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  1. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    This was dull, grey and boring. Yet we won 3-0 and scored some really nice goals and had several decent chances. We never looked solid, which is rare under TT. Very strange game. Maybe because of Villa and their sudden change in formation? Mendy looks really good! I don't think people understand the importance of a world class keeper. We could easily have conceded. I see some people say "easy saves" "straight at him". Listen, this is a hallmark of a good keeper. Cech was Mr Easy Saves, or as I like to call it, Mr Always at the right place at the right time. Mount is crucial to this side. Havertz and Lukaku cannot play at the same time unless Mount is playing imo. We really need that quick and moveable object in between the lines when we play so heavy and big players like Havertz and Lukaku. Pulisic is doable, but he is too much of a wide player to make up for all the open space inside the pitch. Mount is very important for us.
  2. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    Fully agree with this. As I said after the Arsenal game, Lukaku getting hit with this nonsense is guaranteed. He is just that kind of player. He had a tough task alone upfront yesterday. A thankless task. He was asked to play like a fish too close to land out of necessity. We will rarely (hopefully) see him play so isolated and with the ball at his feet so far from goal. It’s basically the worst way we can play him. I thought TT should have played Werner to give us more to counter them. Tuchel has made us a tremendous force defensively. But I thought Mendy was great. So important to have a good keeper like him. Very underrated. Alonso is also a solid player these days. The rest I care not to mention because we know they are elite at this point. We could have buried the game if only we were more focused or synced. Mount should have squared it. Obvious goal. And there were a couple with Havertz and Lukaku that should have resulted in clear goal scoring opportunities. Excited though once and if this clicks.
  3. Media / Press

    It’s a nice story for United and a gamble worth taking for the Glazers who will take any move that can take attention from them with both hands. The fan base will be galvanised by it. And I think it just (barely) might work out. I for one love it. He is a fantastic athlete and his dedication to the game is lovely to see. You have to enjoy having players like that in the league.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    It might seem like we have proper football people working with proper business people working with proper accountants and financial planners, all working with a proper vision in mind. Lots of right decisions have been made. So many that even a disastrous mistake like paying 72m for Kepa has been rectified without much ado.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Saul signed a 9 year deal in 2017. He must have stagnated in a big way if they are shopping him around like this. Sometimes you never know. Maybe he got too comfortable and needs to get out. But I am sure skeptical of transfers where the selling club appear very eager to move on. Especially A.Madrid who after all know talent better than most teams.
  6. I second that. Liverpool want you to attack them down the middle, where they are strongest defensively. I think we will see Werner start, and we will try to attack them down the flanks. The key battle between Lukaku and their CBs will be inside the box, and not outside, I think.
  7. Arsenal 0 Chelsea 2

    The positive effect of having a focal point upfront like Lukaku, who is a three headed monster, is invaluable. He can attack space infront of him with good speed, he can play with his back against the goal and hold up play and he can attack aerial balls and go toe to toe with the most physical CBs. Clearly that is bound to have a massive effect on pretty much the entire team. Our FBs are going to be great this season I feel. Teams have to pick their poison. Do they crowd Lukaku, Havertz and Mount or do they drop deep and wide and cover our amazing FBs? Tough choice! Either way you have to take a big risk and for now the best option seems to be to take out Lukaku, Havertz and Mount as much as possible and hope that the FBs are not as precise as they should be. I hope the Lukaku doubters take a breather, but no doubt the criticism will be there when the performances are more grey. However, I believe his effect on our team will be consistently good because of his skill set. Just like Drogba always was good for us, even when he was bad. Many times it is about the potential threat rather then the real threat. Just like having Werner on and his speed. It keeps defenses honest.
  8. Chelsea 3 Crystal Palace 0

    Jorginho is playing with the swagger of a champion. Strutting around like a peacock with great confidence. Love to see it after enduring so many years of people telling him he is a limited Sunday league player. Mostly from his own fans. Lovely moment with Chaloblah. At the end of the day you can’t deny the feeling of having homegrown talent in the team. Yeah that Spanish lad from Sevilla is probably better but football is about emotions and you can’t buy those scenes with money.
  9. One point everybody is underrating is how motivated he (probably) is. He looks very hungry, hurt and out for revenge after the United experience and in the best shape of his life. Coming into the club he dreamed of playing for since he was a young lad, and looking at his return as something destined. That’s some amazing ingredients for our master chef, TT, to play on.
  10. Chelsea 1 Villarreal 1 (6 - 5 on penalties)

    Ziyech injury is massive for me. I hope he is not out for long. I am very worried about our wide players. Despite having good depth and good talent, every single player just seems to be just below that consistent elite level. If we cannot get our wide men to consistently beat their man one on one, and not run down blind alleys, we will be in big trouble. At least with Ziyech you know you will get a consistent world class long and short range passing each game. The signing of Lukaku is massively important.
  11. Chelsea 1 Villarreal 1 (6 - 5 on penalties)

    Not easy to develop that winning mentality. Very few teams have it and we have work to do before we get it I’m afraid.
  12. Chelsea 1 Villarreal 1 (6 - 5 on penalties)

    Chaloblah looking like a fine player. Doesn’t look lost positioning wise and that is a massive plus with such a young player.
  13. Chelsea 1 Villarreal 1 (6 - 5 on penalties)

    Rudiger always walking that fine line between cynical and absolutely crazy. Guess that is what makes him good.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think he has huge potential. He is mobile with decent speed, has a great height advantage and is actually a very smart player. His faux movements are world class. I think he will fit the Italian league like a glow because it is slower and plays more to his style. It is easier to mismatch him with defenders (for example smaller defenders) as the build up is slower and less intense than in the PL. I hope we have a buy back clause or %fee if he gets sold on.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Messi would be amazing in our team IMO. Would be a stunner but you have to believe his next destination is already sorted.