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  1. Media / Press

    Am I the only one watching with a jaundiced eye the TT media almost luvfest regarding the game shattering absolute mark of a football genius substitution at half time at Spurs? That a player was off form and..goodness switched with a world class player reeks of a higher coaching ability than anyone on the Planet Football....swoon. My thoughts are "THEY" are rubbing their hands at the weekend game..the clash..Pep reborn if Chelsea lose....or further B/s**t if City lose.....a thought free headline weekend!
  2. Media / Press

    That makes more sense than a "never discussed" scenario.....a group of sort of adults working close together and nothing "mentioned"?.....
  3. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    IF that is the case giving the new guy a runout in goal would be a good idea...maybe even if Mendy and Kepa are available.....if Chelsea can't beat AV in a minor cup game with back up players or as it is being written...the deepest squad strength of the top teams...maybe we are not as good as we think. By the way..the better side doesn't always win as we well know.
  4. A Driving Force

    A to B works.....passed my test here in a Cadillac De Ville about 3 months old....think the gal passed me because of the car!.....looked great but not a High Country vehicle....(wasn't mine..a leased vehicle to my then late Father in Law taken on by his daughter)... My self indulgence vehicle back in the 80's was a TR7...a bit sneery from some but I loved that car....freshly tuned and trip to Cornwall to "rescue" my much loved step daughter..MWay and unfettered...great run...there and back in a day.
  5. R.I.P. Tributes only..... we may love to hate other players but all real game supporters appreciate the greats and those who contribute to our game.
  6. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    Not for me to second guess TT but would be happy to see our real #9 rested....I don't want Chelsea to get so reliant on him that if for any reason he is unavailable there is no plan B to cover and this is as good a game as ever to tweak things...Kepa to play as we need him to back to a semblance of form as a solid backup or replacement if disaster strikes. Hate to see Chelsea lose any game but this is very low down on the priority weekend is a real marker game.
  7. R.I.P. Tributes

    Makes sense....only thing I would add is there are greats in the game from other clubs who gave and have given us a lot of football joy...can they be included?
  8. Agree with the Kepa observations...I think AC can be included in the player motivation view point....looks a different player from the one we knew could play but never seemed to believe in himself...bit like Kepa as his confidence just drained away...TT seems to have a touch... Yesterday Kepa came out for a high cross to his right towards the front of the box...wouldn't have done that successfully a while back....good to see.....
  9. Musical Tastes

    And have a wide horizon and an in wine and good advice.....sense of the subtle and fine things available!!!!
  10. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 3

    Didn"t see that coming!!....( Did actually as he left here and returned there I understand on crutches)
  11. Musical Tastes

    No argument from me MT..I'm just amazed that anyone on here knew who I was talking about let alone actually appreciated the man's amazing talent. I was "told" that the original art of Flamenco was in the vocal rendition and had it demonstrated one time in a very real Andaluce gathering....only as a comment and not as a fact...just what I was told. Great result today...I do dislike That Lot....goes back to schooldays and the "hanger on" kids who couldn't play the game but gave us s*** about "That Lot"...only to fade away as the years caught up!
  12. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    After disagreeing with Droy regarding last weeks RC I have to say I agree absolutely with this week's first var issue or at least the Walker incident... how a player can tackle from the iffy side/behind area...not touch the ball and take down an attacker and it's the attackers fault? question of the attacker crossing the defender and going to ground.....the more things change..with var the more they stay the same.... I fear for todays game in the Chelsea penalty area!!
  13. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 3

    Hey,,good to see you back if only briefly NB...... Silence Ain't Golden mate.
  14. Jimmy Greaves RIP

    Thank you Greavsie.... I had older true Chelsea supporting friends who would go the WHL just to watch good a tribute as I can think of.
  15. Musical Tastes

    Ronda is a funny town back up from the coast near Estapona.....visited a time or two..has "it's claimed" the oldest Bull Ring in link ('ish),,,,raised hairs on the back of my neck at the concert,,,the same reaction walking out into the open Bull on site.... Little Hands of Silver....have some classical Spanish guitar Cd's but none of his.....have you seen the live concert of Segovia playing at the Alhambra in Granada? When the dust settles after the game today I'll go through my Cd collection and note the "eccentric" corner...wonder if there are other shared not necessarily main stream occupants! And the road to Ronda is , or was, an "interesting" one. A classic Hotel there ..I think..memory a bit fuzzy...Churchill stayed there but could be wrong..a "sister" classic Hotel in Algerciras.... what trivia we collect as the journey progresses! Mrs C enjoying "My Life Is Murder"..(Melbourne?) not so much but ok.