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  1. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Always wondered how Simeone gets his team to be that passionate and disciplined without ever losing the dressing room. Many wont like his style but how he has transformed Atletico is amazing. Hope he comes here one day. Love how Atletico played Barca at their own game with the rolling around on the ground etc and all play acting. Now Barca know how it feels. That is the only way to beat Barca on a two legged tie. It is not pretty but it is effective and gets results.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    If he is having fitness problems in a league that is probably the least physical demanding league then what will happen when he starts in a league that is very physically demanding? Who exactly is buying Pato? Are they thinking of Pato of 8 years ago in AC Milan. Cause that player is long gone. Even if he stays fit his quality has dropped. Not sure what his addition will bring but that just sums up another bizzarre recruitment.
  3. The real question is what is the next step in terms of managerial position. Pep has already said he rejected us TWICE just to show how desperate we are for him. I reckon Roman has this thought that Pep can turn us into Barca or Bayern. Obviously we all know thats not how it works. Pep probably knows he will get the sack and does not want than on his CV. Simeone is the favorite for the job. Would he have full access to transfers? Would he get a budget he wants? Would he give a style of play that the board wants? My answer to all those questions is no. Which suggests he wont be here for a very long time. Then again those 3 questions come up as we are looking for another manager. Can people not see how much of a joke its becoming with management in this club. I thank Roman for all he has done for this club. Some people make out as if he saved us from going into non league football,but in reality as he has helped us he has also ruined what he has built. We could have been much bigger and successful than what we are today If Carlo or Jose had stayed around the 1st time. Those for me are top 2 managers in world football. What we could have done long term with managers like that who knows. What a shame. Now we are going to have to settle for less quality managers and more instability.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    I wouldnt say it hasnt worked out. He was our best player last season and carried us to the league. But he clearly does not have the commitment or desire to do that often. He has talent but he wont maximise his true potential until he fixes that constant hunger and desire. Going to Madrid would just give him less to do and give him an easier ride. If he wanted a challenge he would stay in this league. The second we have a bad season his head turns almost as if he has been waiting for this as a get away card.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Do believe Hazard is going. He has clearly stopped playing for us for a pretty long time. I dont think he has the stomach for the PL year in year out. Never really thought he would stay in the PL for up to 6 years. He just wants a easier time in Madrid and a easier league too. Would be glad to see him go. He has talked about wanting to stay here and become a legend like Lampard blah blah. All trash, he doesn't have the loyalty or heart to become a legend here. Lost respect for him to be honest. He can take Oscar with him too.
  6. Pep would also be one of those managers who like to play a lot of possession football. In this league possession does not mean a thing. I'm pretty sure Leicester have a low possession rate but look where they are. Van Gaal, Pellegrini, Wenger have used these kinda tactics over the past few years and none have really excelled or convincingly won the league playing like this in the last 5 years. Look at how Klopp is even struggling in Liverpool many praised him when he came but his tactics are been found out in this league. I even think he has made Liverpool worse than under BR. Unless Pep does his research and understands the PL his style will get found out. Its teams like Spurs,Arsenal, Leicester and Crystal Palace who are getting the right balance in this league. Teams like City, Liverpool and United only have a plan A and once it does not work they lose easy points they could have gained. City and United are being held back by their managers the most. Especially City they should be walking this league.
  7. Pep is a HUGE risk especially with the money we are going to throw at him, not only that but the budget we are going to give him. People say he is a world class manager but for me he is not proven in the PL. He has had the 2 best teams in the league's he has been at. He only knows one style and if that doesnt work then he is ****ed. People saying he is the best option for us dont understand our current situation. Pep's team rely heavily on passing. Something that we are not strong in. It is just a complete mismatch. The only team that would suit his play is Arsenal. Roman just probably thinks cause of the things he achieved in Barca must make him the best coach in the world. His away record with Barca in the CL was quite poor especally in knockout stages. They relied heavily on their home form. Defensively his teams are quite poor. Only time will tell but I think he is a complete mismatch for us. SImeone would be a better option but Roman probably doesnt like his style of football even though its very effective. I have way more trust in Simeone than Guardiola.
  8. You can't be serious with regard to Pellegrini. I would rather take Steve Holland. Pellegrini has been really holding back City all these seasons. Thought he would be sacked at the end of last season. Look at what Pellegrini has done with the City budget. If he can't do well with a budget that big then I dont want to know what he can do with a budget like ours.
  9. If we got Pellegrini what a ****ing joke that would be. Dont care if he wins the league and CL this year the guy is a poor manager. Your average manager can work wonders with that City team and his transfer policy has been shocking. Bony, Mangala, Fernando and Fernandinho, Navas,Demichellas. Blew 100M on Sterling and De Bruyne. Plus he plays such an open game every match. The man only has plan A and that is to attack 24/7. Even if they were 4-0 up on a 2nd leg game they would still go all out attack. If any other top managers had been in City over these years they would have won more trophies. Tactically I think he is clueless.
  10. So he should manage no other English club despite being sacked TWICE by the club he loves. Dont for a second think his loyalty lies in himself. He wants to work in a competitive league and build something. We couldnt offer it him. United is the best option for him. Its a no brainer.
  11. A guy who probably wont be here at the end of our season is our future? One of the 1st people who are going to jump ship cause of our top 4 failure is that guy. His mind is probably in Real right now. Glad you think he's out future though. "Exciting times".
  12. The days of Ronaldo and Rooney tearing teams apart are days when I think of a great attacking United side. Years after that their attacking football was no where close quality wise. The days of Van Nistelroy could also been seen as great attacking days but for me their what stands out the most from United in their Fergie days is how efficient and disciplined they were. I think that was their great asset.
  13. Expectations of attacking football are more the needs of a club like Arsenal. United strictly focuses on trophies. Fergie never really had a great attacking side he just had efficient sides who knew how to get the job done. Managers like Moyes and Van Gaal would never have got the job if attacking football was the priority.
  14. "Torres always did his best" I will leave this article specially for you.'t-care-Chelsea-won-lost--attitudes-changed-now.html Yeah we have won other trophies without Jose with a completely different squad. Our last major trophy before Jose was CL with the likes of Drogba ,Cech, Lampard, Terry and Cole who played for the badge despite the amount of torrid coaches they went through they still gave 100% and thats why we were never sitting 16th in the table cause we had leaders and strong mentally loyal players who put Chelsea before there personal gain. They easily could have let us sink down to our worst start to a season but they had guts and pride to be still driving the team despite clashing with many managers. This is what our current bunch dont have. Back then I saw us as a team united now I just see half a team and many individuals.
  15. Great post. I really do think we are a impossible team to manage. Some on here think we will continue to be great after this but I really doubt it when I look at the team and managers that would come here. I can't see a better season than the one we had last season coming in the next 5 years.
  16. Long term Guardiola really? The man has no love for our club he will try and win CL and will probably leave after that. Not sure Guardiola is a long term manager. Not sure any other manager can be a long term cause they wont even believe in their minds that they will last that long. When they see how a legend can get thrown out they wont bother coming here for the right seasons. Were just gonna be getting new managers wanting a shot at managing Chelsea but non really looking at long term cause they know it wont work.
  17. Or maybe Terry's career is just in decline? Even towards the end of last season you could see him struggling in certain matches. I dont think for 1 second Terry wasnt trying. Which ever manager it is he will give 100% cause I know he plays for the shirt. Same goes for players like Cahill and Ramires. But some recent recruits I think dont think the same way.
  18. You dont think we could Sell Hazard, Costa and Cesc for their value right now ? Or even loan them out then arrange a transfer in the summer. there's many ways we could get these guys out of the club. Financially it would be even better cause now we have to pay Jose big lump sum. I can understand why players get backed when it comes to the crunch but with a manager that has given us so much I believe he has earned enough for us to back him over the players. Thats what disappoints me the most. I can understand if its between backing players like Drogba, Lamps over sacking AVB but a manager like Jose over the likes of Hazard etc who have not done anywhere near as what Jose has done for this club I would pick Jose over them every day of the week.
  19. I didn't realise at that point they could be this unprofessional.
  20. I would have given him a month until after transfer window when he has shipped out the unprofessionals in this team. Roman probably wouldnt have allowed certain players to leave so either way he was ****ed. The owner backed the players rather than the manager simple as that really. Unless Jose had lost absouletly every player in that room which I doubt then his sacking would be justified cause you can't sell every player in the team. But 5 or 6 you can sell.
  21. Thank you totally agree with this. Our old bunch really played for the shirt these ones just play for personal gain. Even Henry said it in the Cesc interview that were has their pride gone. Even if they hated Mourinho they should have played for the shirt and their pride as well as the fans. Very spineless this bunch thats why I really fear for our club cause I think its going to break up into pieces now. Pretty sure Hazard is going to **** of to Madrid as with Costa. Would be glad to see both gone. The fact that there were even rumours of players saying they would rather lose than win for Jose says it all. Even when he lost the room in RM we never heard of that kind of nonense.
  22. How did Mourinho treat them did he wack them across the face? Did he tell them to **** off? No he told them they were going to be on the bench. If they can't handle it tough its football. Funny thing is 5 months ago none of these players your talking about were an issue. Now your using it as a pathetic excuse to justify sacking the most successful manager who won us the league we might not win again for a very long time. All the players he sold dont mean anything to us. Last season showed that. We walked the league with our current players. Which shows you that Mata and co were not needed at here. Jose knew what he was doing. If we had become a worst team than previous then I think selling those players would justify your excuse but no that did not happen instead without those players we became better and won 2 trophies. So your arguement is pretty silly in saying Jose took us backwards considering we went from fighting for 4th to winning the league and setting new records.
  23. Europa league I dont even classify as a worthy trophy. CL we won but by no means did we completely outplay most teams and win comfortably. That CL team that won was probably our weakest team in recent seasons. Once again all these players that u mention left because of personal gain. Lukaku said he did not want to sit on the bench. Same with Mata. At the time Betrand was not as good as Azpi or Ivan and probably not Cole so he went out on loan. He wasnt patient enough you seem to think JM wanted to sell these players? these players wanted to leave. You can not keep unhappy players in your team so he sold them. I dont think you understand how things work in football. Those players were good players that couldnt get into a quality team. If they had waited longer maybe they might have had a shot but modern footballers are not patient at all.
  24. Tore apart a fantastic squad???! the squad that had Torres has their main number 9 and struggled to finish in the top 4. He turned it into a team that lead the PL from day 1 and broke the record for the amount of days at the top. People are way too quick to forget things. "Tore apart a fantastic squad" what utter garbage. Certain players turned against him and others let him down. Simple as that the team he has right now is still good enough to challenge for the PL.