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  1. Chelsea vs Leicester City

    Last few games does look as though the semi’s against Man City and Real Madrid have absolutely gassed us. Tuchel has to stick with his best team for these next 3 games now. F**k giving minutes to Alonso or Ziyech because they look good in training, he has to be ruthless. No more keeping all of the squad happy nonsense, we have to get the job done. Hopefully that means the re-introduction of Kovacic for Jorginho too, who’s been very poor in those two games. We simply have to go more attacking from the outset and try and get a lead. I’d go for this against Leicester and Villa: Mendy James. Silva. Rudiger CHO. Kovacic. Kante. Chilwell Pulisic. Mount Havertz (With Azpi set to play in the CL Final, and possibly Werner too due to City’s high line)
  2. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Tuchel said Kepa was definitely starting a few days ago, but eyebrow raised at Alonso and Ziyech starting. I also expected to see Kovacic on the bench.
  3. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    Kepa plays on Saturday according to TT. He gave him minutes last night to help prepare him. Agree that he definitely played his part in their goal by farting around on the ball TWICE, but I think TT has to take some of the blame by starting him LCB. We all know he’s not great on the ball, so to start him out there where you get less passing options, need to use your left foot, and get pressed by Saka is tactically naive IMO. Appreciate he said afterwards that Rudiger is in the “red zone” so needed resting, so I would have played Chilwell there, who is next to useless as a LWB as all he does is receive the ball and pass backwards.
  4. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    ...Or play him tonight because he’s been told Mendy plays on Saturday. I’m undecided which scenario I think is more likely. Suppose it might also depend on how he plays!
  5. One area where I think TT deserves an enormous amount of credit is our mentality in the bigger games. Yesterday, off the back of a massive result in Madrid, little rest, away at the Etihad with a “rotated” team and we come back from a goal down to win the game. Similarly, we missed sitter after sitter against Real Madrid, every pundit in the land commented how they thought it would cost us, but we persevered and won the game comfortably. And going back a bit further we beat an in-form West Ham team who were above us in the table at the time, which followed wins against Porto, Athletico, Liverpool, Everton and Spurs. Seriously impressive stuff and bodes incredibly well for the future.
  6. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    James had the look of someone who got bit of a rollicking at HT yesterday. First half, I said to my family that James had been quiet and had unusually given the ball away a couple of times. Second half he came out like a man possessed and had Mendy on toast!! Was very aggressive in his attacking play we were unlucky not to score from a few of his crosses. I still think James has another gear in him if I’m honest. Wonderful player.
  7. Chelsea 2 Fulham 0

    Yep, he’s absolutely mustard and could genuinely go to the very, very top. Just on Havertz, it was also an exquisite finish for the one which was offside. His movement and intelligence is sublime. Once he becomes a bit stronger on the ball, he will be a mainstay of our attack.
  8. Chelsea 2 Fulham 0

    If I was picking the team I’d probably go for something like: Mendy Christensen. Zouma. Rudiger James. Gilmour. Kante. Alonso Havertz. Hudson-Odoi Abraham 4-5 players coming in, but still a strong team. Rests for Jorginho, Silva, Chilwell, Azpi and Mount who are all guaranteed to start against Madrid. Genuine opportunities for James, Havertz and Christensen in particular to work their way back into the team before the second leg.
  9. I agree with almost everything that you say in this post, except for the last sentence that I bolded. I think most strikers in world football would find it harder scoring goals in this team because the balance isn’t quite right (for me anyway) There’s been too many games against ‘lower’ opposition where we have effectively played a defensive back eight. ie GK, a back three, two full backs effectively playing at wing-back, and no threat from centre midfield. Opposition teams know that Chilwell and James offer little threat in behind, so it’s easy to nullify. (James has got a fantastic cross but if it’s in front on their defence and Giroud isn’t on the pitch then they’ll fancy their chances). Their focus then becomes on stopping our front 3 which is less easy, but when they have 5 or 6 players to do it, it’s not as difficult. I totally get it in big games and the CL, but we should be more expansive and adventurous against the Fulham’s, West Brom’s, Brighton’s etc. I wouldn’t worry about signing a centre back in the summer, our defenders are brilliant. What we need is to introduce a player at LWB or RWB against lower teams (ideally CHO, but a Tierney or a Rafinha), and a midfielder with a goal threat or a killer pass (Lampard or Fabregas type). Then the opposition really would have something to think about from different areas of the pitch. I’d love Reece to rotate at RCB with Azpi too. But back to Tuchel (!) he’s done almost everything asked of him and surely a contract extension must be in the making...
  10. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    The team I’d love to see (4-2-3-1) Mendy James Silva Rudiger. Chilwell Jorginho Kante Pulisic. Mount. Werner Abraham The team I think TT will pick (3-4-2-1) Mendy Azpi. Silva. Rudiger James. Jorginho. Kante. Chilwell Mount. Werner. Havertz ...which I could very much live with tbf
  11. West Ham United 0 Chelsea 1

    Big, big win that. Mount was outstanding and Werner was also very good today (credit where it’s due) - Pulisic below par and I agree with someone who posted already that we’re missing Kovacic. His ability to drop the shoulder and go round someone in midfield is so important in this team, and will link in with the point I’ve made further down... Never a red card for me. It’s fine to slow it down and watch it a million times but in real time he’s just lumped the ball forward and accidentally landed on Chilwell. He didn’t once look at him so absolutely no malice in it (IMO) - but it didn’t change the game despite what I’m sure Moyes will come out and say. Also, how that game had like 5 yellow cards and 1 red card is beyond me. Final thing I will say which I still think is a concern, is how defensive we play with 8 defensive players on the pitch out of 11. It makes it so difficult for the front 3, and so easy to defend against. TT simply has to start getting one or two more attacking players on the pitch otherwise every game we play, regardless of opponent, just becomes marginal.
  12. Following Chelsea's Loans

    What I would also say about Hudson-Odoi is that HE would consider himself out of position at right wing back. Left of an attacking front three is where he’s best, cutting in on his stronger foot. I don’t think RWB is a bad position for him tbf, and he does have a very good cross, I just don’t think he would agree with that (rightly or wrongly) That said, I don’t think Reece James is a RWB either really (can obviously play the position very comfortably) but I’d like to see him in that RCB position longer term, driving forward into midfield like Azpi does
  13. Chelsea 0 Brighton and Hove Albion 0

    Props indeed, fair play to the fans who went and also fair play to Petr Cech. One thing I was intrigued with in your post was the idea that Roman wasn’t in the loop and is going to tell the board off in the morning?! Surely anything of this magnitude is the owners decision, or at the very minimum has his sign-off? Whilst I’m sure they run the day to day minutiae of the business operations, it’s almost certainly Roman making these sorts of calls.
  14. European Super League

    Hmm not so sure. The likes of us and Man Utd have today left the ECA, Agnelli has resigned as President and Ed Woodward has stepped down from his role at UEFA. There is a UEFA meeting on Friday to discuss the three remaining ESL clubs in this season’s CL. This is definitely a ‘thing’ albeit a very ill-thought out one, and one where I’m not sure they expected this level of backlash. We’re talking about government-level sanctions. The entire football world is united against this.
  15. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 0

    Personally, I can’t stand the idea. But it is just the ‘idea’ as I confess to not knowing much of the actual detail behind the proposal