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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well remembered. :) Mind you, I still query his work permit status. But... Read this and get as depressed as I am about the fact that we may not want Firmino and that, even if we do, we may not be able get him. Damn, damn, damn.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Greizmann is not the man I'd choose but, other than that, I'm with Scooba all the way on this.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I wonder if Jose really thinks that? Personally, I doubt it.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Even after then the supposed injury seemed very fishy to a lot of people, myself included. For all his faults, Studge was the best striker we had and should have been starting but... Oh well it's done, I must try to let it go. :(
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    The only people to blame are Ancelotti and the board for going along with his blindness. It's been a tough lesson but in the end those tend to be the best kind. Let's hope so anyway. As for sticking with Nando beyond summer 2011, I think it would have been hard for people to admit so quickly that they were so spectatcularly wrong.
  6. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    Could be of course but I'll put some of the potential arguments against that plan: - We would have two keepers on superstar wages when surely one will do, because..We already have a highly capable number two keeper who would thus be relegated to number three and meaning...We would then have three foreign slots taken up by goalkeepers which seems extravagant. Meanwhile...The resale value of PC/TC will fall if sold in the next window rather than this one. And...Let's leave aside the implications of all this for Jamal.On top of all that, I continue believe that retaining Thibaut in any capacity makes sense only if he signs an extension first. If he does not extend then, for me, he must be sold this summer.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    The Drog returning as a player makes no sense to me but if it's done, it's done.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    That's interesting, I liked what I saw from Zouma. Liked his size, his leap and how quickly he covered ground. Be good to see more of him.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Re Greaves: The best poacher who ever lived I'll grant you but so much more than that. How many goals did he score after picking the ball up on the half way line, beating a few and tucking it away? More than a few. Re: Romelu: Yes I think you have a point there. He has a lot of attributes, if he masters them he will become a little more consistent. Mind you, he still wont reach the level of a preferred starter for Chelsea in my opinion.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hope it wouldn't be the last though.
  11. Wycombe Wanders 0 Chelsea 5

    Fabulous finish from Pat.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Welcome back to the site BurnCK, We shouldn't confuse the wage cap, which was imposed as a sanction for breaching FFP regulations, with the FFP calculation itself. Bonuses absolutely do count against that and any club, including yours and mine, whose bonus payments mean that they fail the break even test will find themselves in trouble with the FFP police. There is absolutely no point in a club structuring its wage bill in such a way that it gets around the salary cap sanction if it only means that they fail the FFP rules again and end up with another, presumably stiffer, penalty during the next season. Having said that, City know all this and I think it's safe for us to assume that when they say they'll be OK for FFP, it means they'll be OK. Also... On your point about United's astonishing deal. Did I understand correctly that you believe uefa would now accept a similar sized deal from one of City's related business sponsors? Personally I don't think they would. United's worldwide appeal to sponsors is above and beyond the appeal of your club or of mine. Undoubtedly United's arrangement will have raised the bar a bit so you'll probably be able to get an increased amount accepted for FFP but my guess is that it won't be anywhere near £75m a year. The only way you, or we, would get that sort of number accepted is if it came from an unrelated business and I don't see that happening.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I agree with some of this although I think it is definitely one word too long. :)
  14. Chelsea Finances Thread

    It's by referring to deals like this, which are seen to be purely commercial and unrelated, that uefa establish the going rate and so establish what is, and what isn't, the Fair Market rate. When comparing other deals to this one, uefa are certain to take into account United's huge, worldwide fan base so, just because they got £75m per year from an unrelated company does not mean uefa will automatically accept £75m from related party sponsors. This deal is bound to push the going rate up a bit though so maybe City & PSG might be able to get a few extra millions past the auditors in the next set of FFP accounts.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I've read posts describing Costa as just such a man; one who will scrap and challenge and make sure the CBs have a fight on their hands for ninety minutes, one who will do his work in the box as well as out. If those posters are right then it's a question of whether we need Ba to provide cover for that or if we'd do better to find a player who offers something different. I'd prefer the latter. Of course if those posters are not right...
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    What Jose wants I can't say but it's a pretty obvious guess that he'd like a squad which gives him as many options as possible, and that he'd plan for those options to include the ability to change shape, not just personnel. My own opinion is that this will require the signing of both a starting quality CM and an additional striker. In the case of the CM, I don't believe that we have an appropriate option to partner Matic in a two. I know many make the case for Rami, for Fabregas or for Oscar in that role but I'm not one of them. Upfront, I continue to believe that we need a striker with very high technical skills. We don't have one and adding Costa won't fix that.
  17. New Stadium Plans

    I don't believe that there are any circumstances under which the RFU will allow Association Football at Twickenham. They have firm ideas about what's right for their game and I don't have a problem with that. If we ever need a temporary home I can only see it being The Olympic stadium or Wembley.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    The bit in bold is factually incorrect. I'll find the relevant wording shortly and edit it into this post. uefa Club Licensing & FFP Regulations (Annex X, section C1, paragraph d, sub-paragraphs 3 & 4) For the purpose of the break-even calculation: iii) For clubs which use the ‘capitalisation and amortisation’ method of accounting for player registrations in their annual financial statements, relevant income and relevant expenses must reflect this same accounting treatment;iv) For clubs which use the ‘income and expense’ method of accounting for player registrations in their annual financial statements, the club can elect to apply either the ‘income and expense’ or the ‘capitalisation and amortisation’ method. The selected treatment must be applied on a consistent basis from one reporting period to the next.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oh dear, I know that I should never have read those FFP regulations but I did, so here goes. :( In fact FFP does not dictate that clubs must amortise transfer expenditure, it gives them the option to do so if they wish. The only restriction is that clubs are required to be consistent in their reporting method. If they amortise in year one then they are expected to stick to that method in subsequent years. It is possible, I think, to infer from the wording of the regulation that some clubs choose to amortise and some clubs choose to account the whole cost at one go. I know of no reason to doubt that Chelsea chooses to Amortise. The handling of incoming transfer revenue is different and is affected by which method clubs choose to use in reporting their expenditure. I'm going to try to save myself some typing and hope that no one really cares about the details.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Morning Seb, This is going to sound harsh so I apologise to your friend but... If he's just having some fun with all of us, or if you are, that's fine, but, if your friend genuinely believes he's got some inside knowledge, he really should respect the club and keep this to himself. It doesn't even matter weather his information is right or wrong, as long as he believes it's true, he should maintain the club's confidentiality.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    Nice save Seb. :)
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    I agree about the need for a CM, prefereably one of starting quality. I'd also like us to add a technical striker because that would give us something not provided by any of Ba, Costa (sticking with your assumption), Lukaku or Torres. If one in, then one or two out in that department would make sense I think. Beyond that I'd only want to see opportunistic buys. By this I mean that if an outstanding footballer, say Marco Reus for example, becomes available then try to get him but otherwise keep our powder dry. Even with those additions this squad would not yet be complete in my opinion but it would be good enough to prevent us needing to make any, "he was the best available", type signings.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    I just watched it again. Perhaps I was in a hard to please mood last time I saw it. :) His skills don't look 'tight' to me but then I would not have said that Frank's were tight either. If he thinks of himself as a Lampard type player then let's wish him well.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Is this the same bloke whose signing was known about a few months ago? If it is, I remember firing up his you tube vids at the time and, after watching them, thinking that he looked a long way short of Chelsea quality. Hope it's a different lad. Or that I'm just plain wrong. :) Edit: I've looked and it is the same player. There's a you tube video about him titled Welcome To Chelsea. It was posted four months ago.
  25. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    I agree with you, most of the way. I can understand that Eden wants to do what he knows he can do. I know that he wants to please the fans and I know that he wants to please Jose, who must be desperate for Eden to become his new Diddier Drogba. The Drog often rescued rubbish Chelsea performances with a special moment. I understand that Eden wants to respond to all this expectation but I think he needs to discriminate between his good days and his ordinary ones. Trying to be Super Eden on days when the force is not with him results in lost possession, missed opportunities and much frustration. Knowing which is which is a tough trick to pull off but, as I say, I think he can do it.