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  1. Media / Press

    Sad to see anything but outright condemnation of this incident. Anybody who saw the footage can plainly see the black guy getting pushed, physically, repeatedly off the train which was not crowded by London or Parisien standards. The fellow did not incite the yobs to abuse him (he speaks no English). Sure, he didn't get a beating on the platform, but that doesn't make it normal or acceptable. Anyone who suggests he is somehow to blame for this is as bad as those singing that pathetic song of theirs.
  2. New Kits

    Always loved yellow for the away, but it has to be banana & not lemon. I'm choosy when it comes to fruit!
  3. Musical Tastes

    They don't make 'em like that any more. That was a nice little bit at the end, I sense a ressurection coming.
  4. Joni Mitchell

    Some interesting, measured comments from Joni. I hope she gets her problem with those fibres sorted. On the other hand, she could try cutting-down on the psilocybin.
  5. Musical Tastes

    Barry White.
  6. Musical Tastes

    I saw SMV (Stanley, Marcus & Victor) last night, three very happy slappers (definitely for you Grahame). Stanley Clarke seems to have some kind of pick-up truck man thing going & proved my suspicions by nearly physically pulling a double bass in half, the student crowd loved it. Marcus Miller seems to be getting more & more humble with age (he's big on his religion thing) though it didn't seem to slow him down in the thick of the action when the boys weres howing each other just what they could do - a bit of a biggest willy competition, but who cares when the music is that exciting. Victor Wooten, what a musician. That man can play the whole orchestra on his bass, he (like Miller & Clarke) just walked into each piece & stayed until he was pushed out! & no, I'm not talking about ego driven solos here. The guys were playing fabulous music& having a real craic at the same time - isn't that what it's all about?. There's just a few more dates left in Europe - Paris 27 oct - go there if you can. It's the best gig I've been to in years.
  7. Musical Tastes

    I think the point you missed about the quote you used was that the term 'Indie' is misused. When this term first appeared, it described a musical movement opposed to (or without access) to, the major record companies. Like a lot of the so called 'rediscovered' fads, it's all about lazy, unimaginative image ripping & nothing to do with taking on the fat cat's - more like shamelessly sleeping with the enemy. Where I live now there is a strong trend for the 'Techno' - boom da, boom da, boom da - music. You get these pimply chavs with their weekend, fake mohican style spiked hair (Ã la Beckham circa 1998). Salon cut if you please. To top it off, they are now wearing rotten fakes of Boy & Seditionaries, tartan, bondage gear, bum flaps... Not a solvent filled crisp bag in sight though & not a hint of even the most naive political badge or tee shirt. In a way it reminds me of the X-Ray Specs song 'germ free adolescents'. It would be a lot funnier if they took to wearing fake army medals topped off with S.A.S. emblem tattoo's. The only 'indie' thing about that would be indie casualty ward.
  8. Musical Tastes

    Do any of you know a London ska/punk band called Deadlines? They are coming my waysoon and I would be interested in your comments.
  9. Musical Tastes

    Maybe it's a drink for transvestite German teeny-rockers.
  10. Musical Tastes

    Anyone seen Alex Han ? he's coming to Europe this summer with Marcus Miller. The kid looks like a diamond. I'm taking the trip to Marseille & possibly Montreux to check it.
  11. Musical Tastes

    I just got back from Dijon where last night I was lucky enough to see 'Les Rita Mitzouko' (minus Fréd Chichon who died last year). Catherine Ringer is so outrageously talented I cannot believe people buy Céline Dion records while this girl retains mere cult status. A must, if she ever tours near you. Really. And of course Wynton Marsalis should be a household name, some lucky bleeders apparently even get to see him perform several nights in a row.
  12. Musical Tastes

    Of course that is the usual word - how out of touch with the language of Shakespeare I've become. And all the more appropriate them being brothers and all. But can't all that stuff lead to having children with six fingers, good for the sax.. but the trumpet?.
  13. Musical Tastes

    Interesting post Harry. When I heard the torrent I suspected there may have been a collaboration at some time with this man. They really are promiscuous these musicians aren't they?. I don't just listen to jazz though. Though I do have some standards.
  14. Movies

    Couple of bikers on here. Tim rides a Trumpet, I've got a '67 T100ss, a 90's Duc & a '78 Guzzi. The worst biker film I ever saw was 'Stone'. Embarrassing!.
  15. Musical Tastes

    Brecker blow his own trumpet??. The man was a sax maniac. R.I.P.
  16. Musical Tastes

    I think you'll find a lot of challenged people on here!. Obviously this isn't the most accessible type of music around, thats why you'll never find it in the top 10. And this particular instrument is very assertive - military even, thats why there are so few top drawer trumpeters. I can't listen to this kind of stuff with my family, they don't like it, so it's I-pod fodder for me, or for when I'm marking homework. What frustrated me in the video, was seeing Brecker stroll-up for his solo & the clip abruptly ended.
  17. Joni Mitchell

    Picked it up yesterday. Four live tracks & six from the studio, a version of Jaco's 'Continuum' from each set. I'll have to listen to it a couple more times as I like to get to know an album before passing judgement, but I have to say I like my first impressions. Obviously a must have for anybody who likes this kind of stuff.
  18. Musical Tastes

    I notice that ex fab mop-top Ringo Starr has released an album called Liverpool 8. Can somebody please tell me what the poor bleeders ate?.
  19. Movies

    Wasn't there a film thread not so long ago?. I recently saw the NZ made film 'The Worlds Fastest Indian'. Anthony Hopkins plays an old boy who breaks the world motorcycle speed record on a 1940's Indian ( that is a make of motorcycle, the record was for twin cylinder faired mc's & still stands). It recounts his first trip (of many) to the Bonneville flats in America & his mishaps & adventures on the way. A great film for motorbike nostalgia freaks.
  20. Michael Essien

    Grahame, you should move this post (or at least a version of it) over to the main site as a reference article. Everyday there are complaints concerning the innacuracies a ambiguities of our fine sporting press - yet there are still a lot of reactionary knee-jerk responses to the most dubious articles & discredited sources. Maybe it's just youthful impetuousness, or blinkering passion, but a permanent reminder might just slow some of the more excitable among us long enough to engage their brains before putting their pens to paper.
  21. Musical Tastes

    Interesting. Does their studio work come out well ? they seem that they could be more like a perfomance band rather than something that gets lost with over producing.
  22. Musical Tastes

    Apparently he was inspired by playing Bonnie Tyler 45's at 78 rpm.
  23. Didier Drogba

    Maybr I'll pop round the corner & buy it later. If anyones interested I'll give you a bit of a translation. It was the opening sports story on the news here this morning. I'm not sure he's the striker who should be leaving though.
  24. Joni Mitchell

    I'll be looking out for that one. Crikey, 20 years already.
  25. Joni Mitchell

    Had me worried too!. It's depressing when a great musician dies. Like a certain previous bassist of hers. I think he's playing the famous beaten-up Fender which he pulled out the fretts himself - with a kitchen knife.