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  1. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    Not going to lie, would have much preferred a comedic Arsenal defeat here. Just because I always enjoy them and there'll be other opportunities for West Ham to lose points.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Cech didn't look up to much whenever I saw him in his last Arsenal season (even considering their defending and an actually fairly decent Europa League final performance aside). Not a chance I'd take him now over anyone who has actually played professionally in the last 2 years. Kepa's miles ahead of him, seems bizarre to me to suggest otherwise. Kepa of course will never be as good as Cech on his day, but then basically no one is.
  3. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    We've not really put in a performance in the FA Cup yet this season, have we? And yet still made the semi-finals. Hudson-Odoi and Pulisic should, I think, be worried about their Chelsea careers. Neither have taken any chances Tuchel has given them and it's difficult to see where future chances will come from given how important every game left will be. Odd to see McGoldrick go from not being able to score against anyone but Chelsea to missing a sitter against us!
  4. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    Lockdown has seriously messed with my perception of time. Had no idea this was the quarter final stage already.
  5. Champions League 2020/21

    For what it's worth, I think it's very, very unlikely. Just felt a bit giddy after a good result and favourable draw (and an 8% ABV Friday after work beer ... ). I think every club on our side of the draw will be thinking they've got as good a route to the final as a non-favourite can get, tbf.
  6. Champions League 2020/21

    Lads ... Are we going to win the Champion's League?
  7. Chelsea 2 Atletico Madrid 0 (3 - 0 on aggregate)

    I think this is fair. I just also think I'd fume if one of ours was sent off for that. Almost had the sense he was sent off because the ref was annoyed he'd not listened when being warned more than because it was legitimately violent or dangerous. We were very easily the better team and the tie was effectively over by then, so don't think it mattered too much.
  8. Chelsea 2 Atletico Madrid 0 (3 - 0 on aggregate)

    Fair play to Simeone because personally I think the ref made two really poor decisions, and even though we were by a very comfortable margin the better team we know that performances and results can turn on those things. Everyone played well, but have to say I most enjoyed Rudiger out-sh*thousing some big name sh*thouses.
  9. Chelsea 2 Atletico Madrid 0 (3 - 0 on aggregate)

    I'm with you in as much as I don't think winning or losing this tie matters as much as winning our next 3 or 4 league games. It's daft really, because you want to make the CL to compete in the CL and it's a dangerous way of thinking to fall into to prioritise qualification above all else. But then I think, as opposed to other clubs who have fallen foul with that approach, we genuinely are very close to being a top team that wins things, and being able to offer one or two key signings CL football next year is huge that. I want to see us compete in this game. Also, I want Luis Suarez to get injured. And sent off. And for his shorts to fall down on camera and for everyone to point and laugh at him. And maybe also Branislav Ivanovic to take to the field and deck him in the face. If I get those things, we can go out and I'll survive.
  10. We fired him ... Then he couldn't work for ages and missed out on the job he wanted and had been flirting with ... And now he manages Inter, who most in world football would consider a step down in current prestige from both the job he lost and the job he lost out on. If spite was the objective, you'd have to say objective achieved. He's still a good coach, mind, so (unfortunately? Idk, I don't hugely care what he goes on to do) that spite will only go so far. Perhaps only until May. Something quite comfortable about not posting much for a a while and then popping back straight into a Conte argument. You never have to worry you missed anything!
  11. Leeds United 0 Chelsea 0

    I don't think anyone disagrees with the sentiment that we should be better than just about good enough. It's a question of what we can realistically expect, though, when the coaching staff and the coaching/training set up completely changes mid-season. My point stands; the percentages football that got results everyone was happy with (I'm sure you were happy with the Sheffield Utd result if not performance, but I am including even Atletico, Spurs, Liverpool and Everton here) is the same as the percentages football that's got drab draws against Leeds, Wolves and Southampton. You only have to look at our form and the table since the start of February to see that percentages football is, although dull, the best bet for salvaging something from this season. Trying really hard to win was often exactly why we lost so many under Lampard. I think there's evidence we're edging towards a better balance but clearly we haven't achieved it just yet.
  12. Leeds United 0 Chelsea 0

    Seen only highlights, but don't think we were much, if at all, worse than other Tuchel games that we've been all happy with. We're playing a low risk, percentages style of football in which just one goal makes all the difference. I doubt it's the longer term plan, but it's exactly what has got us into 4th place so seems pointless to me to complain about it now. I do bloody well wish we'd stuffed them, mind.
  13. Chelsea 2 Everton 0

    Wasn't in from work in time for the first half, but very satisfied by that second half. We'd all like to see more goals, but we were completely in control. Really pleasing to see us confidently passing out of the back, pressing and dropping off as a collective, and quickly passing into spaces and areas knowing a player will be there or running there. We are going to be a serious force next season.
  14. This ... ... was based on bits and pieces I'd paid attention to, but I'm told by a Villa supporting friend that he's been pretty rubbish overall; overplaying, losing the ball, getting injured when a gust of wind hits. I'd like to disbelieve and stick with what I said a month ago, but it just sounds too plausible.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    No; the tedious thing about this argument is that there isn't an objective "correct" take but that you can use the available data to suit what you're saying. It's an argument about how inside and inside forward can be before they're so inside they're a centre forward, ffs. For what it's worth, I had thought the whole point of signing Werner had been he could play in multiple positions ...
  16. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    I think the written law broadly is (although maybe your head can also be offside ... Which reads very oddly said like that!). It's the application that needs changing. Last night was a particularly egregious example of this kind of VAR decision, but it was just another in a long line made this season for and against various teams. For me it's a matter of remembering why we have an offside rule; what possible advantage does a potential goalscorer have over a defender if they are a negligible, humanly imperceptible distance ahead of them*? And if the answer is none (and it is), why do we need to legislate against it? *Aware the consensus for this specific example is that Werner wasn't actually ahead of Robertson, but I think they key to not making bad decisions like this is just not second-guessing them. If it's not completely clear, let it go.
  17. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    lol, imagine losing 4 on the bounce at home and not beating Chelsea. Really good performance, great result.
  18. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Disappointment of the VAR decision and even Mount's goal aside, a really good half imo. We've clearly studied how Liverpool play and been drilled all week to play against that specifically. Bodes really well for the future.
  19. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Was about to say, they're leaving it very late to rule this one out ...
  20. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    I'll be honest, I have no idea what the rules even say any more. It's just that decision has been made consistently all season, haven't seen any goal scored in similar circumstances allowed. I think they should be and that VAR should be used for it's intended, advertised purpose only, but that went out of the window almost immediately after being introduced.
  21. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    ... So definitely off by modern VAR standards, then? I agree, it's ridiculous how many goals are ruled out because a body part you can't score with is inches beyond the last defender. Happening every week and it was never a mess that needed cleaning up.
  22. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Didn't even bother celebrating, did anyone think anything different would happen? Definitely offside by modern VAR standards, just don't know why we need to have modern VAR standards applied.
  23. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Bizarre post. Take away 3 of their 4 best players and they're less good, sure. But to my eye they look like they've got pretty much 9 of their usual starters.
  24. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Who are all the free-scoring players we've left out?!
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Snipped down to save repetition ... The projection was all the amortisation chat. Higuain was a short term loan. Whatever we paid to get him here and whatever we paid him was our outlay. That's all. The rest is bookkeeping, and Higuain had nowt to do with 19/20's bookkeeping. As for what we paid ... I say neither of us know, you say stuff was widely reported in the tabloids. I think that means we agree.