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  1. Well, the Chelsea PR man wrote those words on behalf of him. ;)
  2. The last few tweets were: Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux OFFICIAL : Chelsea TV just announced the signing of Hazard right after his interview. #CFC #Hazard Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux No information for his annoucement to Stamford Bridge or medical visit. But Eden Hazard is always in London and love the town. #CFC#Hazard Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux Interview of Eden Hazard is finished. I do my best to translate his worlds in English. He is a very good guy ! #CFC #Hazard Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux Eden Hazard : " May be one day I come back in France but now my priority is Chelsea ! " #CFC #Hazard Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux Eden Hazard : " Premier League is the best championship in the world. " #CFC #Hazard
  3. I'll stop copy and pasting twitter updates. I'm sure people are following them themselves and getting annoyed with my updates!
  4. Luis Fernandez ‏@Luis_RMC @hazardeden10 dans #LuisAttaque : "Le #PSG est un grand club. Pourquoi pas y jouer dans le futur mais là, j’ai signé à Chelsea"#RMCsport j’ai signé à Chelsea = I've signed for Chelsea?
  5. Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux Eden Hazard : " Good memories for Lille ! It was a very well experience in France. We leave the Losc without regrets. " #CFC#Hazard
  6. Eden Hazard : " I will do my best at training and summer preparation to win my place in the team. " #CFC #Hazard
  7. Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux Eden Hazard : " Chelsea is a big team in a big championship. It's important to play against the best teams in the world. " #CFC #Hazard
  8. Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux Eden Hazard : " I dont' know if Roberto Di Matteo will be the manager next year but I speak with him for my position. " #CFC #Hazard
  9. Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux Eden Hazard : " I speak with Abramovitch. He is very simple and love football. He wants to confirm Chelsea at the top. " #CFC #Hazard
  10. Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux Eden Hazard : " Victory in Champion's League change my mind. European competition is very important for me "#CFC #Hazard
  11. Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux Eden Hazard : " I choose Chelsea because they have the best project and it's a big team. My priority is to play ! " #CFC #Hazard
  12. Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux Eden Hazard : " I'm fine ! Now, I'm in holidays for one month ! " #CFC#Hazard
  13. Follow this guy for updates https://twitter.com/#!/F8Piraux Hazard has just started: Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux Eden Hazard : " I'm in London today ! " #CFC #Hazard
  14. You can forgive people for doing what they can to find updates on the situation. It would be a big signing and so people want to see it completed for peace of mind. So they come on here and comment/speculate on how close the deal is to completion, just as you have in the past.
  15. Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux Eden Hazard will have a medical and could sign a contract with the Stamford Bridge outfit today. Interview on Chelsea TV. #Hazard #CFC1/2 Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux However his transfer can only be made official when French transfer window opens on June 13. No problem ! #CFC #Hazard 2/2 This guy is probably just repeating what Matt Spiro said. After all, he said yesterday: Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux Chelsea are very likely to announce Eden Hazard signing on official club website at some point today. #CFC #Hazard and Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux Signing of Eden Hazard has been delayed due to the Jubilee or Belgium selection. Chelsea will announce Eden #Hazard tomorrow. Sorry #CFC