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  1. Chelsea 1 Sunderland 2

    It will be heart-breaking if we give our all against liverpool and leave nothing for Athletico in the return leg. Uefa are usually the ones to rob us but the refs have been competent this season compared to the refs in the BEST LEAGUE IN THE WORLD. Our only genuine hope for a trophy is EUrope. I remember when we won our first league title with Jose and Liverpool won the champions league. Wouldn't mind the same thing happening with us winning the Corrupt league. Oh I forgot The Premiership is the new corrupt league. All Hail Platini . p.S : If Courtois knocks us out of championsleague he should be brought back. Schwazer is a ****ing disgrace
  2. Chelsea 1 Sunderland 2

    No Trolling. Just the way I feel right now. I feel robbed. And I am free to react how I like. The fact is this team never turns up against the little teams and that is not the consistency of champions. Crystal palace,westbrom, west ham , newcastle, Aston Villa, Stoke city. I guess Jose was right about lil horses but they keep on raising hopes only to destroy them. All I care about is champions league. We should send out the kids against liverpool, It will be good for their EVOLUTION and also to show the league we can support Liverpool also. * And Oscar, oh boy, if only we knew he would be saving himself for brazil we would have kept Mata
  3. Chelsea 1 Sunderland 2

    What a disgrace of a performance. Starting from Jose and ending with the players. His line up was horrible. Should have brought on our highest goalscorer(lamps) who can shoot from distance and also deliver quality set pieces for Ramires at half time. Instead he switches to 442 which we never play. Also the players showed that without lamps or hazard the team doesn't have a brain. Oscar is clueless and getting on my last nerve because he is just saving himself for Brazil. At least Cech,luiz,lamps and to some extent Schurlle got a rest. Totally gutted about the performance, we can blame refs all we want but the fact is we wasted our chances and they took theirs Congrats to Stevie G , Victor Moses , and Brendan Rodgers. The most consistent team wins the league and they have earned it. Hope Jose sends out a second team at Anfield we don't need the extra miles on our players legs
  4. Chelsea 1 Sunderland 2

    Will have to use the whole squad for these coming games. Mikel might even be useful in a 4-3-3 against Athletico, will expatiate on that in the next thread. Team for Swansea Cech bane cahill Terry Cole ramerrs matic salah Willian Schurrle BA Athletico Cech Dave Cahill Terry Cole Mikel Rammers Lamps Willian Eto Oscar.
  5. Swansea City 0 - 1 Chelsea

    Please end in a tie.. I wish there was a way both teams could lose
  6. Swansea City 0 - 1 Chelsea

    The FA.. Who else.. and may be the penis sucking liverpool pundits
  7. Swansea City 0 - 1 Chelsea

    would have preferred a draw because Man city will defintely drop points and probably finish third, but I feel like a liverpool win will give them that extra boost at a crucial time. And even though I am a very optimistic fan. I dont see us playing Athletico in madrid and then going to anfield with liverpool rested and beating them.
  8. Swansea City 0 - 1 Chelsea

    Silver lining for torres . Homecoming in Calderon and Anfield.... If he can't raise his games for these 2 matches he should retire
  9. Swansea City 0 - 1 Chelsea

    Athletico away, liverpool away, Athletico at home all in 6 days. For me Liverpool can have the league . I want the BIG ONE
  10. Swansea City 0 - 1 Chelsea

    ****ing UEFA fools. Sooo mad at the draw.. and that Courtois plays
  11. Swansea City 0 - 1 Chelsea

    The ramires situation is plane ridiculous . He has missed 4 of our last five gamesand will miss 2 more if he gets a yellow on sunday. Due to his aggresive and sometimes reckless nature I will play Mikel over him. Knowing Jose I dont see him being rested .Rammers to start and of course get a stupid yellow Cech bane cahill Terry Azpi Rammers Matic Willian Oscar Schurrle Torres
  12. Chelsea 2:0 PSG (3:3 On Aggregate)

    Definitely not. will still prefer Real. their attacking football will fall into Jose's counter attacking trap. Besides we remember how Hilario stepped up for us against Barcelona when Cech and Carlo got hurt. I just have the feeling that the back-up will have a blinder and the whole team will rally themselves to get Courtois to the final. Athletico are similar to us but unfortunately do it better because Diego Simeone has been there for 3 years. Jose's destiny is to pay Real back for their misdoings and finally to get the big one over Pep Guordiola in LISBON
  13. Chelsea 2:0 PSG (3:3 On Aggregate)

    It was Simeone, and they have a new beast called Costa
  14. Chelsea 2:0 PSG (3:3 On Aggregate)

    willian can take over hazards role, schurrle seems better on the right. Ramires will be a huge boost for the legs. We need to incorporate mikel and Cole into our league lineups because they will be needed in Europe. Also praying we have a tuesday - wednesday fixture in the semis because 8 days is so much better for recovery compared to 6 games, keeping in mind we play liverpool inbetween the fixture. Bring on anyone but man u or bayern. They will both be able to rest players, a luxury we cannot afford