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  1. Chelsea Women

    Not sure there was any real possibility of starting the first half like this; Barca haven't hit the flanks anything like as hard this half because they haven't had to. I hadn't realised both our FBs were makeshift. Feel really quite sad for Carter and Leupolz, they have both been made to look like they play different sports. Loads of opportunities, in both halves, to get a goal or two if only for a little dignity.
  2. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    I think there's been a lot about following football, especially a big PL side, over the last 18 months that feels pretty alienating. If you can't be at games and can't prop the idea that you're part of something, I think it's pretty natural to start to wonder what you get out of it at all. I renewed my season ticket yesterday. I still did it, but I genuinely did think about it; two seasons ago I'd have been in the online virtual waiting room minutes after finding out renewals were open. It sounds awful and a bit entitled, but a big part of my decision was genuinely not being sure what I'd do with myself and a fear of losing a sense of self if I didn't go to football more than a passion for being there.
  3. Chelsea Women

    Perhaps we could concede all the club's CL final goals tonight? It's kinda bizarre. You put, say, City or Utd up against the champions of Lithuania or Latvia (or similar) and this wouldn't happen. The gap in class between these two sides is huge, bigger even than that. I'm sure the occasion and those early blows have made it look bigger than perhaps it might be, but Barca are just so much faster, stronger and better on the ball.
  4. Chelsea Women

    ... I might not watch the men's final. Carter has had an absolute nightmare. I'd get her off immediately, you'd need to be a robot to not be completely emotionally shot.
  5. Chelsea Women

    Sensing a bit of a PSG vibe, here ... We're so overpowered against 9 of the 11 league clubs we play that playing out from the back is very simple.
  6. Chelsea Women

    Mendy would have saved that imo.
  7. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    I think any (reasonable) starting XI is fine. It's the direction that we need to change now. For a long time being hard to beat was the sensible decision; it's why we're even able to be feeling anxious now. Now the name of the game is win; a draw is from now on as poor a result as a defeat. It is worth risking conceding to have a chance to score. I hope, and expect, the players will be getting that message, and hopefully they can put it into action. A different kind of love, I think; more like that you'd have for a partner of 20 years than the passion of a new relationship.
  8. Chelsea Women

    Free on BT Sport's YouTube channel for anyone who doesn't already know.
  9. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Sorry, lads. My fault. I checked the score for the first time on 90+3 minutes. I suppose it's kinda funny? We'll laugh about it one day?
  10. Chelsea vs Leicester City

    What I want to see different on Tuesday is less anything to do with personnel and more to do with risk-taking. I think we need to win these league games; being hard to beat has been the right choice for much of Tuchel's time here and its laid a foundation for being able to make the top 4, but we need to be more than that now. It is worth taking the risks needed to win and losing as a result. I kinda hope yesterday's defeat doesn't get under anyone's skin in terms of the CL final, mind. That is a different matter. Measured, controlled, probing without taking big risks ... That is exactly how to play in that game. It just isn't the right approach for these final league games.
  11. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Thanks for the explainer. It's absolutely mental, isn't it? And on multiple levels; I honestly (and not even with judgement) have my doubts most players and officials are cognitively able to retain that information, and even if they could the law, to my mind, actively involves and activates the implicit bias that everyone has and that a simpler rule wouldn't touch. I don't see why we can't have a much simpler version. It feels to me like IFAB, the PGMOL, FIFA etc. want to cultivate officiating as a profession. I don't want that. I just want technicians who intervene when something is against the rules, bringing as little of their judgement as possible into it. I suppose for me their goal doesn't "feel" unjust; it's a ricochet, unplanned and random. It's not the sort of thing I think should be handball, so I'm not up in arms about it. It does seem, though, it shouldn't have been allowed. C'est la vie.
  12. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    It was Silva, and I think was spotted by the linesman immediately, so given. So yes, it seems that at least in practice that is how it is working. The rule should probably just be any connection with a hand, tbh. Would be very harsh, and not actually what I person would want, but at least enforceable with some consistency.
  13. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    I wouldn't rule their goal out. Admittedly at this point I've got no idea what the handball rules actually are any more, but it doesn't look to me like what I consider a handball to be. The VAR call on the non-equaliser is someone looking at the still that suits the decision they already wanted, consciously or otherwise, to make. As is the case for every single one of these close VAR offsides. They need to be got rid of.
  14. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Strange way of letting me have the last word! If you disagree with the position "with a different starting XI, different things would have happened during the match and Mendy probably wouldn't have been trying to make that same save", you are welcome to say as much. Odd that you can't bring yourself to be that clear, but it's me who is "waffly".
  15. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    I'd bet very good money no one involved in VAR's creation has any knowledge what so ever of how human decision-making works. VAR doesn't eradicate bias, it facilitates it.