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  1. European Super League

    Was talking to a QPR match-going friend on Saturday and they asked me if Chelsea had said much about season ticket renewals for 2021/2022. I very naively said nothing yet, but it's usually around April so was expecting an email any day. I surely must have been very, very wrong. Even if the COVID-19 restriction easing lend themselves to the most tentative communication with season tickets, I can't imagine now would be a good time to be reaching out.
  2. European Super League

    I think it's reasonable to take sides on what has currently been presented. I know quite clearly the format as is currently proposed is not something I could support, and anything close to this would be me out. But yes, I do think it is very early for anyone to be genuinely worrying about being expelled from the PL or CL, or our players not being able to appear in FIFA competitions for their national teams. That's not going to happen off the back of a press release, it would happen off the back of action being taken on the press release. And the press release is explicit in being an opening gambit, either an invitation or a provocation to talk depending on your view.
  3. Chelsea 0 Brighton and Hove Albion 0

    Oh, I was just being silly about how often we seem to end player's goal droughts!
  4. European Super League

    I haven't ridiculed anything, just objected to abuse and name-calling, and especially as they have been in response to positions and views that I do not actually hold. I think it's fine to observe that what is being proposed is more ethically in kind with how football has been for the last 30-odd years than is being broadly suggested. I don't think having those observations is tantamount to "justifying" the proposals. I can appreciate we all have our lines, and this does feel a bit death-by-a-thousand-cuts for me. Who would have thought that the hill I'd die on was "but I want Chelsea to be able to get relegated" ...
  5. European Super League

    The thing that most gutted me about the statement was that a women's ESL will follow because my first thought yesterday had been "a Kingsmeadow ST saves me £800 a year!".
  6. European Super League

    I mean ... I think I've posted twice, even three times, in this thread to say I'm against it and my support would drift away if it happened? Very strange post. I'd be confident I could search through this forum and find posts you've made celebrating victories and title wins. I wouldn't judge you for it, but I don't see how they'd be congruent with how you appear to be positioning yourself now. My apologies if the last 20 years of supporting Chelsea genuinely has been agony for you. As for being "surprised by how strong some of the reactions have been" ... I am, but in fairness I could have been clearer I meant more broadly and not just here. There is a huge amount of cognitive dissonance, I think, in being a supporter of one of the English clubs who've signed up to the ESL. Perhaps I just underestimated how aware those supporters have been that the clubs they support are evil, and they really are only just now realising.
  7. Chelsea 0 Brighton and Hove Albion 0

    Opened this thread to ask which Brighton striker hasn't scored for 3 years ...
  8. European Super League

    Just the opposite, imo. That demonstrates just how tall the drawbridge is when it's pulled up. I take you broader point. I am vehemently opposed to a European competition that severely restricts, or even abolishes, season-to-season qualification and/or demotion, and this initial position (which I suspect is the most extreme variation of what the ESL clubs want rather than necessarily what they would agree to, because that's how you start negotiations like this) is a significant shift. But I do think we kid ourselves a bit if we don't recognise that we've had a de facto if not de jure system much like this in place since at least the early 2000s. For some time now the coefficient and seeding has been used to nigh-on-engineer "big" club progression to the most lucrative stages of the CL. UEFA's first competition was invitation (by them!) only! There is a long history of clubs forcing them to do the "right" thing and being positioned as immoral transgressors for it. Which perhaps sums up my glumness about the whole situation. This isn't greed vs. good. It's greed vs. greed. It always has been, and there had maybe been just enough of a veener for me to pretend otherwise.
  9. European Super League

    Can you name the people "trying to justify" the SL proposals, please. Just for the avoidance of doubt. It is bizarre to me that we'll take avarice and greed in our stride so long as it's normalised and packaged up as just being the way things are, but new avarice and greed ... Well, that's it. Form a new team.
  10. European Super League

    My impression, too. I can't see, even putting aside the threats made by the various authorities, that the current plans are practicable. The PR also seems pretty hastily cobbled together. And it comes just as UEFA were about to formalise their own bonkers CL changes. My guess is that those CL changes get put to the side and this Super League happens in the next few years, but seemingly run by a much-changed UEFA under CL branding. I'm a little surprised by how strong some of the reactions have been. The CL is already basically a closed shop, with the same small pool of teams making the last 8 and winning it every year. The last time we had a small/surprise winner was 17 years ago, and in my life time I can think of only one other winner who wasn't one of the Europe's biggest 8 or so clubs at that time (Dortmund in, I think, 1997). In some senses this format won't change what happens in reality, it will just put that in writing. But even so, I do feel strongly against the idea of limiting involvement from non-SL clubs who perform and achieve well in single domestic league seasons. I think this exposes how far away more "traditional" fans (so match-goers from London born pre-1990s or so) have been from the club for some time now, rather than opening up a new distance. That does sting a bit. It probably would play a role in me drifting away, not in anger but indifference.
  11. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 0

    Curious given this is the most "live" thread right now ... Any discussion on the Super League rumours (that appear to have real substance given UEFA's comment) elsewhere on the forum? Huge, club-altering implications, for us but haven't seen any chat elsewhere and am curious to know other people's thoughts.
  12. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 0

    So bizarre to think Rudiger wasn't playing as recently as January. Such a solid performance, dead pleased.
  13. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 0

    We've been much, much more solid since he came back into the team. Strange take. The James challenge is a yellow, but it's infuriating that was the moment Dean decided enough time had passed for to get the cards out. Fernandinho has clearly been told to rough Mount up, and he'll continue to do it until it's not safe for him to not do it. I don't even blame the player, it's the ref being a prat.
  14. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 0

    Any manager appointed when Lampard was most likely would have. Tuchel was appointed 20 months later to work in very different circumstances. Not sure how him not picking Abraham now (while continuing to pick the other three) makes the point you seem to be trying to make. I like Abraham and certainly would have played him more often, if available, than Tuchel has. It is obvious though where we need to buy this summer, and I suspect as obvious to Abraham.
  15. Champions League 2020/21

    Nicolas Anelka will be happy with this last 4 ...
  16. Chelsea 0 Porto 1 (2 - 1 on aggregate)

    At those prices the chances of Haaland joining anyone are, this summer at least, completely non-existent. If he goes it will be for a fee we could compete with imo, and it will be for other reasons we are not his choice.
  17. Chelsea 0 Porto 1 (2 - 1 on aggregate)

    Disappointing to lose because it always is, but goes to show the importance of the first steady result and performance. I do wonder what the plan would have been had that freak goal happened even 10 minutes earlier, mind. I'd have liked to see us give just a little more in terms of attacking. Feels strange how strange it feels to be back in the CL semi finals! Felt very much a minimum expectation for a good while and now we've gone 7 years without one.
  18. FC Porto 0 Chelsea 2

    Fair point; I do want us, for want of a better way of putting it, forcing the issue a bit more with lesser league opponents who might be happy to wait out patient and solid. But even then it's a strategy I think I'd better than many others.
  19. FC Porto 0 Chelsea 2

    Yes, but even then our goals came from mistakes that, had we made, would have this thread already on a dozen more pages of replies than it is. Because mistakes happen, and they happen even with good players playing otherwise well. It doesn't make for great viewing, but it is why being patient and solid most often pays off and is generally a good idea. Last night was the right way to set up for the result.
  20. FC Porto 0 Chelsea 2

    He didn't actually get off the coach; he felt a slight twinge when sitting up, so he's keeping the driver company. I wonder how fit Abraham is, I'd like to see him get some minutes.
  21. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    The reasons are obvious. One is that the academy boys didn't cost £60m, and whether or not you like that or think it's fair those sorts of sums bring expectations. Another is that the academy boys too often get a ridiculous amount of leeway that I'm not sure it'd be a good idea to extend to others. Perhaps the most damning reason, though, is that the academy boys currently in the first team have simply outperformed him over the course, to a man, since he arrived. Perhaps the leeway comes from a bias, but even so it would be coincidentally earned. I'd agree Pulisic had a period where he played sensationally well. I'd also agree, though, with anyone saying that period was fairly short-lived, and he's spent more time either injured or looking pretty poor. I don't much more basis for an argument that he'll come good than there is for one saying this is about as good as it gets.
  22. FC Porto 0 Chelsea 2

    0.1 and 0.2 ahead of players who managed 45 minutes. I'd probably agree that we had much, much worse performers on Saturday but I'm not sure Chelsea's MotM as they lost 5-2 at home to a relegation battler is the most glowing endorsement! I have absolutely no idea how Porto play, so even less of an idea of what the best starting XI and approach for us should be.
  23. FC Porto 0 Chelsea 2

    It'd be helpful if they did!
  24. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    Unfortunately the limitation seems to be "running".
  25. Chelsea 2 West Bromwich Albion 5

    It's unfortunate Arsenal and Liverpool had each other. Perhaps games after international breaks really are just more hard and tricky than we give them credit for.