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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Cavani instead of Costa I would have understood, Cavani as well as our new No.19 makes less sense to me.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    There are hardly any foreigners in our squad that I would not be prepared to ship out in order to accommodate Marco Reus. :)
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm also in the not concerned camp. In fact I'll be utterly unsurprised if Rom is allowed to leave. Which player(s) might you target as replacements, per point three Borris?
  4. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Thanks Juni. According to the FC Red Bull Saltzburg website Ruben was an unused sub yesterday. Whether he was actually kitted and seated or just a name on a squad list which the site has included, I don't know.
  5. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    At first I thought Ruben might have been given some extra time off after representing young England during the summer but maybe that's not the explanation. He's bound to resurface at some point but I've got to say I'm not as bullish as you are about his prospects GB. The lad is very talented but, to my eyes, he plays like he wants to grow up to be Mikel Jon Obi, on a bad day! I sincerely hope Adi is going to get stuck into him in the coming months and help Ruben progress as everyone hopes he will.
  6. Media / Press

    If we were subsidising a player's wages while he played for another club, it would be more tax efficient for us to waive the fee altogether and reduce the subsidy instead. If the kind of transfer you suggest were to be agreed I'm sure this is the way we'd prefer to organise it. That said, I very much doubt there would be a fee involved at all. We can huff and bluff all we want but clubs know the situation we're in with regards to Nano so they're bound to play hard ball. If Atleti were interested in Nando, their offer might be for something like a two year loan deal where they cover £15,000-£20,000 of his wages and pay no additional loan fee. It wouldn't surprise me if we've had that kind of offer but have turned it down. Rejecting such offers means we keep, and keep paying, a player whose contribution does not represent value for money but I'm afraid we have to take the hit. If we ever hope to negotiate effectively with any of these clubs we have to laugh at them and say no when they try to rip us off.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    And remember a lot of people regard the Barcelona side of recent years as the best team ever to play football. That could be argued but no one doubts they are among the greatest sides ever and yet they won only 3 Champions' Leagues out of 9. Look at it in that light and a target of two wins in a decade is a big, big ask. Not to mention there was no Man City, Monaco or Paris while Barca were racking up their three wins. I know people might be tempted to mention the feats of Ajax, Bayern and the team that made Real famous but I can only restate my opinion that, in comparison to the Champions League, the old European Cup was a Mickey Mouse competition.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    For me the most intriguing of these comments is the following... "...probably Baker, because I want to have one more English player." So Lewis will probably be the extra English player Jose wants, but not definitely so. If not Lewis then who? Hijack Jay Rodriguez to Spurs? Blow a stupid, and unjustified, amount on Barkley? A surprise promotion for RLC. Someone else?
  9. NK Olimpija Ljubijana 1 Chelsea 2

    Is there a symbol for genuinely chuckled for thirty seconds or more? There certainly should be. :)
  10. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    We'll see if Nate gets a PL loan, but truth be told I don't think he's good enough yet. If Patrick can make himself a regular, first choice selection with a Championship side that will be progression of a sort I suppose.
  11. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Thanks Jones, Agree about Nathan being fourth choice full-back; that is a better way to look at it. It's good to see some joined up thinking in that Nathan has clearly been groomed as a left-back under instruction from TSO with a view to him fulfilling exactly this role. Notwithstanding what you say about his size viz centre-back, I still feel that LB is the worst of the three functions Nathan has to offer. He's learning but he's just not a natural. I'd say CM is his best position but sixth choice CB will amount to pretty much the same thing as being excluded from that position. Surprisingly perhaps, given my overall view of Mikel, I actually like him in the situational role you describe. I think extra experience and physicality give MJO an edge over Nathan for that job but, even so, I'd be happy to see Nathan handed the opportunity to grow into the role. I guess you and I would agree however that whether this will happen depends on how the squad looks on 2nd September. If all of MJO, MVG, Rami & Romeu are still here, Jose may feel pressure to find roles and time for them before turning to Nathan. Three of them, including the man himself of course, would claim to be able to play the Mikel role.
  12. NK Olimpija Ljubijana 1 Chelsea 2

    Thanks LB4U, Got a feeling we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. :)
  13. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Interesting comments from Jose about the immediate futures of some younger players. There is no doubt the young players who have been part of the trip to date have impressed, not only with their performances during matches, but also their attitude and application in training. Mourinho expects to bring a couple of them into the first-team squad for the coming campaign, and believes the future is bright. ‘We are going to have (Andreas) Christensen and (Nathan) Ake, who are coming from the Academy,’ he said. ‘We are going to have training with us, but also playing for the Under-21 team, (Dominic) Solanke, (Jeremie) Boga and (Izzy) Brown. ‘The other ones who are a bit older, 20 or 21, we feel they need to compete against men in a different league, people like Bamford, Swift, Chalobah. They are ready to go to other clubs and have a good loan. ‘What we are trying to do, and we believe we are going to be successful, is in a few years’ time, when they are between 20 and 23, we will have them back at the right moment and in the first-team squad.’ Working with Jose but playing for the development sides is exactly what I wanted to see happen with Jed.I'm also pleased as punch for Dom Solanke and Izzy Brown that they'll get the same opportunity.Happy that Jose has not been trapped by his pre-season comment last year about Nate being a part of the squad this season. I always felt that statement was intended to boost the lad but never felt Nate would be ready.Chuffed for Swifty, he made good progress last season and should certainly earn a useful loan to a Football League team. I wonder though if Southampton could be persuaded to take a look at him?I think another loan is the right choice for Patrick. He's done himself justice in pre-season but I can't shake the feeling that he'll find it hard to make the step up with us.The situation for Nathan is a little complicated I think. He's likely to be third choice left-back, sixth choice centre-back and goodness knows what number in the CM pecking order. There has to be a doubt that he'll get enough first team minutes to keep him happy and progressing.Having not been around the first team as long as Nathan, I think being fifth choice centre-back and maybe third choice right-back will be more satisfying for Andreas. I think stepping back to the junior sides for minutes will be more acceptable to him emotionally than I would expect to be the case with Nathan.
  14. NK Olimpija Ljubijana 1 Chelsea 2

    Am I allowed to say that I think it was a harder chance than it looked? The ball came at pace, at an awkward height and slightly behind Nando's momentum. In my opinion, this made it impossible for him to get his head to it. The touch he did get, in the area of his left shoulder, was just about all he could do and controlling the direction of it's flight after that was very difficult.
  15. NK Olimpija Ljubijana 1 Chelsea 2

    :) That hurts my head a bit! Finisho ergo finisher? Think I'm going to need a chat with *Melian! *For the uninitiated, or just plain bored, that's a Tolkien reference.
  16. NK Olimpija Ljubijana 1 Chelsea 2

    Even though I only saw the second half, I really liked what I saw from Cesc. Very encouraging.
  17. NK Olimpija Ljubijana 1 Chelsea 2

    I'm not claiming Nando would have pulled off that finish just reminding myself that he did score more than a few times with similar finishes for Liverpool. My point being that one finish is not enough to prove anything. To be crystal clear for anyone in any doubt whatsoever, I'm the bloke who was saying there was nothing special about Torres even while he was scoring goals for the reds. Back then mine was a lonely voice, things are a bit different these days.
  18. NK Olimpija Ljubijana 1 Chelsea 2

    And more than a couple over his stop start Chelsea career so far. Looks like he's trying too hard.
  19. NK Olimpija Ljubijana 1 Chelsea 2

    :) Thanks for the chuckle. Sometimes that's all you can do.
  20. NK Olimpija Ljubijana 1 Chelsea 2

    One of my big hopes for the pre season is to learn what Costa is all about. That finish was nice but may I sound a note of caution and say that Torres scored that goal pretty often for Liverpool. I'm not saddling Costa with being another Torres, just saying that while a good finish is nice to see, it does not yet prove anything.
  21. NK Olimpija Ljubijana 1 Chelsea 2

    Thanks Dave. Some people have the luck to grow up with a great instinct about when to pass, it looks like Jed wasn't among them. That's a shame but not yet an insurmountable problem for the lad. I do think though that it would be premature to look for a loan this season. In my opinion Jeremie needs a year, maybe two, working on decision making drills in training, practising it in development games and dissecting post game videos of his performances. Jed is a potential jewel that requires polishing. There is no need to hurry it however, he has time and we should use it. Two solid developmental years, followed by a loan then let's see how things stand.
  22. NK Olimpija Ljubijana 1 Chelsea 2

    Has he passed well when required or has he over dribbled at times?
  23. NK Olimpija Ljubijana 1 Chelsea 2

    Only just switched on. Score does not tell a good story but how has it actually been?
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't think we got in trouble for it, I thought we just got ridiculed for it.