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  1. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    I've just seen that challenge. Anthony Taylor is not my favourite person. How on earth was Sterling not sent off, I'd fume at any of our players flying in like that and giving a ref the chance.
  2. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Was only able to watch from 60 minutes, which worked out well for me. I get why City are annoyed by the Zouma non-penalty ... Because Zouma clumsily running behind Sterling is a brutal assault compared to what they actually got a penalty for. Incredibly soft decision. We looked very good in a very functional, simple way in what I saw. Which is meant as high praise.
  3. Chelsea 2 Real Madrid 0 (3 - 1 on aggregate)

    Nothing to add to what anyone has said. Incredible.
  4. Chelsea 2 Real Madrid 0 (3 - 1 on aggregate)

    Too stressful a watch to offer much of a decent view. Really wish we made more of our breaks, and anxiety-inducing how close Benzema can come to scoring while not generally being involved.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

  6. Chelsea Women

    An absolutely incredible performance and result. It's impossible to not love Fran Kirby.
  7. Media / Press

    My very limited, untested understanding of the PL rules is that fixtures can be called off at the recommendation of local police forces ... And that is essentially what happened. So I would not expect any sanctions for United at all. That doesn't seem to consider, though, that police involvement in the first instance was the partial consequence of the club's own failings.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Mount's first 10 PL starts: 4 goals, 2 assists. He started in the team, and he started brilliantly. So he stayed in the team. It's really quite simple. I don't know why it is anyone would think a foreign manager wouldn't pick a player performing that way. Is there something about being foreign that means you don't notice players scoring and assisting goals?! I'm not forgetting anything about Mount's early games with us, and if I'm forgetting nonsense people said at the time about them it is because it wasn't worth retaining. And again, ridiculous moralistic posturing to end with there. I have no doubt at all Lampard was a huge help to these players and their development. It just does not stack up, at all, to claim that Lampard made allowances for these players when it came to picking them. He picked them, they proved their worth, he carried on picking them. Same way he picked them less when their form dipped (Abraham specifically). Easier to frame supporters who are able to see that as somehow anti-Lampard or on drugs (pathetic, btw) than to provide any kind of supporting evidence for the notion these players were given chances the early performances didn't necessarily justify.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think Mason Mount is bloody brilliant, already one of the best 10 players in the PL. Not seen much of Barella, but based on what I have seen Mount is twice the player. And he's already miles better than Kovacic. It's a shame there's Chelsea supporters who think Mount plays for us out of nepotism. They're missing out on some absolutely class performances.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    My bad on Abraham, combined a few posts in my head before replying. You do conveniently ignore my point about him being out of the team and Giroud re-emerging during Lampard's time here, though. Curious. The rest though is pure rubbish. The reason you won't engage any further is that there is no sensible, defensible, robust way to say that someone who played in 37 PL games, not missing one until well into the season, was "nowhere near an automatic starter". Much easier to take a weird moral high ground on a club legend. It's really weird this is even some kind of implicit pro/anti Lampard battleground. Perfectly possible to think Lampard was a key contributor to these players developing without making up nonsense about hypothetical managers not picking good players even with no alternative options, or pretending these players hadn't themselves worked bloody hard to be good enough to pick.
  11. Chelsea 2 Fulham 0

    Just someone who isn't a 9 playing as a 9, imo. We only seem to be resting players we have no replacement for, so that's something.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    This isn't just wrong, it's idiocy. I suppose when you have an indefensible position, a lot depends on making up nonsense about people with different opinions.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    This simply isn't true. Abraham scored 12 of his 18 goals that season before New Year's Day, 8 of them in the first two months of the season. If anything at all, he tailed off and played himself out of the fixed starting role he entered the season with as the season went on. Indeed, Giroud's seeming exile and return was a pretty big narrative that season. It's even less true of Mount. He missed one PL game all season, towards its end. He started in the team and never left it. More a matter of opinion, but I thought he excelled from day one. Remember commenting here that he'd effectively ended Barkley's career here at the time of the Norwich away game (third or fourth game of the season, I think) and that he was showing up Pulisic. You can have the opinion Sarri would never have picked them to begin with (nonsense, imo. They were both obviously worth picking on their own merits, and such an opinion ignores that any manager here at that time hardly had alternative choices they could have made), but the notion either progressively or gradually earned their places under a manager with a particular temperament for allowing that and forgiving lesser performances doesn't stand up to even slight scrutiny.
  14. Chelsea 2 Fulham 0

    I don't think we rest many, tbh. It's a really important game and now is the time to max out players. Resting and rotation was fot earlier in the season.
  15. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    Can't add much to what has already been said. A fantastic first 30 minutes and then a very, very competent CL semi-final 60 minutes. We really could have blown them away in those first 30 minutes but for very fine margins on runs and passes (and Werner did miss a sitter, but I think for the other opportunities it was others who didn't quite manage the right choice and time). I think everyone played well. In another era I'd be worried about Mount playing that well against Real, because you'd think it would give them the idea to come knocking. Not needing to score is a significant tactical and strategic advantage in any game. We're often on the end of it when teams are happy to play for a draw or wait until late on to go for it.
  16. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    Bizarrely frustrated. We were absolutely brilliant in the first 25 minutes, and but for a 0.1% better final pass or run on a few occasions we'd have easily been 3 or 4 goals up. Much more even game now.
  17. West Ham United 0 Chelsea 1

    Can something be dangerous but also not a foul? I don't personally see that Balbuena does anything at all (and it really is projection to suggest he does anything with any intention), but the "follow through" had potential for Chilwell to be seriously injured. Think the test is "do I fume if given against Chelsea?" and the answer to that is yes, very much so. Not a red for me. Good win, much more comfortable than perhaps felt at the time.
  18. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    Another one, perhaps not surprisingly, for not seeing anything to feel very strongly about in what Jorginho said. I think it always makes sense to take these things with a pinch of salt; leading questions get asked, answers get filtered through a translator, words are divorced from context. The Metro article does at least though quote what appear to be full sentences, so my guess is that they do fairly represent what Jorginho said. And I think you'd be working hard to even call what he said criticism and not just ... description? It literally is true that Lampard got the role here without going through what managers usually go through to get the job here. If you work for the Metro, you know how to frame coverage of Jorginho and/or Lampard to get people reading.
  19. European Super League

    I've seen this. As @paulw66 alludes to, I wondered myself of what we did does violate that rule, and if the Premier League would be able to elaborate on what it defines as "entering" another competition without approval. I've also not seen (I have looked, promise!) anything that lays out clearly what the punishments should be if we have indeed violated L9. I imagine all 6 clubs were clear on L9 and had very expensive legal advice on it, so can't buy its the gotcha some tabloids have framed it as. We've definitely broken the rules in spirit, not really meaning to defend us as such. My best guess is that what will be scrutinised is rule L9 itself rather than the clubs. I'd want it much tighter and clearer if I was chairman of the other 14 clubs.
  20. European Super League

    Do we think a Super League would have gone unwatched? It would have tens of millions of followers, subscribers/streamers even. Those people would probably call themselves fans. I'm pretty confident very, very few of the (I'd estimate) 50k or so fans who go to games with some regularity had much interest, agreed on that. I see more stories today about PL points deductions and CL expulsion. I'm yet to see a single article referencing any of the rules or legislation that would facilitate either. I'll worry about those things once it's clear there's any infrastructure in place for those things to be more than clickbait.
  21. European Super League

    Are these generally countries where we could reasonably claim the teams live within their means? I can't claim to follow any of those leagues very well, but what I do know doesn't suggest much fiscal solvency or sustainability (Anzhi having to transfer-list their whole squad, Rangers being demoted to the bottom of their pyramid, a dubious politician's covert ownership of Steau Bucharest, Dinamo Zagreb's owner being sent to prison!). Perez is ... Not someone I have much time or admiration for, but I think it is strange to believe that the small leagues are in some way more homely or virtuous, and somehow a "deserving poor" of European football.
  22. Chelsea Women

    Those last 10 minutes were very anxious! Great result in the end, all in our hands. Could be a very special end to the season.
  23. European Super League

    Yes. Last night's performance and result can't have been helped by all this, but our attacking issues predate it. Tuchel, despite his humility, had a lot to fix on arrival and this is clearly a bigger problem than match prep-related training over 2-3 months can sort.
  24. European Super League

    I wonder how long until the next proposal ... I understand feelings of elation and celebration, but I think it's inevitable that a restructure of European competition is still on the way. The only real questions are when and what it will look like. The real misjudgement appears, to my eye, to have been how people would react to a closed league. I can see very clearly how the Spainish clubs would have been nonplussed by that. A quick Google, which I've not fact-checked, returns they've had only 9 title winners and only 62 different teams have ever been in their top flight. More difficult to get English figures so quickly given the different eras of our top flight, but I' m confident the numbers are much higher, and that's contributed to a more different set of values amongst English supporters than perhaps had been realised. Serie A is similar; we've had periods of domination here, but the number of times Juventus, Real Madrid and Barca have won their leagues dwarves even Liverpool's and United's hauls. So will it come back in a more "open", if weighted to the bigger clubs, format? I'd have thought that's a matter of time. I wonder how differently a Super League and Super League 2 (replacing the Europa League), with relegation/promotion between them and promotion from domestic competitions into Super League 2 would have gone down with football supporters. I'd have not liked it very much, but wouldn't have considered it much of an escalation of what the CL and EL already do and I doubt it would have hit quite the same nerve. There's a bit of talk in the press about UEFA and the PL still coming down hard on these clubs. Even more nonsensical now than it was yesterday, imo. Egos and wallets will be bruised, but in other ways this might be taken as useful feedback for these clubs on what to tweak or do differently for the next proposal.
  25. Chelsea 0 Brighton and Hove Albion 0

    Not going to complain too much, we've had a few big games in the last week or so with a fewer bigger games to come in the next week. Changes had to be made. And clearly there's a lot of work to be done, on the training pitch and board, over the summer to be better going forward. But let's not shy away from it. That was sh*te.