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  1. Chelsea 0 Brighton and Hove Albion 0

    This is a bit of a come down.
  2. European Super League

    Really is weird how many people here get obsessed with DWMH. He's just a poster, posting his opinions.
  3. European Super League

    If I'd known it was this easy I'd have gone and laid in the Fulham Road the night we were signing Ross Barkley.
  4. European Super League
  5. European Super League

    We'll form our own Super League!
  6. European Super League

    I do take your point, and I'm a believer in the right to and the power of protest. We haven't qualified for anything, mind. We're still in the PL and CL and, for now, the SL exists only on paper. The game means something to me. A midweek fixture against Brighton matters. That's kinda the point imo.
  7. European Super League

    Yes, being unable to fulfill fixtures will improve our standing with the Premier League.
  8. European Super League

    Have the player's coaches actually got through?
  9. European Super League

    "On closer examination, this decades-old document doesn't have any breakaway Super League clauses in it" The CPO has basically no power even in relation to the matters in mind when it was formed, this was established quite clearly a few years back.
  10. European Super League

    I feel, if it's okay to be more vulnerable than I think the average online football forum allows, really depressed by it. The idea of not following Chelsea ... That would be what I would do (although I do have my doubts that would be in any way a mass or majority move), and it would leave a huge whole in my life, in my sense of identity. We try, and often fail, to steer away from politics on here but this just feeds into a general malaise of atomisation and alienation I've been increasingly feeling in recent years. Late stage capitalism is a cliche, but ... And it's even more depressing because obviously it's always been this way in my adult life (I'd have been 7 when the PL formed, and it was a year or two later I properly started paying attention and caring, rather than just wearing Chelsea gear my dad had bought for me), it's always sat very uncomfortably with my values, and the veneer that allowed me cognitive dissonance has now been irrevocably scratched away. I have no doubt the SL will be, on its terms, a huge success. That makes it worse. Their members could technically block it, but then the overwhelming majority of football fans in Spain support one of those teams.
  11. European Super League

    Isn't the whole point that the TV rights, in the traditional sense, won't be sold to anyone? The clubs will hold that themselves.
  12. European Super League

    Precisely. And UEFA will want these clubs to stay, as will the PL. They don't benefit from throwing them out. If I was high up in UEFA, I'd be talking tough but would be very wary of bringing a gun to a knife fight. European football collapses pretty much instantly if anyone gets thrown out of the CL on Friday. You might argue it'd be for a greater good, but that's not a call many would want to make.
  13. European Super League

    Does an extraordinary executive committee have the power to expel clubs from the CL? Does what Chelsea, Madrid and City have so far done violate any UEFA rules? Honest questions, I have absolutely no idea. It does strike me though that I haven't seen a single article yet suggesting this is the case yet. I don't know how much sway, with respect, the head of the Danish FA has over who does and does not get to play in a CL semi-final. I imagine UEFA itself will have warring factions on how to deal with this. Some will reach straight for the guillotine, others won't want to risk an escalation or alienation that damages UEFA and its product.
  14. European Super League

    That account is a month old with only 500 followers, so I'm dubious. What I would put a bit more faith in is Dan Roan's tweets earlier today suggesting that even within the 12 there are different levels of commitment and motivation, with some seeing it as the way forward and others as a bargaining position. It's implied City, Spurs and us are the latter. Not that Roan is himself a fantastic source, just suggests there are clubs even within the 12 briefing that way.
  15. European Super League

    Could you cut this out? It's not hard to disagree with someone without regularly making personal digs. My guess is that there will be a sizeable number of people who don't renew STs, but it will be nothing like the majority.
  16. European Super League

    It's guess work. It's caught some traction based on a few pundits/journalists pointing out a conspicuous absence of the word "European" on the SL website. It's a logical leap though, imo. La Liga and Serie A have played their equivalents of the Community Shield abroad for a few years, and it's the senior management of the clubs involved driving this.
  17. European Super League

    Was talking to a QPR match-going friend on Saturday and they asked me if Chelsea had said much about season ticket renewals for 2021/2022. I very naively said nothing yet, but it's usually around April so was expecting an email any day. I surely must have been very, very wrong. Even if the COVID-19 restriction easing lend themselves to the most tentative communication with season tickets, I can't imagine now would be a good time to be reaching out.
  18. European Super League

    I think it's reasonable to take sides on what has currently been presented. I know quite clearly the format as is currently proposed is not something I could support, and anything close to this would be me out. But yes, I do think it is very early for anyone to be genuinely worrying about being expelled from the PL or CL, or our players not being able to appear in FIFA competitions for their national teams. That's not going to happen off the back of a press release, it would happen off the back of action being taken on the press release. And the press release is explicit in being an opening gambit, either an invitation or a provocation to talk depending on your view.
  19. Chelsea 0 Brighton and Hove Albion 0

    Oh, I was just being silly about how often we seem to end player's goal droughts!
  20. European Super League

    I haven't ridiculed anything, just objected to abuse and name-calling, and especially as they have been in response to positions and views that I do not actually hold. I think it's fine to observe that what is being proposed is more ethically in kind with how football has been for the last 30-odd years than is being broadly suggested. I don't think having those observations is tantamount to "justifying" the proposals. I can appreciate we all have our lines, and this does feel a bit death-by-a-thousand-cuts for me. Who would have thought that the hill I'd die on was "but I want Chelsea to be able to get relegated" ...
  21. European Super League

    The thing that most gutted me about the statement was that a women's ESL will follow because my first thought yesterday had been "a Kingsmeadow ST saves me £800 a year!".
  22. European Super League

    I mean ... I think I've posted twice, even three times, in this thread to say I'm against it and my support would drift away if it happened? Very strange post. I'd be confident I could search through this forum and find posts you've made celebrating victories and title wins. I wouldn't judge you for it, but I don't see how they'd be congruent with how you appear to be positioning yourself now. My apologies if the last 20 years of supporting Chelsea genuinely has been agony for you. As for being "surprised by how strong some of the reactions have been" ... I am, but in fairness I could have been clearer I meant more broadly and not just here. There is a huge amount of cognitive dissonance, I think, in being a supporter of one of the English clubs who've signed up to the ESL. Perhaps I just underestimated how aware those supporters have been that the clubs they support are evil, and they really are only just now realising.
  23. Chelsea 0 Brighton and Hove Albion 0

    Opened this thread to ask which Brighton striker hasn't scored for 3 years ...
  24. European Super League

    Just the opposite, imo. That demonstrates just how tall the drawbridge is when it's pulled up. I take you broader point. I am vehemently opposed to a European competition that severely restricts, or even abolishes, season-to-season qualification and/or demotion, and this initial position (which I suspect is the most extreme variation of what the ESL clubs want rather than necessarily what they would agree to, because that's how you start negotiations like this) is a significant shift. But I do think we kid ourselves a bit if we don't recognise that we've had a de facto if not de jure system much like this in place since at least the early 2000s. For some time now the coefficient and seeding has been used to nigh-on-engineer "big" club progression to the most lucrative stages of the CL. UEFA's first competition was invitation (by them!) only! There is a long history of clubs forcing them to do the "right" thing and being positioned as immoral transgressors for it. Which perhaps sums up my glumness about the whole situation. This isn't greed vs. good. It's greed vs. greed. It always has been, and there had maybe been just enough of a veener for me to pretend otherwise.
  25. European Super League

    Can you name the people "trying to justify" the SL proposals, please. Just for the avoidance of doubt. It is bizarre to me that we'll take avarice and greed in our stride so long as it's normalised and packaged up as just being the way things are, but new avarice and greed ... Well, that's it. Form a new team.