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  1. So here we are. Humble pie is choking me! Fair play to those not in the 'cult' it would appear that you were right? I have to say that the special one would appear to have become the has been one. Quite remarkable what has happened so far this season. Thought the sending off in itself was another example of refereeing nonsense but the result? Jose certainly doesn't appear to be the same manager that we had. Perhaps the game has moved on?
  2. Media / Press

    Indeed it is and should be. Unfortunately Bob has a history of intolerance toward those who do not share his views. A classic liberal/left standpoint. I'm sure he is equally appalled by Trumps win.
  3. Media / Press

    The word you are looking for is 'tolerance'. That would make for a far better forum.
  4. Media / Press

    ^^^ Cheers Ham. Unfortunately the forum has become the domain of a censorious little clique who try to shut down different opinions to themselves. They do this by attempting to take the moral high ground (as in this case) or by claiming to be "offended". The later has become very prevelant in modern society and sadly this forum reflects that. Unfortunately Ham I didn't call foul first which automatically puts me at a disadvantage in a context such as this. I won't be cowed by anyone in a forum or public for having my own opinion.
  5. Media / Press

    Really? Would that be because I have a different opinion or choice of language? Either way I make no apology for it.
  6. Media / Press

    Stop being so thin skinned. I have just stated my opinion which happens to disagree with yours. Unfortunately in the modern world a difference of opinion is regarded as a personal insult. Very sad.
  7. Media / Press

    So what exactly is your point then? Man charged of rape, sentence overturned by court of appeal. retrial not guilty. So not guilty. Bringing individual moral standpoints into this is irrelevant.
  8. Media / Press

    Are you the same bob singleton photographer who takes (what some might say) are sexualised images of women? ( if not then the following obviously doesn't apply) If so, then it could be argued that you are in some way complicit in both parties behaviour? Just a thought.
  9. Puts a few myths to bed.
  10. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    At least you read the first quote!!!!....😜
  11. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. If you're going through hell, keep going. You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
  12. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    What are we to do with Hazard? Is it the man or the manager (again?) He is so inconsistent. He should be running games not flitting in and out. He rather sums up what appears to be wrong with a lot of squad.
  13. Hot tub? Chavtastic! :) As for Jose, I didn't offer an opinion on who's fault it was. If Jose is "above average" where would you put Conte??
  14. Would that be when he won the league with our current failures? You only seem to bother getting off your sunbed to have a pop at him. Lets see in May.
  15. Official: David Luiz Departs For Arsenal

    Idiots? I agree. But. How were these idiots able to win the title? Oh....(cult alert!!)
  16. Official: David Luiz Departs For Arsenal

    JT yes. And funnily enough we looked rudderless last night. Cahill without him as he is for England becomes half the player. Sou a has the potential but only that. Luiz? I didn't see anything last night to,change my view.
  17. Official: David Luiz Departs For Arsenal

    Thanks for the endorsement. I'm always pleased when I'm on the opposite side of an arguement to you! So Bob is Luiz your first choice CB?
  18. Official: David Luiz Departs For Arsenal

    Your chosen first choice centre backs do not include Luiz? So you must agree? Our back up centre halfs "are better than anybody else's" which is your opinion not fact. I'm not a told you so type, but I have an opinion and until (hopefully in this case) proven wrong I stick to it, unlike some on here.
  19. Official: David Luiz Departs For Arsenal

    I stand by those words. You would appear to agree given your preferences? As for "any other team" no team serious on winning anything would accept that status quo. Self defeating arguement really.
  20. Official: David Luiz Departs For Arsenal

    However, highlighting a good performance from 4 years ago hardly debunks the widespread fears over his defending. I mention Kalou to highlight the obviousness of this argument.
  21. Official: David Luiz Departs For Arsenal

    About as relevant as your first post really.
  22. Official: David Luiz Departs For Arsenal

    And? So Kalou was a great winger?...