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  1. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    PR they think we are stupid?.....what was the quote?....."DON'T P**s ON ME AND TELL ME IT'S RAINING!"
  2. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    I have no choice but TV and am grateful I have the options but I usually turn the commentary off and don't watch the "pundits". I used to watch Sky Sports News here to keep up with things at home but that is so biased and self satisfied that I don't bother anymore.
  3. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    Echoing a lot of my feelings..I got so much from the game in general and such a sense of identity as a youngster from Chelsea. A (mis) quote from a top ex-pro I spent a lot of time with.."It's the aftergame stuff you remember rather than individual games"...the tread mill syndrom I suspect...especially now with game following game every few days....hard now to identify with the players...JT DD PC etc were "ours"....same can be said for many players over the
  4. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    Very revealing how Ham's post seems to have hit a nerve, It's not just post defeat blues (pun?) but goes far deeper..I suspect the responses would have been the same at any time..and from real Chelsea followers who's opinions I always follow and respect.
  5. Premier League Run In - 2020/21 team..will never change but I can't be bothered to watch most other games...not the interest anymore...there was a time when any game viewed was better than not watching a game many levels. Funny what you remember but I recall going to WHL for a Spurs/N Forest game...just because my mate and I had a free Saturday...Chelsea away and only game on I wouldn't switch on the tv for such a fixture. One Saturday back in the Dark morning Chelsea Juniors at the old Welsh Harp Ground..SB in the afternoon..and a Hendon game in the evening, I lived close enough to Wembley to walk home after a game there ...not a short walk but easily doable (when courting Mrs C back in the day the last train from Ruislip would get me to Wembley Park and a long walk from there)so lost count of how many England games I went no real attraction..if I catch a game ..fine..if any Chelsea player is playing I may have a bit more interest but not enough to move heaven and earth to catch a game. what was that song..." baby baby ...where did our love go?"
  6. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    Slowly Ham...slowly. Something is slipping away....I can handle the slings and arrows but ........
  7. Chelsea vs Leicester City

    Had an email from my sister in Scotland re the game...she is normally very balanced in most things and pro Chelsea but she absolutely parroted the media line.."good for the game' "ownership by diety etc".."real fans": "well run club" "Show millionaire owners " blah it's a grass roots club with only fan ticket income and somehow NOBLE. "Plucky minnows (third place EPL) beat giant club (fourth place EPL) in glorious Cup victory........." quote. I refrained from answering back and just passed on a .."Less said soonest etc" reply. If my sister was taken in goodness knows what effect the rest of the country felt>
  8. Chelsea vs Leicester City cherry on...I think age also brings a far more critical eye for detail rather than the total BLUE wave! Knees...having had one knee butchered by an animal on the pitch and later by surgeons I spent many years post playing in agony,accepted and taken as norm...the "bad" knee putting a lot of work on the good one....first knee replacement quote pre op.."Are you sure you walk on that knee..almost impossible"...anyway my point is get the op if you can..the relief of no pain was palpable ,,,then dog hit other knee and destroyed what was left in that and second replacement....the difference is almost life is bloody painful immediate post op but worth it..... now back to Chelsea.......
  9. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    VAR...yet again...seemed to me that the Leicester players accepted the goal without much offside claims or protest...or did I miss see things.
  10. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    OK Ham..because you asked I went back and tried to watch it cold..... Did the Leicester player get a lucky boot?....if a Chelsea player had scored that would anyone be questioning the keeper? I think Mendy should have played, is the better keeper and in form. Having said that I find it hard to really fault wasn't exactly an easy shot and I question whether many other keeper would have got to it. Talk of Mendy and longer arms etc is beside the point;;;looked also as if the ball came across a player giving an unsighted second or fraction....should he could he have saved it?..... doesn't matter it went in...a terrific shot and a great goal for a Final if it's ours.... stop the kepa "kicking" wasn't the goal they scored that lost the game but the goals Chelsea didn;t score. (Haven;t seen it from behind the goal...usually a better judgement point) Just before the goal the Leicester defender bobbled a pass back and had to turn to retrieve it..had he controlled it a different sequence would have's the margins as ever..... VAR?...if ever a ref was looking to disallow...but whats new? I'll look again tomorrow but all too raw for proper opinion..and I'll take more time and check the footwork but that is hard as we all react and move differently.
  11. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    I am as hurting as anyone but deep breaths all my Chelsea/Football world all is dark and my real World nothing has changed. To get where Chelsea have this term was unthinkable in's a game.... all teams TRY to win so never a disgrace to lose....IF,,,,,,,, TT will not be gone this Summer...transfer window will show the way forward . Oh and %&*#3@$ to Var and losing!
  12. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    I agree he should not be the keeper but I think the Final is a place for sentiment...BUT not misplaced sentiment!
  13. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Yeah Francis was in goal.....always thought he was one for the future but he went to Swindon I think and faded from memory...I think Bonetti was coaching at Chelsea but could be wrong..he was retired by then as a was just a pre game (or maybe Ht...not sure now!) bit of nonsense for the "occasion" Chelsea won, just and of course we grabbed what little triumph we could back then!
  14. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Ah..old first real football game was at Wembley..Hendon v Bishop Auckland in the Amateur Cup....could hardly see the pitch!...two Chelsea Finals..Spurs heartache and Leeds ...could see the towers from my junior school classrooms and from my Grandmother's the roar could be heard from Wembley...too many International games to recount. All '66 games except the final..countless Charity Shield..Chopper winning Youth World Cup partnering Tommy Smith...and on and on down a gloriuos memory lane. The whole week build up to the Mother in tears every year at "Abide With Me"....a pristine pitch (except for the Leeds game) at a time that by the end of the season most pitches were devoid of grass except on the wings..maybe... Now?.....only of real importance to the Chelsea/Leicester National fervour or occasion...all progress is not for the better. Oh..forgot...that weird something Cup against Citeh....The Cat in front of us in some pregame shootout competition...all quite pointless but my Hero and Chelsea at Wembley!
  15. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    Penalties...watched the Man City C team beat the Toon.....Now I admit I haven't replayed the incidents at length but it appeared to me the first one came from Ake having a leg way in front of the player and not touched him and the players foot came through on the waiting leg?....the second I thought was nailed on until it was shown from a different angle and I EXPECTED a lengthy VAR "discussion". I do not have sound on so did not have the "benefit" of expert opinions!.....just my view point on a neutral game. Will accept any differing opinion of course......ABC penalties now part of my vocabulary.