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  1. Chelsea Women

    Completely forgot this was a day time kick off so haven't seen any of it but that is an incredible result.
  2. Chelsea Players and International Duty

    ... Granit Xhaka, though. And I rate Jorginho!
  3. Chelsea Players and International Duty

    Roy Keane loves him! Always singing his praises. It's a little odd seeing him break character for Mason whenever he's covering us or England.
  4. Chelsea Players and International Duty

    Broja starting for Albania against England. Maybe I'll bother watching.
  5. Media / Press

    Sure it'll come as no surprise to anyone here that I'm no big fan of knighthoods, for people I respect or otherwise. Do any former Chelsea players have knighthoods? I might make an exception for Demba Ba.
  6. Media / Press

    Certainly whether or not poor children should be allowed by the state to go hungry is a difficult issue for culture war bellends to frame as creeping Marxism, but I think it's not quite right or fair to suggest Rashford identified and "picked" it as a "safe" topic. He's lived it. It picked him. And the usual suspects still attempted to character assassinate him over it. I could do with him having a much lesser goalscoring record against us, but have a lot of time for him.
  7. Media / Press

    Completely this. I'd expect (assuming, and in fairness perhaps incorrectly, that he has never and is not struggling with gender) the rumour would hardly bother Rodriguez. It's the people in the general population rumours like this are harmful to. Must hurt to have such a struggle reduced to something jokes or accusations are made about. Side note, I must be very out of touch ... This is the only place I've seen the rumour! I also expect there are plenty of gay footballers, and that for some it won't be the potential (likely?) abuse that puts them off letting it be widely known, but becoming a cause celebre and public property. You'd just hope that those in their immediate club circles are supportive of them and my guess is that they often are.
  8. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    Diplomatic of you, but I think DF is having a different argument. It is fair enough to say none of us really know what will be for the best. What is easier, I think, is knowing what isn't best for any footballer; not playing. My opinion extends as far as Billy needs to be playing regular football to become all he can be. I personally can't see it happening here any time soon, so I'm pro-loan. But yes, opinions made clear on that and I'll bow out. It's the idea Harry Kane is evidence against loaning that might reel me back in ...
  9. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    What I took was "what the hell is trust integration?". I already struggle with xG. What this while discussion lacks, imo, is anyone saying Gilmour should be getting picked over Kante, Jorginho and/or Kovacic ... At least one of who themselves doesn't get picked each game. If anyone thinks that ... Well, good luck to them, it's a not an opinion I think you could back up with anything beyond "that's just my opinion", but at least it is an opinion. Because if you don't think Gilmour should be getting picked over at least one of them, but also don't think he should go on loan ... Then I'm not sure what it is you want for him. And, tbf, it is odd to name Lionel Messi, Jamie Vardy and Harry bloody Kane to argue against loans ... And especially to do it to argue, with absolutely no one but yourself, against loans being somehow compulsory.
  10. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    Literally no one thinks it is "NECESSARY", as some kind of infallible natural law of football, for young players to go on loan before playing senior football. What I'd imagine most would agree on is that young players of any starting ability need to play regular senior football to develop further. I also think everybody would accept sometimes young players are better than the senior players available to pick. That is true of Messi, but also Saka, Alexander-Arnold, Rice, Rashford and Smith-Rowe. It isn't true of Gilmour. That's not a bad thing. It's better our senior players aren't so crap that the kids are a better bet, and a kid ready immediately to play senior football is so exceedingly rare that not being immediately ready would be an obscenely harsh criticism.
  11. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    Up there with the most ridiculous distortions of reality to justify an existing position I have ever read. Messi had an ability that absolutely demanded he played from a very young age (I expect he'd have been picked on talent even earlier if the growth hormones had kicked in earlier). Any manager at any club in the world would have picked him. Really weird that you'd compare other players to Messi ... To somehow defend them?! We have never had a player like Messi in our academy. No one has. Except the one that did.
  12. Chelsea Women

    Excellent result, looked like we might get a pummelling in the first half but Berger was fantastic. We seem to give away penalties very, very easily, especially in Europe. Would be fantastic to get past Wolfsburg in the second leg, would really send a message.
  13. Media / Press

    Curious, anyone know what the book actually says?
  14. Season expectations/predictions/peculiarities 2020/21

    Guess it depends on what we say a number 9 is, but if we're going just with leading strikers ... Then basically all of them in the last 25 years? And maybe longer, just going back as far as I remember. Shearer, Owen and Rooney weren't the most popular figures. Crouch did funny dancing, tbf.
  15. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    Who would I bring back from loan? Why would I need to bring anyone back? Would Gilmour's 34 Premier League 2020/21 minutes need replacing? I think we'd manage his cup appearances elsewhere in the senior squad easily enough. And if we couldn't, then I'd rather our 4th choice was someone who was never going to be more than that rather than someone we stunted into never being more than that. So who does what he does, but better right now? The three players I named. Who are here, getting picked, either as 1st or 2nd choice, for anything that really matters every game.
  16. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic (not that I'm the biggest fan of his) are in excellent form. Gilmour played well enough but was absolutely nowhere near the standard of those three players over the last few months. He's not close to dislodging any of them.
  17. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    Not going to lie, would have much preferred a comedic Arsenal defeat here. Just because I always enjoy them and there'll be other opportunities for West Ham to lose points.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Cech didn't look up to much whenever I saw him in his last Arsenal season (even considering their defending and an actually fairly decent Europa League final performance aside). Not a chance I'd take him now over anyone who has actually played professionally in the last 2 years. Kepa's miles ahead of him, seems bizarre to me to suggest otherwise. Kepa of course will never be as good as Cech on his day, but then basically no one is.
  19. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    We've not really put in a performance in the FA Cup yet this season, have we? And yet still made the semi-finals. Hudson-Odoi and Pulisic should, I think, be worried about their Chelsea careers. Neither have taken any chances Tuchel has given them and it's difficult to see where future chances will come from given how important every game left will be. Odd to see McGoldrick go from not being able to score against anyone but Chelsea to missing a sitter against us!
  20. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    Lockdown has seriously messed with my perception of time. Had no idea this was the quarter final stage already.
  21. Champions League 2020/21

    For what it's worth, I think it's very, very unlikely. Just felt a bit giddy after a good result and favourable draw (and an 8% ABV Friday after work beer ... ). I think every club on our side of the draw will be thinking they've got as good a route to the final as a non-favourite can get, tbf.
  22. Champions League 2020/21

    Lads ... Are we going to win the Champion's League?
  23. Chelsea 2 Atletico Madrid 0 (3 - 0 on aggregate)

    I think this is fair. I just also think I'd fume if one of ours was sent off for that. Almost had the sense he was sent off because the ref was annoyed he'd not listened when being warned more than because it was legitimately violent or dangerous. We were very easily the better team and the tie was effectively over by then, so don't think it mattered too much.
  24. Chelsea 2 Atletico Madrid 0 (3 - 0 on aggregate)

    Fair play to Simeone because personally I think the ref made two really poor decisions, and even though we were by a very comfortable margin the better team we know that performances and results can turn on those things. Everyone played well, but have to say I most enjoyed Rudiger out-sh*thousing some big name sh*thouses.
  25. Chelsea 2 Atletico Madrid 0 (3 - 0 on aggregate)

    I'm with you in as much as I don't think winning or losing this tie matters as much as winning our next 3 or 4 league games. It's daft really, because you want to make the CL to compete in the CL and it's a dangerous way of thinking to fall into to prioritise qualification above all else. But then I think, as opposed to other clubs who have fallen foul with that approach, we genuinely are very close to being a top team that wins things, and being able to offer one or two key signings CL football next year is huge that. I want to see us compete in this game. Also, I want Luis Suarez to get injured. And sent off. And for his shorts to fall down on camera and for everyone to point and laugh at him. And maybe also Branislav Ivanovic to take to the field and deck him in the face. If I get those things, we can go out and I'll survive.