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  1. Sunderland 0 Chelsea 0

    Wouldn't be surprised if Sunderland nick the winner. They are quite poor, but so are we. I always said we won't get away for long playing this rubbish.
  2. Sunderland 0 Chelsea 0

    How could I ever be so naive to get carried away by 2-3 good performances? We are shameful today, back to the same poor quality we showed pre liverpool - and we won't win this game.
  3. Sunderland 0 Chelsea 0

    Look, I don't expect you to be able to follow me. It's obvious you aren't the brightest star in the sky. But you shouldn't get ahead of yourself. Better for you.
  4. Sunderland 0 Chelsea 0

    I don't want to sound like a hypocrite though. If I'm honest, I don't expect Soton to be second come February in the same way I wouldn't have expected them to be second, third or even sixth by now. But I've watched football long enough to know that for some unexpected and unknown reason there are always teams who overachieve. Look at Liverpool last season, they came second with a squad of which 95% are average footballers at most. Look at Dortmund - they were average a couple of years ago, then - the devil knows how - they managed to win the Bundesliga and go to the Champions League final. A more extreme example - Kaiserslautern, a humble german team, got promoted to the first league in 1997 I believe and won it the same year! Now all of them are back in their place but they did exceed expectations in the same way Soton do for a limited amount of time. It's a matter of many variables coming together and work in their favour by chance. I don't know for sure why Soton are still second and I don't know where they will be in February. The point is we can't extrapolate and take our expectations as facts. The only way to ensure that we'll be first throughout the season is to maximise the yield game by game. And as it stands, it's better for us if they draw and we win. Hence that's what I want.
  5. Sunderland 0 Chelsea 0

    In the same way you wouldn't have expected them to be second after 12 games when the season started I would assume? ;) What will be in February depends on too many variables and is irrelevant in the now. As it stands, the average gap is 7 points. We win against Sunderland, and either City or Soton win it increases to 8.5. We win, they draw, it increases to 9 at the expense of an additional point for City. Hit on their morale, boost for our morale. Sounds better to me than assuming an additional point for City will make a crucial difference in the end.
  6. Sunderland 0 Chelsea 0

    Agreed, win today and the gap between us and at least one of Soton and City will increase inevitably. Perfect scenario is if we win thoroughly and they share the points. Being 8 points ahead of the second placed and 10 ahead of the third placed after just 13 games would be a massive achievement and a big hit for their morale. The sooner they give up the better for us ;)
  7. Sunderland 0 Chelsea 0

    Funnily, I wondered the same thing. My impression has always been that the 'rest' argument is mostly brought up after a bad result which has to be justified in the same way bad refereeing decisions are brought up. I genuinely doubt a grown up full time professional needs more than three days to recover fully and hence two games a week should be doable. Of course, we can stretch the term 'rest' and we'll see it has a different meaning depending on if it refers to physical rest, mental rest, rest after an injury, rest after a streak of bad form etc. But if we just look at the classical concept of resting physically after a 90 minute football game - then I would genuinely expect our players to be able to play two games a week without complaining. Costa is an exception here, because he has (or has had) injury problems.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sorry, but this just isn't true. I grew up in Germany, follow the Bundesliga, and while it's true that Reus is a very good player, he isn't as good as Hazard in any way. Not even worth discussing. When it comes to Oscar, he scores more than Oscar, but his workrate is lower and he fades away during games. Can't see Reus pulling off interceptions like Oscar did against Arsenal. The only spot I can see him taking permanently is the RW - but even then he is injured so often that he is bound to struggle against tough opposition in the Premier League. I'd say if we could get him for €20m, then we should go for it, because that's what we paid for Schürrle and Reus is definitely better than him and would provide more depth for our attacking line up when he's fit. We can't plan for him as a regular starter though - hence paying more than this would be risky.
  9. NK Schalke 0 Chelsea 5

    Wait, why do we need Agüero? We're getting Messi it seems! ;) ;)
  10. NK Schalke 0 Chelsea 5

    I'd say so. Hazard is better at everything, 'just' doesn't score as many goals. A shame football is about goals, isn't it? ;) Not want to deprecate Aguero though, his stats are very impressive. He does what a striker is supposed to do. Might want to offer him a way out of dodgy Manchester? I bet deep inside he'd rather play for us.
  11. NK Schalke 0 Chelsea 5

    Only negative is that Aguero will probably trump Hazard to player of the season for the amount of goals he scores even though he is maybe 80% the player Hazard is. A shame really, but that's how it works.
  12. NK Schalke 0 Chelsea 5

    Another excellent performance. I am stunned how we went from playing so-so to absolutely flawlessly in a matter of 2-3 games. The article's of how many records we could break and how much stuff we will win are getting more day by day and I like it!
  13. Chelsea 2 West Brom 0

    Mesmerising first half performance. This was probably the best performance I've seen by any Premier League team in a while. Fluid passing, flawless technique, great vision ... Everything clicked. It's a huge relief for me to see us step up and roll over them like this after we kept a few games on the edge for too long. Play like this and Wenger has a point - no one will stop us.
  14. Chelsea 2 West Brom 0

    Anyway, important game for us today, and a few curcial weeks ahead of us. We've gone unharmed through a period when we showed a few average displays, and on top of this we have many very tough fixtures behind us. From now on the fixture list looks easier until January, when we play Spurs, but I feel like this is the period when the league will be decided. Last season our yield against the top teams was impressive, but we lost too many points in between those big games. Hence it's not the period up to now that shows how much we have developed as a team when compared to last season - it's the next 6 weeks that will reveal how far we've moved on as a team!
  15. Chelsea 2 West Brom 0

    So did I. They're erratic, incoherent, lack depth, consistency and are overly myopic. Like Hazard isn't crucial for us just because he doesn't score many goals. That's how school-children argue. Sleeping Dave - wake up!
  16. Chelsea 2 West Brom 0

    You're using this excuse very often I've noticed. I've only been here for a couple of months but when it comes to you it usually goes like this - you make a blunt, injudicious statement that is followed by an array of people explaining to you why you are wrong. Then, and only then, you actually start thinking, realise you've posted trash and try to sneak out of it by saying stuff like 'read my posts' or 'no that's not what I mean, I actually meant this'. Other all-time-favourites of you are - ''Sorry guys, I was drunk'' or ''You Anglos see things differently''. Mate - to put it in a very concise way - your assessments suck.
  17. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    All I hear is inefficient, stubborn, ego-problems, can't win games for us, can't do this can't do that - when in fact he's the main reason why we've been so successful this season. Their 'arguments' lack any substance. If you're so superficial and only look at how many goals someone scores then yeah, Hazard, Ribery, Xavi, Iniesta and Reus all suck. Let's get Lukaku back.
  18. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Are you complaining that we have a player who can put in a cross with a rabona that is better than 99% of the players in this league could do in a simple way? You and your compatriot sleepy dave sound like you're complaining Hazard is just the 3rd best player in the world and not the best in way like other people complain about poverty in the third world. And while at it you denounce the most talented player who has ever played for this club as a selfish egomaniac who's inefficient and stubborn. Maybe you should try and find something else to do on those international breaks as they're clearly not good for you.
  19. Andre Schurrle

    However, if we could get Reus AND keep Schürrle as a sub it would be great. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that Schürrle is most effective when he comes in during the finale stages of a game. When he starts, he is usually rubbish.
  20. Andre Schurrle

    This is not really an argument though, is it? Even if your assumption was right that Schürrle would improve significantly if he played on the left side - which I doubt - there is no way he can even remotely offer what Hazard offers. Hence even if your case was true he'd still never be good enough to start because he'll never be as good as Hazard. Schürrle's biggest problem is his inconsistency. He can deliver good performances - but for every outstanding performance there are around 5 very modest ones. His conversion rates are pathetic and he is too erratic most of the time, giving away possession because he wants to do something but doesn't exactly know what. Reus is an entire level above Schürrle and if we could get Reus I'd be delighted as he would immediately improve our attacking midfield.
  21. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Absolutely correct - I have never had the slightest suspicion that his 'ego' might prevent him from scoring goals (if this is the lack of effectiveness SD is talking about). He never complains, always accepts he has to improve in certain areas and always acknowledges Jose´s criticism when does something wrong. For someone so special he does not seem to consider himself special at all. His ego certainly isn't his problem. Exactly. It's not like he keeps the ball at his feet just for the sake of it - he is looking for gaps, waits for his teammates to run into the right positions or for the right moment to run past the man in front of him. He succeeds way too often at this to call him ineffective. Also, how many players do we have who can keep the ball around the opposition's box so reliably? How many players are there in this league who can do this? This is a very rare skill which is a huge asset to have in any team.
  22. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Very good assessment - except for the bold parts which are utter tosh.
  23. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid Are they legit?
  24. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    To be fair, there are refs who would have given a penalty for Cahill's second incident. Not that it would have been right - it wouldn't have. Cahill kept his arm close to his body and he can't just retract it like a turtle, can he? But the ref deserves some credit for not being drawn into wrong decisions by those whiners, he had a good game.
  25. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    Cheeky ;)