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  1. Frank Arnesen

    quote:Originally posted by Dan Rumseythe reason for Spurs signing players like Carrick is because Spurs simply cannot bring the best players in. Frank said this is the reason he decided to leave WHL id="quote"> id="quote">No in fact FA denied ever having made any such comment and has talked about consulting his lawyers regarding the missreporting of his statements.
  2. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by Dan RumseyGreat news. The bid of £17m has actually been rejected not accepted though. According to Xavier Rivoire of L'Equipe TV, Lyon are to hold out for about £25-30m. He thinks he's worth every penny and will be a success at Chelsea. Just SWP now now and we'll be done for the season. Expect both transfers to go through by Friday at the latest. id="quote"> id="quote">Well I'm always glad to prove my sanity by disagreing with a journalist so I'd like to mention once more that, bassed the dozzen or so times I've seen Essien on the box, I wouldn't pay any more than £7m for him.
  3. Frank Arnesen

    I realise that quoting a higher figure helps to support your point but only the insane, the terminally stupid or Spurs fans would believe that we paid £10m or anything like it. As to your point... Frank does have a great reputaion and I for one am prepared to give him time to justify it.
  4. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by Terrys Chocolate OrangeA lot more to come from Tiago in my opinion lamps. I feel he's underrated, his a solid tactician and well disciplined. I doubt Frank would have got 19 goals without a solid base of Tiago and Makelele. id="quote"> id="quote">TM was awesome in the 3-1 win over ManU. If he maintains that level of performance then whoever we sign is going to spend a lot of time on the bench!
  5. Michael Essien

    Of course we've heard nothing from the club that substantiates the "Jose is desperate to get Essien" claim. Based on what I've seen of Essien there's no reason for JM to rate the fella so highly; £17m would be at least £10m too much. In any case signing both him and SWP would put a cloud over JC's future so my vote is: SWP - yes please; Essien - no thanks.
  6. New Kits

    quote:Originally posted by David80But what's up with the away kit? Isn't it a bit too much like Man C? Also, reminds of our away kit from the 1985/86 season (I mean colorwise of course...): id="quote"> id="quote">Although it has a blueish tint in this shot that shirt was white wasn't it?
  7. Frank Arnesen

    Daniel Levy's hypocritical position on this whole thing is nauseating. He claims to want the FA to investigate without the need for him to make an official report (he's certainly made his unofficial one loudly enough) but if they did that what would he then have to threaten us with? If we were already under investigation over this issue what would he then use in his attempt to extort money from Roman? If Peter Kenyon's response to this ultimatum is, “See you at the hearing Danny boyâ€ÂÂ, he'll have the full support of Chelsea fans everywhere and that'll be the case whether we're demonstrably innocent or spectacularly guilty; whether the sanctions we might face amount to a slap on the wrist or a severe points deduction. Spurs fans can form their own view about the grubby behaviour of their chairman but we all want you to resist this shake down and make us proud Pete.
  8. Michael Essien

    Originally posted by JLH what's wrong with TalkSport?id="yellow"> Well I did acknowledge that others might not agree with me but I find the station to be ill informed, patronising to callers, repetitive and full of advertising masquerading as content. As for Gabriel Marcotti, I've always admired his vast knowledge of teams and"yellow"> He bluffs a lot. For example he claimed that Javier Mascherano had won the World Club Championship with Boca Juniors. (Mascherano plays for River.) You might defend him by putting this down to a slip of the tounge but Marcotti repeated the error more than once and did not interject when a fellow presenter described JM as a 'box-to-box' player. As you know he is in fact one of the premier defensive midfielders in the game. If Talk Sport is crap can you suggest an alternative I might like to try?id="yellow"> I wouldn't dream of telling you what you should or shouldn't like. You're opinion is every bit as valid as mine needless to say
  9. Michael Essien

    Originally posted by JLH Gabriel Marcotti, Talk Sports football guruid="yellow"> Other people might think differently but IMO anyone who really knew his stuff about football would be ashamed to associate his name with that radio station. But any players we enquire about will have massive price tags put on their head because of who we"yellow"> I think the massive price tags are due at least as much to the way we've conducted our transfer business in the past as they are to the fact that we're Roman's club. The way we did the Damien Duff deal announced to the world that if you hold out Chelsea will cave in. Once our interest became public we should simply have bid the full buy-out figure or withdrawn the offer. Raising our bid in stages till Blackburn got exactly what they wanted made us look weak and Drogba's deal confirmed that impression. Correcting this situation may mean that we'll have to miss out on a few targets so that sellers get used to the fact that there is a new attitude at Stamford Bridge. It might be best to make offers for a few players that we don't really want just so we can 'refuse' to up our bid and be seen to have pulled out. That might help spread the message. If a player will IMPROVE our team I don't really care if we pay a few quid over the odds. Maybe I'd think differently if it was my money and not Roman's!id="yellow"> I think it matters a great deal that we're seen to pay more realistic prices. We have managed to establish a reputation among a group of players that money is the only reason for joining us. Some have commented that they would feel like they were 'selling-out' if they signed for us. Whether they are right or wrong doesn't matter; it's an opinion we must deal with. Unless we do it will always be just that bit harder to sign the players we want. One thing that reinforces that view is the image of us as a 'vulgar' loadsamoney club that throws it's cash about on inflated transfer fees.
  10. Michael Essien

    To call him rubbish is going too far but he is not as good as reports suggest and he certainly is not a special player.
  11. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by Ze Bombay BlueMaka never takes more than a touch to control the ball, can this guy do that??? id="quote"> id="quote">What? You need to watch Maka more closely! :)
  12. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by east stand give us a songI would be happy with him. I don't think he'd take too long to settle into the prem....but I did say that about Drogba as well id="quote"> id="quote">Well last summer I was saying that Drogba was not good enough for Chelsea and that we shouldn't buy him at any price. This summer I'm saying that I'm not convinced by Essien, yet. I'd need to see more of him in order to be convinced but with the French League ending today that isn't going to be possible. If I was forced to give a definitive opinion now I would therefore have to say 'no' to signing him. To be fair I have not seen the games in which he's supposed to have played well but I did see one game during which he did almost nothing but give the ball straight back to the man who gave it to him. I mean it, where ever the ball came from he just wall passed it back. It was a deeeply unimpressive performance. In no game have I seen him dominate and several other Lyon players have made a better impression on me.
  13. Michael Essien

    Anyone who would like to enter their predictions in the Transfer Window Challenge have until Friday to do so. Enter here: -