the bottom of her TV screen saying Essien had signed a contract extension til' 2009. Portuguese football press have also confirmed it this morning. However they say that the deal might still be on and Lyon just did it so they could bulk up the asking price. Also, spanish paper Marca say that we are keen on securing Fernando Torres.
  12. Michael Essien

    It's official now. He's extended his contract until 2009.
  13. Michael Essien

    Considering Houllier is their new coach, maybe it's a good thing that he's staying. Lyon will have a nightmare of a season and by this time next season we will find Essien in a bargain bin.
  14. Michael Essien

    This is the usual drivel we hear every time there are negotiations. Was the same thing last year with Tiago and especially with Drogba. As long as it's not a loaded club like Milan, Inter or Barca, everyone else will eventually fold if the money's right.
  15. Frank Arnesen

    I was googling for info on Arnesen so as to better understand why we'd want him. The man has a truly remarkable CV. Interesting to find Eidur praising him. http://www.thefa.com/Features/EnglishDomes...sen_Arnesen.htm