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  1. Ashley Cole

    IMO Geremi is good enough at RB. I hope JM will give him a chance and let Ferreira on the bench...
  2. New Kits

    RC Lens (my second favourite club) home and away:
  3. Didier Drogba

    We must keep Didier. He is playing with all his heart and there are not so many striker who play like that... And if Drogba come back in France one day, it's at Marseille.
  4. Didier Drogba

    I have never criticised Drogba because he always plays with all his hearth and that's the most important. And I hope, every Chelsea fans will support and respect him now.
  5. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by James PrescottHe's a very talented player with a lot of potential. Remember it's his first season and he's only 22. He's a lot better than Parker and I think next season, when he gets a proper pre-season and hopefully stays injury-free, and with the experience of this year, we'll start to see the best of him. But he's only shown glimpses so far of what he can do. The best is yet to come, and it will. id="quote"> id="quote">Totally agree.
  6. Michael Essien

    Yes we have to let him more time! And he already makes some good performances. But it's true that it's supprising to see he haven't score yet for us...
  7. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by ChrisChelseaJM wants to keep him as long as possible before sending him to Africa. Same can't be said of Geremi. So JM clearly values him. id="quote"> id="quote">And I think he is right. I am happy with Drogba and Crespo, and I don't want to change them for other strikers.
  8. Didier Drogba

    On this french site , DD says he has still a pain at his right knee, and that he wouldn't have played against 'Boro and 'Pool, but with Crespo injured, he was obliged. He says that he is out of form, and that's why he makes two bads performances.
  9. Michael Essien

    Some people say we miss Tiago... I hope they are jocking! Tiago is a good player, but for me, Essien is really better than him! And I see him play regulary for Lyon, and he is not impressive... It's not him who make the business for Lyon. Give Essien a rest and time to be at his real level.
  10. Didier Drogba The first link.
  11. Didier Drogba

    He said what it's mean in an interview on, but I don't understand... I think it's a member of his family who died of a leucemia.
  12. Gianfranco Zola

    For me it's SuperFrankieLampard.
  13. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by gate 13Lets be honest drogbar is rubbish,he has one trick that works once a season,any man of his size could make himself a pest and his shots on target ratio is rubbish.If he was playing for spurs instead of us they would sell him to west ham-fact. id="quote"> id="quote">You can't say that! Drogba is one of our best player since the begining of season! And believe me, there are very FEW players who can make a performance like he makes vs Liverpool! I make his size, and I can't make what he does on the pitch! ;) And if Jose prefer him over Crespo many times, there is a reason, no?
  14. Didier Drogba

    Totally agree with you Robin! Drogba deserves his place in the 11-starting! C'mon Didier!
  15. Didier Drogba

    Cheers! What a player!
  16. Michael Essien

    Michael is a great young player! good signing... Welcome Mick! :)
  17. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by Rachel HarrisMy French is a little rusty in recent times, but this is the article translated A week after having announced Essien was staying at Lyon, the president of Lyon, Jean Michel Aulas, has clarified to Canal+ after the match vs Marseille, that he is going to let his best defensive midfielder go to Chelsea. Aged 22, Essien arrived in Lyon in 2003 from Bastia. "We ask ourselves if the best situation isn't to let him go. We are going to talk about it tonight with Houllier and, with regret, probably take the decision to let him leave. Chelsea's offer is very attractive. We're going to try to take an attitude which is in relation with the situation at the moment, that is to say a player, who since 2 months, no longer wants to play for Lyon and who in the mental scheme of things isn't in the best dispostion. This decision leaves us regretful, as much on the supporters side as on the ethical side. Everything has been done to keep him, but we didn't manage to come to the positive choice" declared Jean Michel Aulas. The president of Lyon has in addition stated that the amount of the transaction will be higher than that of DD (around 38m Euros), who left Marseilles one year ago to join Chelsea. id="quote"> id="quote">Perfect translation (better than mine... ;) ) Congratulations...
  18. Michael Essien

    Translation of L'Equipe's article: (Excuse me for my English but I do my best...) Lyon let Essien leave. A week after have declared that Essien will stay at Lyon, JMA have declared after OM-Lyon (1-1), that Lyon will let Essien leave to Chelsea. Essien (22 years old) was arrived at Lyon in 2003 from Bastia. "We think that the right decision is to let him go. We will speak about that with Gérard Houllier and we will certainly let him go, with regrets. The offer of Chelsea is attractive. [...] This decition let us with some regrets on a sportive plan and on a moral plan... We have made all we can did to keep him but its an echec" said JMA JMA also said that the price of the transaction will be more expansive than Drogba's price when he has left l'OM.
  19. Michael Essien

    Aulas always change his mind...
  20. Michael Essien
  21. Michael Essien

    JMA have declared after the game Lyon-Strasbourg (1-0) that Michael Essien stay at Lyon this season. (in french)
  22. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    What can you say about Scott Sinclair? I've heard he is a great player for the future...
  23. Didier Drogba

    He makes this interview 2 months ago, at the end of the last season. I had read that in a french newspaper.
  24. Michael Essien

    I agree with you, Essien is a great young player and I don't want you think he is a 'bad boy' after the video that I have posted. This guy has so other qualities...
  25. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by PaulTNice link to the video Guillaume, thanks - where did you find that? The second challenge is shocking. id="quote"> id="quote">I found that on a french forum of football ;)