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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I take it he was training with the rest of the Koln players in full view of the Koln manager every single day? I reckon 99.999% of football managers are so desperately in need of results to keep them in a job that they select the very best players (in their opinion) to help them achieve the result. If the Koln manager was deciding on a weekly basis that another player was better than Kalas then I don't see how he can possibly be considered to be of the right standard for us?
  2. Media / Press

    Some things I've noticed with regards to the Stones saga. 1) I cannot remember a club ever playing the poor, defenceless victim quite as well as Everton have done. Lead by that monstrous hypocrite Martinez, he has really lapped it up and played the 'gutsy little guy standing up to an evil blue empire' role to a tee. Every statement he's made in the last month has wreaked of bullsh!t but it appealed to the militant scousers with their well developed shoulder chips, and now they can laugh, and leer, and sing their new songs, and pretend that just for a while they are still a relevant club. Let's get this right - they wanted to keep one of their best players who still has 4 years left on his contract, and they were quite within their rights to decline every offer we made. Just as I would hope that we would if Madrid offered say, £60m for Hazard, then £65m, and then £70m. What we wouldn't do is paint Madrid as somehow out of order for offering money for a player they wanted in a transfer window and we wouldn't somehow set ourselves up as some moral guardians in the way Martinez has done with them. His statement today that Stones "didn't mean to hand in a transfer request," is simply laughable. 2) I cannot ever remember pundits and the media in particular, celebrating a failed attempt in quite the way we have seen this weekend. They have sided heavily with Everton and Martinez in particular. Let us not forget that Stones didn't come through the Everton academy, he was signed from a club which discovered him and developed him. Everton liked what they saw, and then did exactly what we did - made a bid. Did we hear Barnsley crying in the press that the window was unfair? that their player was unsettled? that he needed 'protecting'? No, they realised their place in the food chain, needed the money and accepted the bid. Everton chose not to accept ours. Did the media hammer Everton for taking Stones? Of course not. Just as they didn't hammer United for taking Rooney or Fellaini, and didn't hammer Arsenal for taking Arteta from Everton when they did. So why are we being criticised and now mocked in a way that United weren't when they couldn't land Baines? Because we're Chelsea is the only answer I can give. Incidentally, when England bow out of the next European Championships in embarrassing fashion at the group stage, those same pundits backing Everton now will be the same ones bemoaning how few of our top players are playing regularly at Champions League level...
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I can't remember the last time I felt so disillusioned with a transfer window. (I'm lying for added effect because I can remember - but this is comparable with the dreadful summer of Sidwell, Ben Haim et al.) Cech out/Begovic in - weakened slightly Luis out/Baba Rahman in - jury out but you'd have to say Luis was a lot further developed and more experienced Cuadrado out/Pedro in - substantial upgrade Drogba out/Falcao in - jury out Salah out/Kenedy in - jury out The success of our summer will be determined by those 'jury out' signings and whether they can be hits rather than misses. But even if Rahman, Falcao and Kenedy prove to be successes, our season could still turn out to be an unmitigated disaster if our supposed 'top' players from last season continue to look like a bunch of has-beens. Worrying times and with the benefit of hindsight I wonder if the club wish they could start this window all over again!
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    It might well come down to Stones himself. If he accepts the Everton stance and continues in a professional manner, he's there for the season and possibly beyond. It depends how desperately he wants the move. Look at Sterling - he got himself out of a bigger club than Everton with his conduct, and despite the personal and professional criticism he has received, he is now earning substantially more money and given himself a much better opportunity to win trophies. He was driven and together with his agent, he forced it through. Stones might well need to demonstrate a similar mindset and approach if he wants to play in Chelsea blue rather than Everton blue.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Clearly Martinez doesn't read the Mirror James!
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Everton know their place in the food chain. They have just signed another young lad from Barnsley, was it not unsettling for that young lad or for Barnsley that one of their players was being targeted by a 'bigger fish.' Does Martinez care that Barnsley had their planning for the season disrupted? Of course he doesn't. Did that young player need 'protecting' as Martinez suggests Stones does? Of course he doesn't, he's just become better paid and been given a brighter career option. What Martinez really wants is for the medium sized fish that is Everton to be free to gobble up tiny sprats but to be immune from the interest of the sharks... A hypocrite of the very worst kind.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    You can also guarantee that if the Premier League pandered to his wishes and closed the transfer window a few days before the season started, he would be the first to complain if his team then picked up a long term injury or two in August but he couldn't then sign anyone to replace them. He's simply one of those annoying hypocrites who like Wenger enjoys far too positive a profile in the media than his personality deserves.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    I just heard him interviewed on tv - was absolutely insistent that Stones was not for sale, that the transfer request would be rejected and that money cannot buy everything. Am presuming he has the backing of Kenwright and the board on this one as he would look pretty stupid now if they sell him. This deal looking more and more unlikely.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Stones being selected for Everton in the League Cup does not augur well for me. I have a feeling that Everton are quite prepared to dig in on this one. Let's face it, transfer request or not, once the window shuts he has very little choice but to knuckle down and do his best for them. If he is the player Everton think he is, they know that he will be a better player at 21 than he is at 20, and when the new television deal money comes flooding in next summer his value is quite likely to go considerably higher than the £40m they might get this summer, especially with Terry and Kompany both being a year older and United likely to be in the frame too. My optimisim on this deal has taken a hit tonight.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    With regards to Stones - the timing of his transfer request is quite revealing. Tonight Everton are due to play at Barnsley in the League Cup which should have been something Stones was massively looking forward to (returning as a success to the club where he started, catching up with old friends, showing the punters just how far he's come since leaving, etc, etc.) Yet the day before that match he hands in a transfer request... Clearly he is thinking that playing in the game will subsequently cup-tie him should he get his move, and I'm guessing he'll pretty much have already been assured that he will start in this competition for Chelsea when expressing concerns about how much playing time he'll get. The Everton team sheet will tell us lots tonight. If he's included it will suggest Everton are very determined not to deal at any price, whereas if he's left out you can pretty much take it that Everton have accepted that he will have to go. As for Stones, if Everton are digging their heels in I would imagine he'll tell Martinez that he's not in the right frame of mind to play.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Very interesting to read this ongoing dispute about the root cause of our defensive problems, and I have to say I'm enjoying the intelligent points being brought up by Zaffo, Dave and Michael. You are all so close to agreement and to me the answer is quite clear - you are all correct! Would the signing of a modern day Makelele (if he existed) help us defend better? Of course he would, he'd naturally fill the gaping holes which currently exist between our defence and midfield. But would the defence still lack pace? Yes. Would the team still have to play pretty deep to protect this lack of pace? Yes. Would there continue to be too much space between our midfield and Costa which makes it difficult to build attacks? Yes. If we signed a quick central defender would it help us to defend better? Of course he would. He'd be far less susceptible to a good quality through ball for nimble strikers to run on to (think first 30 seconds v City.) A defence packed with pace enables a team to play with a greater degree of risk as you are placing more emphasis on defenders being able to handle situations on a one-on-one basis, and the very fact that each 'line' of the team has pushed up an extra ten yards, should in theory allow the ball to be won back in more progressive positions and enables the players to link up with each other more easily rather than attacking players being left isolated as often happens with us away from home. However, if the midfield are still not in the correct position when we aren't in possession it still means those fast defenders (or one of them) needs to leave the defensive line to engage a rival who is running directly at the defence. So to sum up, signing a strong midfielder with sound defensive instincts or a fast central defender would benefit the team. But to truly restore defensive solidity for a team supposedly aiming to be European Champions, we need to change the or in that sentence to an and. We need both.
  12. Media / Press

    Last week I complained about the media whitewashing of the Ramires offside goal. One replay, and no mention of it in the analysis after the game. Today I was equally appalled by the after game analysis on Sky. It showed the goals and red card moment as you'd expect. It then showed a series of half chances West Brom had under a heading in the corner, "Missed West Brom chances." But no matter I thought, it will now show the pathetically weak finish from Willian in the first half, the sweet Costa volley which fizzed just wide, the Falcao scuffed effort when the ball was played back to him, the Costa shot over the bar just before he was replaced, the Hazard bit of skill where he duped two defenders who bought the dummy before Hazard scuffed it wide of the far post... But no. No replay of any of those chances for Chelsea. So if you'd missed the game and just turned on in readiness for the City game at Everton, the story being spun by the Sky analysis was clear - it finished 3-2 to Chelsea but just look at all these chances West Brom missed...Chelsea were rather lucky here. My mates who support other teams are convinced that we as Chelsea fans are paranoid, whereas I think you have to be a Chelsea fan to fully comprehend what we have to put up with week in, week out.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Am not sure who broke the news first... But with a man called Jose involved, and a player called may very well have been Del Boy! ;)
  14. That's right. I should start talking for you as well, the only way to give people a rest from your rubbish. Why is it that you can't come up with ONE name of a manager who would currently be a better manager for Chelsea than Mourinho? You've been asked time and time again by several different people, but you prevaricate and you pontificate, you try to be all mysteriously vague...but all it does is make the rest of us laugh because we know that you haven't got a clue. For all your bile and negativity and unjust criticism towards Jose you just cannot come up with one name of someone who would do better!!
  15. Absolute nonsense. Complete and utter nonsense, and every Chelsea fan knows it.