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  1. Media / Press

    What it with Dutch managers and large craniums. Both Van Gaal and Koeman both have heads like 20 bob cabbages. Hiddinks nut isn't exactly titchy, but it's like a spring onion compared with those two
  2. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Fairly soon we will be reading the usual flannel- playing footsie with potential suitors with lines such as- Whilst I'm happy at Chelsea and love the fans, it is no secret that other clubs are interested in me. In football you never know.... Pass the Sickbag
  3. Musical Tastes

    He did like a slot machine. He used to play the one at the Alex on Portobello Rosd for hours on end. His way of relaxing I guess
  4. Bit like on the Western Front during WW1, when hostilities ceased at Xmas. The difference is, back then the opposing sides chose to put aside their differences, with a game of football. Hundred years down the line, it's the same game of football, but this time rather than unite, it's the cause of the problems in the first place. I've been guilty myself in the past, but lets have Xmas ceasefire. Normal service to resume, say 5 past midnight, New Years Day. Shalom
  5. Not much peace and goodwill in evidence here this Yuletide. Bit of silent night wouldn't go amiss.
  6. Khobar's Legacy

  7. Khobar's Legacy

    In kitchen, preparing tomorrows dinner, listening to Frank Sinatra Xmas CD. The well known chestnuts roasting on an open fire line, is more amusing if you substitute chestnuts for scousers!
  8. Haha. My manual dexteritys not the greatest I'm afraid.A snowy, banging Xmas to all Chelsea fans
  9. Cam4blue- are you a teacher at all? You seem do deal with legitimate viewpoints as if they are homework assignment, awaiting correction by teach. All that's missing in the red ink
  10. Reap what you sow pal.If you refrained from your constant corrective nitpicking, and ludicrous assessments, there'd have been no need for any reaction. Tala Pal
  11. Why does everyone take things so seriously these days. I remember when CFC fans used to be a fun loving bunch In terms of terrace culture we were No 1. The funniest, most irreverent fans, who didn't get their knickers in a twist over too much, and there were no civil wars over players, or indeed managers leaving No ones died. JMs a millionaire, well win things... Why should I or anyone else, who are CFC to the marrow, have to put on a soleym, reverential tone, because some Chelsea fans take it all to to heart Get a fxxxxxg life as they say
  12. He can't go to Man U. Surely. Outstanding pedigree for sure-, but based on the last 5 months he's the football equivalent of an MOT failure. Ps If he was a moody git down here, can you imagine what he's gonna be like up there? Opens his curtains in the morning- peeing down... Bit of culture during his down time- Coranation Street studio tour or....the Coronation Street studio tour.....Absolutely zippo else to do. God help them