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  1. Fulham 0 Chelsea 1

    10 man Fulham and we can't close out a game. We can even do what we do best and just pass it between the center backs. Just control the game.
  2. Fulham 0 Chelsea 1

    Comical. Werner can't control a ball. Abraham can't control a simple pass without falling. Hudson Odoi has been really good though.
  3. Fulham 0 Chelsea 1

    Thank God. Mason mount. But a dire performance. If we win it's just papering over cracks.
  4. Fulham 0 Chelsea 1

    10 man Fulham and Fulham look more likely to get a goal on the counter than we do.
  5. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    What? Sir Robben is the reason we have a forum like this to even have a now... This isn't your mom's playground. **** shouldn't be something we get mad about. To put this behind us. Sir Robben thank you so much for all you do and JaneB same to you we appreciate all of our mods especially during this time.
  6. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Can anyone tell me what our play style is supposed to be? I'm struggling to figure it out. How does Frank see us playing? Of the big 6 teams only us and Arsenal I can't figure out what our play style is supposed to be.
  7. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    A goal from Callum at the end means Frank will give the usual "We were rubbish in the first half but much better in the second" post match press conference.
  8. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    I see so you must have misunderstood me then. I said playing it back and forth to cross it into the box without direction or purpose is pointless. When you look at how Barcelona or City play it and look at our interpretation of it you can't say it even comes close. If that's the case then why persist with it? If you have players for it and can play that style then great. But I personally hate the mundane style and forcing it down the throats of players that don't know how to play it.
  9. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    And so what? They had the players to do so. Do we have an Iniesta? A Xavi? A Messi? This obsession that every team has to play the same way when you don't have the players to do so is damaging. When we beat Barcelona's tika tika team in the CL multiple times did we play tiki taka? We never did. But guess what people remember. That Chelsea beat Barcelona and that's it. Last time we won the league did we play tiki taka? Not all teams that win their league plays this way I don't see why we have to.
  10. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    I hate tika taka. I hate passing 40 50 times all the way up to the net for a tap in. Give me balls over the top to a proper number 9. Give me a quick counter attack where you move the ball forward with purpose and don't give the opposition time to recover. This slow buildup from the back that ultimately leads to a cross into the box that leads nowhere is pointless.
  11. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Why am I only able to hear Pep's voice on the touchline. His team is 3 down and he is still bellowing at his team. In contrast I have hardly heard Frank's voice at all.
  12. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    3 down and the team is so passive. This hurts so much. Shades of the Sarri City defeat.
  13. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    We have not beat a team in the top 10 this entire season I believe.
  14. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Can people stop blaming the ref and open their eyes and look at the game? We shouldn't even be talking about the ref at this point when you're this rubbish. Lampard is not good enough obviously but at the same time look at the players. How much do they get paid to not know how to make a 5 yard pass? To not know how to RUN and not jog and take a piss? To not know how to position yourself so that there isn't enough room for 5 busses to drive between you. Where is the accountability? They are playing like they don't care. Are they not embarrassed by this? Playing and looking worse than a Sunday league team?
  15. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    City have their B team out today and we have our first team. We more than likely may lose this game by 6 or 7 at this rate considering they could have already had 5 in 30 minutes... We are absolutely rubbish. City isn't even trying! They aren't trying today. It's a practice game for them. Wigan would give City a tougher game than we have today.