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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hello Ham, Got to say that's not how I saw it. I felt he looked very much a one-trick-pony. Granted that trick, ducking inside onto his right foot and having a crack, came off once but in my opinion it didn't disguise his shortcomings.
  2. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    Wallace, Romeu, Piazon, Marin & Bamford should be sold this summer. None of them have genuine Chelsea futures. Patrick may get a shot to fill an Association Trained spot but only for that reason.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    With a bit of luck Dave this'll turn out to be just a phase. Work and family responsibilities sort of took over from Chels in my life around the time our first daughter was born in 1987 and pretty much stayed that way for over a decade. In fact I didn't start the journey back to full junkie status until my younger girl started coming with me. Her first game was Southampton in 1999/2000 so hang in there. :)
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yep, Firmino is the man I mean and I think his work permit status gives us an advantage over Liverpool if there is a race for his signature. Someone, apologies I can't remember who, pointed out previously that Firmino might qualify for a UK permit anyway but, even if he doesn't, we could afford to do a sign and loan back deal where the Reds might not. If Firmino gets a permit then we sign him for our squad, if not he stays at Hoffenheim on loan. I doubt that the Yanks would allow Liverpool to do that kind of deal. I know the sign and loan out policy is controversial but if the club intends to continue with it then it is time to refresh the list; time to help some of the current corps find permanent moves and to replace them with a new crop of hopefuls. Whether it be at Cobham or elsewhere, there is room for Firmino at Chelsea. As for 2013/14 having been his only statistically impressive season so far, remember Droy's maxim that young pros tend to emerge as first team ready players at the age of twenty-two. Firmino reached that age in October.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Maybe not, if a transfer rumour I read in the last week or so is true. Suarez is so good that there is almost no chance he could be replaced without a loss of quality but, based on that rumour, I'd say Liverpool know where to look for a player who can at least offer an approximation of what Suarez gives them. He plays in Germany and the rumour claimed they want him.
  6. New Stadium Plans

    :) That pub actually came up when I googled TLR!
  7. New Stadium Plans

    ^^Interesting stuff Sciatika. Thank you. Do you mind helping me with the TLR acronym please?
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't watch Spanish football so, given my doubts, it's reassuring to read the positive reports about Costa from those who do. You, BIEW & others bloody well better be right. :) There is something worrying in the above extract from your post however. If we went back forty months and read the Torres thread we'd find plenty of posts saying the same things and plenty of replies agreeing with them. Gulp!
  9. Official: Cesc Fabregas Departs For Monaco

    Hello James, hope all is well. To be fair there have been quite a few posters praising Michael and defending him when he has occasionally come under attack. As for his recruitment dealings, I would personally hold off on the excellent mark and say, "so far, so good" is the appropriate description. I think the man is doing well but our squad still has big holes in it so he has more work to do. If and when we reach the situation where our squad is stacked with players of sufficient quality, in sufficient numbers and we have established a pattern where we keep it that way by adding one player, or at the most two, per season, then he'll merit an excellent I think.
  10. Official: Cesc Fabregas Departs For Monaco

    From Arsenal Mania Wouterus (Forum Member) on 13 minutes ago ****. Why can't the World Cup start already, need to put my mind to other things immediately. cannonade (Forum Member) on 11 minutes ago Inevitable. Give a few pages to vent, then lock this thread. Cesc is the enemy now. bingobob (Forum Member) on 10 minutes ago Clearly Cesc said we passed on him hopefully it means we have something lined up. But if we end up with Remy esque signings I for one will be leading with the pitch forks.mo50 (Elite Member) on 10 minutes ago Good career move for him...florentp (Forum Member) on 9 minutes ago Again ... ang Again ... And Again... Chelsea - Liverpool - Manchesters already officialing strong recruits. And us, waiting for August the 31 to sign Chamack and Park Chu Young. Ok Arsène !stiiphunn (Trusted Member) on 8 minutes ago This is a HUGE mistake from us. We will regret this one for sure. I can't help but feel that there is a lack of ambition on our part... Salieri (Forum Member) on 8 minutes ago I actually feel sorry for him. Being rejected by the only two teams he loved and then go find somebody else is tough. Ironic thing is that we were the ones who suffered most when he left. And now the ones who get punished by him joining our city rival. Why the **** he couldn't punish Barca & join RM or Atl ffs??? :/Caz19 (Forum Member) on 7 minutes ago Well, life goes on. Maybe this soudns kneejerk, but I can tell you based on what I've seen from him at Barcelona is that he isn't 1/2 of the player he was at Arsenal. Even if you discount the fact he's playing in a team which doesn't suit his style, he's become far slower,weaker,less stamina and less consistent than he used to be for us. That's the only bright side I really see.Jasard (Forum Member) on 7 minutes ago I just hate how many of our ex players play for our rivals. It just feels ****** up and wrong. I get we had to pass up on him but if we start the season with a load of money in the bank instead of Fabregas I will be utterly depressed. So much pressure to bring in a absolutely world class attacker now.Penn_ (Forum Member) on 7 minutes ago It hurts but we must have a big plan this summer if we passed on Fabregas for that price.Floating (Trusted Member) on 6 minutes ago It doesn't matter the price, Chelsea have essentially unlimited funds. There's no way we'd spend 27m just to prevent a rival from getting a decent price for a good player.yousif_arsenal (Forum Member) on 5 minutes ago thanks you Cesc you let's us forget the joy of winning a trophy and start talking about you going to Chelsea and moaning.Last edited by yousif_arsenal on June 12th, 2014, 4:22 pm, edited 1 time in total. krengon (Forum Member) on 5 minutes ago From the signs of it, this seems more like a Abramovic signing than a Mourinho one, so not sure it was the best move for him. I trust Wenger and it's good to see he was logical about all this. This has to be Ramsey/Özil's team now and with Wilshere and Chambo right there with them, we need to find players to get the best out of our team.darkgunner (Forum Member) on 5 minutes ago Tbh I have nothing against him for this. He may have joined a rival, but we had a chance to sign him and didn't take it and with Barca wanting to get rid of him, there were not many places to go. People who thought that he would go join PSG or play in Serie A are deluded. I just hope Wenger knows what he is doing in this transfer window.goonerwarsh (Trusted Member) on 4 minutes ago I agree we didn't need Fabregas but the fact that we as a club say we have the ambitions to be amongst the elite when next year we will face at some stage, Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Sagna, Adebayor, Toure (Ok he's old) and there's probably more is extremely telling and tells you just how badly the fans have suffered.jay-d (Forum Member) on 3 minutes ago I feel sick. But that's it for me, the way he left now joining Chelsea, he's not a Gooner by any stretch, break both legs at the WC Cesc.DJ_Markstar (Forum Member) on 3 minutes ago I am fairly rustled by this. Cesc is now dead to me. I will respect his ability as a footballer but I have no warm feelings towards him any more.Jasard (Forum Member) on 2 minutes ago ... 0709299200 Not really his fault he's ended up there but **** Football tbh, **** like this shouldn't happen krengon (Forum Member) on 2 minutes ago stiiphunn wrote:This is a HUGE mistake from us. We will regret this one for sure. I can't help but feel that there is a lack of ambition on our part... Only if we don't strengthen properly in other areas though. I really can't see Wenger turning down Cesc if he didn't have something planned. However, if average dross like Remy is our only signings, I'll be livid. yousif_arsenal (Forum Member) on 2 minutes ago Yep Cesc admit we rejected him it's not his fault anyway he wanted to be a starter not spending his time on the bench. clearly Arsène didn't want him because we have Cazorla and Özil.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Indeed. He specifically said, "After the World Cup", so, although it looks like we tried to beat that deadline in a couple of cases, we shouldn't be surprised if it goes that way.
  12. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Why do you say that, has Jose spoken about Lucas?
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Or better yet: - Consider a playerConsider, in turn, each position for which this player might realistically be selectedConsider the essential performance norms for the position in focusConsider the desirable performance norms for the position in focusAssess this player's level in each performance areaIn this specific case decide, like me, that you love RamiresIn this specific case decide, like me, that we need a Ramires upgradeSome people have been calling for this upgrade for two seasons. I'm one of them.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I agree that Firmino is often listed as lining up in midfield but he almost always plays high and central. I see him as a Suarez type player; capable of playing up top or of dovetailing with another striker. We often ended games with two or more strikers on the pitch last season but I don't remember us starting with them. Firmino might make that option more viable for Jose. Firmino has outstanding technique, quickness of thought, cleverness in possession, is a good finisher and, something I love, a really good eye for the right pass. I'd love it if he joined. p.s. Just checked and Firmino topped Hoffenheim's lists for both goals and assists last season.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Really enjoying the conversation in here this morning. Thanks everybody. I'm not against a move for Fabregas, not in terms of his ability anyway, but I don't see him as a partner for Nemanja. In AVB speak Nemanja would be the six, someone else the ten and Cesc the eight. That saddles him with the responsibility to join and press home attacks as well as sitting in as part of the defensive shield. Emotionally, and technically, I see Cesc as perfect for half of that job but not the other half. Perhaps the solution is the switch back to 4-3-3 that Zoowraa and others have mused about. In that shape there are, in effect, two eights which might suit Cesc better. At the very least, Jose would love to have the flexibility to switch shape at will. Ultimately I'd trust Jose with sorting this out of course but there is another area which worries me. Would Cesc's heart be in this move? If he came, and things went well, this issue would quickly fade away but what if there's a rough start? What would be the impact of being part of a team he has previously disliked, a manager he disrespected and of playing a role that is not what he really wants to do? We've seen how such concerns have eaten away at Nando so it is a consideration I feel. I say again however, Cesc is a good player and, if he arrives, he'll be joining a better squad than the one Nando came into. His chance of settling quickly, and well, would therefore be much, much better. I'd rather have Rom and Firmino at a probable cost of less than £20m in transfer fees and under £150,000 pw in wages, compared to Costa at £32m and a guestimated £175,000pw.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not me they haven't. I knew those two were busts, I'm only doubtful of Costa. :)
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Costa I'm not at all enthusiastic about this deal. I'll only be convinced that he is part of the solution when he pulls on the shirt and proves it to me. Until then, I'll remain a non-believer. Fabregas Since when did he become a CM? Don't see that at all.
  18. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    I know what you mean Mark. In fact I would go so far as to say that I wanted it to come but SFL's departure has affected me. I didn't think I'd feel like this at all. A landmark day in the history of Chelsea Football Club.
  19. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    I can't list Frank as my favourite Chelsea player, that will always be The King. Nor can I back the opinion of those who consider him to be the greatest Chelsea player ever, for me that surely must be Jimmy Greaves. I do though share the hope that, if Frank leaves this summer, it will not be the end of his Chelsea story. In the meanwhile I really want to be there on the day Frank returns for the first time. Stamford Bridge will erupt like it's never done before.
  20. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Great news but what to make of all the Varane stories? With an army of highly promising CBs already on the books vying for squad places behind JT, Gary & Brana what are the implications for the squad? I'm all in favour of acquiring quality whenever it's available so, with Jose having spoken highly about Varane in the past, I suppose we must do that deal if it's there to be done. That would relegate Brana to 4th choice so what then for the younger CBs.?
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    Back in the 90s, before the ascent of Zidane, I held the opinion that Juan Veron was the best player in the world. Even so, I was dead against us signing him from Man Utd when the chance came. I was against it for the same reason that I am weary of any move for Pogba now. I described the Veron deal as deeply arrogant because if Ferguson could not make a success of Veron at United what on Earth made us think the we would? Don't get me wrong, Veron was a wonderful footballer but for some reason he never quite managed to sutain his output in the Premier league. The Pogba situation is not quite the same but I do think we should be on our gaurd. Why, when I was so against the Veron move, am I only weary about Pogba? Well, Claudio Ranieri is no Jose Mourinho.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm with Ham on this I'm afraid. Clearly Lamps is no longer considered an option at AM (not that he ever really was an out-and-out AM) and, as a CM, I think Tiago is the better player. I would also guess that Tiago's wage cost would be considerably lower. I don''t want Frank to extend his playing days at Chelsea. Instead, I'd like to see him make up his mind that he wants to manage the club one day and get busy preparing himself for that.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hello KJ, What did you make of Villa last night? I'm not arguing that we should put him on our shopping list but I felt he was exceptionally good and demonstrated genuinely good hold-up play, not the fake, lumbering big-bloke tosh that people so often talk about. Pointing at a big centre forward and labelling him a good hold-up man is just lazy. To be a genuinely good hold-up man requires high level technique; techique that allows the ball to be controlled, retained and distributed under pressure. I thought Villa put on a master class yesterday. Hazard, Willian or Schurrle playing off someone who can do that would be a big help to our side. If we were to find a player who can do that, as well as use quick, clever and decisive movement in higher areas and have an eye for a goal then that's a player we need to get. Perhaps his name is Firmino and perhaps he's available.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    I thought that last night's game, and Atletico's performance in particular, was evidence of why we need to upgrade our squad in a number of areas. I thought Atletico were magnificent last night; organised, hard-working, recovering the ball and moving it quickly when they got it. They were just brilliant but, albeit in heartbreaking fashion, they deservedly lost the game. They didn't loose because of any clever tactics by real or any tactical failing of their own, but simply because Real have better players than Atleti. As awesome as Simione's team were, the qualities of Carlo's men eventually wore them down. Those qualities can't be faked or coached. If we want players who have them then we must either discover them as youngsters or buy them from other clubs who found them first. Jose, being Jose, will always do the best he can to get results with what he has but top omelettes really do need top eggs.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    I agree with you about Oscar. He definitely wasn't good before Christmas and bad after it. He was pretty much bad throughout with the odd good game, and the odd goal to enliven a dull display, thrown in. I also agree with you about the AM position, except that I think we could do with two not just one.