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  1. 26 minutes ago, GURJ SS said:

    I'm having to watch a former fans player of the year who was rejected by a former manager and pushed out the club, only to be picked by the same manager and score, all for a rival. To top it all off, we got left with Cuadrado.

    Oh but we still have Oscar, wasn't he a much better player according to Jose.

  2. Looks to me to be clearly lacking in confidence. Petrified to make a mistake. Not unlike Salah before he left to become Superman. Hopefully the more sensible of our match going fans give him the patience he needs.

    The fans will, but he'll probably be dropped in favour of Oscar next week.

  3. Not only Bamford either. Baker scored a peach of a goal the other day for MK Dons. They're playing at walking pace for their clubs and are still constantly the standout players.

    If you look at Jose's January signings, there's a clear pattern. Overpaid, overrated. One would think that there's someone in our academy that could do what Cuadrado does, but no.

  4. In his last spell here, JOSE would have had ivanovich off by now, players doing what they do best, strolling through the game

    He used to be known as a tactician who can change the momentum during the game. Now he just sits there looking glum after we've blown a two-goal lead in two minutes. Against Hull. ****ing Hull.

  5. I wonder when Hazard will begin to earn his 200k a week salary and become a game changer rather than just a dribbler/passer?

    Can someone tell me why someone with his ability has a fear of shooting?

    Jose doesn't want shots from around the box since in his mind it's conceding possession.

  6. Jose may look at today's game, if it's a draw, as a point gained ( as City lost yesterday ) rather than 2 lost.

    I expect changes, if not at HT, then at least on 55-60 mins.

    That's pretty depressing. Arsenal are one point behind them.

    We can't kill games off since we back off every ****ing time we take the lead, and we can't hold a lead either. And Jose won't change a thing, why would he? If anything, he'll bring Drogba on after 70 minutes, since that has worked wonders this season.