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  1. I know, sounds daft. :) In fact there does seem to be something more involved than a particular mixture of soil. In the CTV report I saw, the Aldershot groundsman and his chairman were absolutely chuffed and waxing lyrical about it. The 'system' consists of multiple layers of sand, each serving a different purpose with the layer nearest the surface containing some special fibre which both binds the grass and encourages its growth. In addition to the latest undersoil heating and drainage, the new Stamford Bridge pitch includes all the magic sand plus a grass that is three percent synthetic and which, apparently, is already used by the majority of Premier League clubs.
  2. The floodlights being replaced are, according to CFC's groundsman, below the standard required by Premier League regulations and needed to be upgraded for that reason. When I read that the pitch had been given to Aldershot I thought it meant the turf but in fact everything except the grass has been transferred to the Shots. It's the high tech, sub-soil, sand system that costs the big money and that's what Aldershot now have.
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    :) Thanks for the reminder James! When asked what I wanted following Roman's arrival, I said I hoped he would help establish us as a permanent member of the world's elite group of clubs. I went on to say that this would take at least a generation to accomplish. Eleven years in is therefore still early days as far as I'm concerned so, as long as we've learned from those errors, all is good.
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    Not for me thank you.
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    Hello GB, What would this entail? Is it as simple as installing Romelu as our first choice striker and seeing how he goes? JM obviously had the opportunity to do that last summer but chose not to. He will have that opportunity again this summer but it looks like JM still does not see Rom as the solution. Regardless of the goals Rom has scored, the boss is obviously entitled to exercise his judgement and decide not to install Rom as our number nine. What is Jose to do, back his judgement or give Romelu a responsibility for which he seems not to feel the kid is suited?
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    Sorry Dave, I did realise that you weren't calling for the inclusion of Dominic and Islam. I don't think you have anything to apologise for regarding your standards. You, I and everyone else around here, want Chelsea to be the best. That implies that over 99% of professional footballers will not be good enough for us. The arithmetic is inescapable.
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    If Islam Feruz ever becomes a first team regular at Chelsea then I'll have to admit that I know absolutely nothing whatsoever about football. There is not a thing, not one thing, that I like about his game. I'll stop there because, when talking about a Chelsea player, no Chelsea fan should ever say the things I'd say about Islam if I continued.
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    So Zouma rotates in to play the Kalas role or does Omeruo get that job and Kurt gets a development loan? Excellent, would hate to loose Mark.
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    A lot of people reckon that Belgium will make it to the end of June, if not into early July. Add a three week break to that, minimum, and Rom isn't looking likely to see much time in pre-season. Meanwhile, I'm with 3S as regards Rom and, sadly, when I watched Patrick play for our development sides, he did not look Chelsea quality to me. The club has given Patrick encouragement about his chances for next season which is great so let's wish him all the best.
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    When we went to City for the league game and it emerged that he wasn't fit enough to start I was hugely relieved. When we went back for the Cup game he was in the team and Bobby Stuart made me feel like chucking stuff at my telly. He was talking absolute rubbish on CTV about how that City midfield wasn't good enough to get anywhere near ours. The rest of us however are aware that Miner playing against Chelsea is very bad news.
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    I'm with you on this. I think we'd be better off with our current strikers ahead of a more effective midfield, than we would be with our current midfield behind a shiny new striker. Obviously we'd all vote for a new striker and an improved midfield but if it came down to upgrading in one department or the other then, for me, midfield is the priority.
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    With Ryan virtually certain to push for a move this summer it will probably come down to PVA or the chequebook. A PVA/Dave job share might not be a bad plan. Jose has talked about binging all the loan players back to Cobham this summer to assess them. Given that PVA probably won't be in Brazil, Jose should get a good chance to work with him. By the way, it's interesting that the club has used Nathan Ake as the U21's left back so often this season. In my opinion LB is easily the worst of Nathan's three positions but I don't think he'd let us down if he was needed as an emergency third choice option.
  13. Ashley Cole

    I remember the morning on which I woke to discover we had signed Ash the night before. I was gutted. Not gutted because the best left back in the world had joined; gutted because William Gallas had left. Billy's departure had been coming, and was inevitable, but it was painful all the same. Still, Ashley Cole, Ashley Cole, was a Chelsea player. That part I was thrilled about. Thanks for putting up with all the crap Ash, thanks for everything. One of our best signings ever. Hero.
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    I've been outed. :) If we're to become a 'front foot' team then full backs who make a great contribution to the passing game are essential. Moreno does that excellently. With a naturally hard working wide man like Di Maria ahead of him, Jose will fidn it easier to integrate such a player. In any case, having now seen Moreno a couple of times, I think he has enough defensive aptitude for Jose to build on. We go into every season aiming to play sixty games. If we have three fullbacks that the boss can rely on, one of whom is comfortable on both flanks, then that's enough games to allow each full back forty starts and gives the boss genuine rotational options. Vidal Firmino Di Maria Reus Moreno
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    Great technique, can operate right across the pitch, instinctively spots a pass and executes it well and can dribble. Pretty much impossible to sign however. Di Maria & Reus allow Hazard to play through the middle, where he wants to. This maximises his ability to go both ways and reduces the requirement for him to be defending in his full back area. He works hard at it but it's not instinctive, if we can free Eden from that responsibility it must help us. On the downside, Eden can't press anywhere near as well as Oscar can so it is possible I suppose that Jose would have no interest in playing him through the middle. It'd be nice to give the boss the option though. Vidal Firmino Di Maria Reus Defender
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    But not as interesting, to me at any rate, as your thoughts on the two players. :) With apologies for repeating an opinion I've expressed many times over the last ten years, it seems to me that more than 90% of the times a player receives the football, the next thing he needs to do with it is pass. This makes the ability to haul in a pass, even a less than optimal one, and move it on with quality an absolute essential. In my opinion Di Maria does this better than Sanchez, much better. As I said when he was linked with us previously, Sanchez seems to me to run first, sometimes round in circles, and pass only as an afterthought. By common consent the great Barcelona team was built on the greatest passing ever but, in my view, Sanchez was never going to add to that quality. Indeed I was convinced he would only ever subtract from it and, while it might be argued that there are other reasons, it cannot be denied that Barca are not what they were before Sanchez got there. I'm therefore not at all surprised that they seem ready to offload him, I'm only surprised that he lasted so long. When Alexis moved to Camp Nou, I predicted he'd be gone by the time Neymar arrived. I was wrong about that but I bet that Bayern will not be in for him if he moves this summer. I think Pep will have learned from that mistake. In addition, I think that Di Maria works much harder which, if true, would score a lot of points with Jose of course. Anyway, as I said, I'm much more interested in what you have to say because it seems you see things differently on these two players. :)
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    Based on nothing more than paper talk, I put him down as hard to get but not quite impossible. In my guestimation that makes him a tiny bit more gettable than Vidal & the other AM. . Vidal Firmino Di Maria AM Defender
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    Well, in the words of the great Yossarian, since everybody has him on their list, I'd be a damned fool to leave him off mine. :) Vidal Firmino AM1 AM2 Defender
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    Love, love, love that player but no, he's not there either. This is partly because he's left footed but mainly because the CM who is on the list is a better tackler. In fact I'd go as far as to say that the bloke I have in mind is a better tackler than anyone else I know of. In truth I think we have virtually no chance of getting this player but, if we did, the first thing I'd like the club to do is send a video of his tackles to all Premier League refs so that they understand his style and how clean it is. Wouldn't want them to mistake what he does for fouls.
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    I'm a big fan of all the players you mention but you have only scored one out of five and we could say that that was really none out of four! :) In order of preference my list is: - CM Firmino AM1 AM2 Defender
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    No it goes back to the failed pursuit of Ronaldinho, and the signing of Veron, in Roman's first summer. This is not hindsight talking, at the time I described the signing of Veron as a deeply arrogant move and complained that we had bailed ManU out of the trouble they'd spent £28m to get themselves into. Meanwhile, although he was very nice about it, it was clear that we never had a chance of getting Ronaldinho once Barca came in. Had we bought Ibra when we signed Sheva it would not have been for a superstar fee and would have been a good signing but had we tried to buy him at (around) the time we bought Torres he would not have come because Barca were in the market. Aguero meanwhile clearly had not quite established himself as a superstar because neither of the Spanish giants wanted him and that left the cost clear for City. Even then had United, Arsenal or ourselves wanted hIm, City might have missed out. In both cases, it's the same question of timing. As for the potential uproar at the lack of a big name striker I agree but then Liverpool fans were very unhappy at the loss of Torres, until they saw Suarez play. Lastly, I'd like to restate that I posted my opposition to the Shevchenko & Torres transfers before they happened.
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    Yes. What do you think of him 3S?
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    Hello BB, This fits in with a long standing opinion of mine; I don't believe we should sign world class players!!! :) Obviously I don't actually believe that but I do think that we shouldn't try to sign players who we imagine have already proved themselves to be world class. My feeling is that any genuinely world class players will always be wanted by clubs higher up the food chain than we are and such players will always choose one of those clubs over us. As a result the only world class players we can get are the ones that we are in fact wrong about, the players who come with huge fees but who are not in fact that good. As an example, we got Torres because he is not a great player, but we did not get Lewandowski because he is and so Bayern took him. In the past I've put this as simply as to say that we should never pay £50m for a player because the only £50m players we could get are the ones who are not actually worth it. The lesson the club should take from this is we have to get the great players before they've fully established themselves among the elite. We failed to spot the potential of Suarez* in Jan '11 but we managed to snap up Hazard in 2012. This is the way we have to go. There is a twenty-two year old striker playing in Germany who, in my opinion, has a chance to become a world class player. There are potential work permit issues but, even if it has to be on a buy-and-loan-back basis, we need to take a punt on this lad. It may not pan out because there are no guarantees but buy clever, not expensive has to be our mantra. *Droy's analysis notwithstanding.
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    Whereas I would like us to go crazy. :) I've said for a while that I don't think we can solve all of our squad problems in one transfer window but I would like us to make a start. The five names I have on my dream list would probably come in at about £140m but, while it looks like that kind of figure could be afforded if offset by outgoing sales, we are never going to land all five. The one or two realistic options on that list are definitely affordable.