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  1. Okie dokie - I'm just wondering for what reason the club are persisting with a striker (whom I actually do support both as a person/player) who has been nothing like we expected from him. I can tell you its not the managers who persisting - there've been four of them. Sure I am probably reaching a ton into the Roman applauding thing but its got to be either Roman or the board persisting with Torres. In absence of names, transfer fees etc, Torres should be riding the bench for a while now -based on pure form and performance. Now it seems we've even gone as far as to bring in a coach especially for him.
  2. Ermm, nope -screw the media, just basing that on what I saw. How would you read it mate? Yeah we don't know for sure whats going on at Chelsea, & whats the opinion on Torres but if we buy another 50 million striker - I would rather believe that what I've posted. This is what I see from 4:22 onwards:
  3. I wish we were but from what I saw - they show Torres starting an applaud as he's coming off, and then cut right then to Roman applauding as well! lol - no doubt Torres is Romans Golden boy still! He has this romantic idea that we will get back El Nino - he's wanted this dominant flamboyant striker for ages now! As much as he's liked Drogbas powerful style of play, it's clear he also wants a pacy supreme finisher in our team too!
  4. You saw Roman applauding Torres when he came off? Well that tells me all I need to know about that situation :\
  5. He said he would work Roman again when asked point blank in that CNN interview - two very confident "Of courses" from him. He called the parting of a ways a " perfect example of a fantastic divorce" If Roman asks him to come back there is no doubt in my mind that Jose would return. He loves the club more than he dislikes not having full control - as far as I can tell from his demeanour, he wants to be happy about pure football again - and he's made it clear that that only happened in England and with Chelsea! Jose will return if Roman wants him back!
  6. Same rumours said Pep was coming to us! So yeah until its confirmed there is hope!
  7. I am completely flabbergasted by our upper management - they do some things right, then they do 10 other things wrong. I am also wondering what the hell is Roman up to? What is his thought process, what does he want for Chelsea? I am just honestly disappointed at where our club finds itself, a spiral that has been getting worse after we sacked Carlo. Roman for me number one needs to get a coach and settle on a long term process (well 3-5 years) and give the coach control or this cycle ain't gonna end! My honest feeling is that Pep was scared to come after what happened to AVB.
  8. After failing to land Guardiola, Roman Abramovich will now turn to Dortmund manager Klopp and Atletico Madrid manager Simeone (Times) Haha are these guys reading these forums and then writing articles?
  9. Chelseas managerial hopes rest on one man right now....and that one man is Antonio Adan! If that sucker can somehow get back into the Madrid first team and cause further discontent amongst the Madridstas then surely Perez will have no choice but to sack Mourinho - and Mourinho a bit scalded will run back to the place where he found the most comfort..Stamford Bridge!
  10. Lucas Piazon

    I hear Malaga are light in the LW department - so that could be the reason. But yeah strange move!
  11. Agree, it might help him fight for his position. He has not been terrible all the time this season - there have been matches where he has played well. So there is a possibility that he might gel better with Ba whose personality does not seem as bullish as Drogbas was. It is imperative that Torres doesn't crack with Ba in the team or we're back to square one with basically only one striker in the squad!
  12. According to transfermarkt - he's played 34 matches - 14 goals, 5 assists. This is for all comps we've played incl Shield etc.
  13. Had a pretty good game today! Was well positioned and got involved in the game much more! The team also brought him in to play more effectively! A great partnership is developing between him and Hazard. I can see it being very fruitful as its allowing Torres to utilise his best attributes as a striker! What a finish today - it was beast no matter what way you put it! Top top class - you can be sure if RVP or Rooney scored that you'd have it all over the headlines but yeah Torres is working at getting his fear factor back - the best way to do it to score goals and lots of them! All the best to Nando, hope with all my heart he kicks on - many of us have had unwavering faith in him from day one and he is working now to repay us handsomely! Time will be the final decider though!
  14. César Azpilicueta

    Exactly! Shame that he is treated so badly - he went to Arsenal because that was the only option he had - AVB should never have loaned him out in the first place!! Anyway great success with Azpi!! We're absolutely killing the market in this window! We've signed 5 players for around 85 million pounds or so! That is pretty good business in my book! I await in anticipation as the signings and team settle, as I believe we will be very strong this season!
  15. Victor Moses (On Loan: 2013-2014)

    Ahahahahahaha - priceless!!