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  1. believe! Billiesta to start ! Let's give them a game
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    believe ! believe !
  3. Interesting. We can continue to loan them players
  4. Khobar's Legacy

    I'm rooting for Spuds in Madrid, I'm sorry. Anyone in my camp?
  5. Khobar's Legacy

    Link not working
  6. Chelsea 2 Paris Saint-Germain 2 (AET)

    ^^ like mentioned above, 1-1 at Monte Carlo, Monaco down to 10 man, CR subbed Melchiot out for JFH, and went gung-ho. We got hit on the counter on the both occasion, Nonda and Morientes scored. 1-3. Monaco with 10 man won 3-1. So I think its about getting that balance right. You can argue that this Psg side is technically miles ahead of that Monaco team though.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    This coming summer, we should source for midfielders in the calibre of Motta and Verrati. Are those calibre of players available, at realistoc price? Again, Khedira and some like Cabaye who isn't playing much could be helpful. More technically comfortable cms in our squad please
  8. Chelsea 2 Paris Saint-Germain 2 (AET)

    We need didi to hold up the ball
  9. Chelsea 2 Paris Saint-Germain 2 (AET)

    At least we dont have ramires on the pitch
  10. Chelsea 2 Paris Saint-Germain 2 (AET)

    lets think positively, we dont deserved to go to the quarters, and we can concentrate in the league. damn