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  1. My thoughts:

    - it's weird to see Petr on the bench

    - it's weird to see someone else in the Lampard 8's shirt

    - He hasn't be the best player on the pitch, but I'm pleased with Oscar's performance

    - Ok it was Burnley, but it's great to see some long period of ball possession

    - I love that midfield Matic-Fabregas-Oscar

    - Drogba will be precious in last minutes of games when we have to preserve the lead

  2. Can't believe what I am reading here...

    People have just seen one game of Paris this season. In that game,Lavezzi has played well, Pastore scored a great goal, and Cavani was not good.

    And then people would like to see Lavezzi at Chelsea next year. Pastore should have came at Chelsea instead of Paris, and Cavani is as bad as Torres.

    In fact:

    - Lavezzi has been very frustrating since he joins Paris and is very clumsy in front of goal.

    - Pastore is a joke.

    - Cavani is making a great season (playing out of position), and I think he could be very useful for us the next year...

  3. I think the biggest change we have to do in the team concern the midfield. Ok we need a true striker, but if we look at our midfield, we miss a player with a high quality of pass and high understanding of the game.

    We don't know if Lampard will be there next season. Same for Luiz. Same for Mikel. We don't know what role will have Van Ginkel.

    Only two players will stay for sure: Ramires and Matic. They are both tireless, very precious in the defending effort, but I think they are a bit limited in the utilisation of the ball.

    They miss to many passes, because, in matches like today, they have to take the responsability in the organisation of the play. But they have not the qualities to do that IMO. Luiz and Mikel neither. Lampard... well... maybe have it in the past. We need somebody to take this role in the midfield. Maybe Van Ginkel is this player, but who know his true level?...