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  1. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Our midfield is utterly terrible, but I don't necessarily believe it's suddenly made up of terrible midfielders. I've bored everyone I know (and plenty I don't!) by banging on about width for the last six months, but I'll do it once again- even vastly technically superior players to Lampard and Essien with all the close control, ball skills and vision in the world would do bugger all in such a narrow setup. Our full backs cannot offer us the width they did last year for a variety of reasons, so we need that to come from higher up the pitch, where space can be made for those in central positions. That would benefit the likes of Torres. It would benefit the likes of Drogba, too. Space is paramount, but we funnel everything through one narrow, central corridor.
  2. Media / Press I know who the footballer in question is and let's just say that had they been one of ours (not that any of ours are ever granted injunctions that last for more than 5 minutes!), this story would have broke earlier in the week ...
  3. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    You must have read it wrong. Sure, the article points to his poor form (and c'mon, none of us should be so myopic as to insist he is not in poor form) but the resounding conclusion is that he is a class player and things will happen for him. I think it's a sensible piece and as even-handed as you'd expect from a generally Liverpool FC-rimming British media.
  4. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Not going to pick you up on anything else you've posted (I agree Torres has been poor, I just won't single him out when the whole squad has been this season and most of them don't have the excuses he might) apart from this. Why would you guess this? One of the few things that I find solace in is that Fernando, althought not having the best time when it comes to the pitch, does actually seem quite happy here. We've all seen the training ground photos. Admittedly, he could be secretly miserable but that wouldn't be something any of us can speculate on.
  5. New Kits

    I like it. Luiz on the back please, Mr Megastore.
  6. Chelsea Finances Thread

    A few BBC pieces today on how us and City will fair with the new rules, including a David Bond 'examination' of the figures. (news story) (the editorial)
  7. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Arsenal's injury woes have been greatly exaggerated. The only 'key' player they are lacking for the rest of the season is Djourou. Otherwise, it's two inexperienced young goalkeepers who had spent far less time as first choice than the returning Almunia and made huge blunders themselves, and one defender who hasn't been a fixture this season anyway. Further to that, we're joint top of the form table- Everton and Liverpool also have 13 points from their last 6 games. Arsenal have one point fewer and, unlike us, are unbeaten in that period. Arsenal's alleged recent collapse is a fabrication- yes, they went out of the Champion's Leage and the FA Cup but on both occasions the losses were against teams already above them (in the PL table and UEFA rankings). I also think it's a massive leap to call our run-in easy, or the easiest. Not only do we travel to Old Trafford (where the home side is unbeaten this season) and Goodison Park (to play against a side we have an average to poor recent record against), but we play a Spurs side whose width may as well be purpose built to exploit our weaknesses and a load of 'lesser' teams who will be rabidly desperate for points in way they may not have been a few weeks ago. It's going to be a huge ask to finish above Arsenal. Don't know why so many here and in the broader footballing world seem to think it's inevitable. Our spirits have been lifted recently and that's great, but the battle merely for Champion's League qualification is far from over.
  8. Media / Press,17033,8749_6834262,00.html Don't worry anyone, I've put Van Persie to rights!
  9. New Kits

    I like it. I liked this year's too, though.
  10. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    When I'm king, anyone who talks about whether or not a club is big will be fired directly into the sun.
  11. Media / Press

    Wouldn't worry about it. According to the Fair Play league, Arsenal show refs the exact same level of respect as Chelsea do. The guy is a bellend.
  12. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Joint top with *drum roll please* Liverpool.
  13. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    I don't want Carlo out and I don't blame him (primarily, anyway) for our poor showing this year, but I do think his handling of Torres has been relatively poor. It's been a difficult and challenging time for all concerned, but I personally feel that Torres should play every minute he is physically capable of playing until he scores. That said, that goal doesn't really look any closer now. Torres isn't as sharp as I'd like him to be, but in all honesty it really hasn't mattered. We're not set up to properly utilise him, or anyone who plays his way. Cech hoofs the ball to him as if he's Drogba, our midfield gives him sideways passes as if he's Anelka- he's not going to hold the ball up that well and he's not going to create much by dropping deep. Torres is of course being singled out, but Ramires also found himself in good positions yesterday, only to be ignored by midfield team-mates in possession. We're capable of playing in a style that better suits Torres, but until we do, he'll 'fail'.
  14. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Didn't they go out at home last year, after taking a 3-0 lead in the 2nd leg? I'd rather the first leg was away because it would suit me better (now contemplating a trip back from Manchester late on a Wednesday night and flying out to Singapore first thing on the Friday, and that's if I can get the time off work so close to being off for that trip, which is unlikely) but I really don't care in terms of football. If we do our job at home, it won't matter.
  15. Lucas Piazon

    It's already agreed ... Without this deal, Sao Paulo wouldn't have been able to afford Luis Fabiano.
  16. Media / Press

    It's the first time I've ever heard that Essien story ... WTF? Anyone read about the dastardly Frank Lampard asking his ex's grandmother to vacate the luxury apartment she'd been living rent-free in a whole two years after an obligation he had ended? How does he sleep at night? Bizarre the NotW ran that as a front page story but gave little coverage to the actual bad thing (speeding) Frank had done recently ...
  17. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Couldn't make Blackpool, but Fulham was incredible. No word of a lie or any embellishment, the Torres chant lasted for nigh-on half-an-hour. I get the feeling that's what Torres means that we're looking forward to his first goal more than he is! Aw man, it's gonna be great when he scores that first goal.
  18. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I'd say we're looking like an easy 4 or 6 points for United.
  19. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Yep. Pretty depressing. We can't open up the likes of Fulham, Liverpool or Wolves and they tear through strong sides (please don't bore me on how Milan are no good or the Barca defence is rubbish) with relative ease. Sobering and very depressing. On the plus side, Barca had a legit goal disallowed and should have had a penalty. Hope they like the taste of that particular medicine.
  20. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Has to be United for this reason. Virtually every Arsenal fan I know is a massive wind-up merchant who takes any excuse to have a pop (which I find doubly annoying because I don't really give it out myself) and would see one successful season after six years of no trophies as vindication of Wenger's plan. Whereas every United fan I know is a glory-hunting mug (even though they have other less grating qualities!) who wouldn't dare give it to me, and who I could easily dismiss even if they did. City have about as much chance as we do, ie none.
  21. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Spurs look in pretty good shape. They'd deserve to qualify for the CL over us. :(
  22. Michael Essien

    Did I not make it perfectly clear what regard and esteem I hold Essien in? Apparently not. I thought he was better last night. Not great, but better.
  23. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    I wouldn't be surprised if I did ...
  24. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Cheers, a great read.
  25. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Mellis scored again, too.