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  1. Michael Essien

    its an interesting shout, I have only seen him play a couple times and I got the impression he is a central player which I don't think we need if he can play wide right then I would go for it as we need IMO, another pacey wide midfeilder
  2. Didier Drogba

    JIRI JAROSIK--I have been very impressed with jarosik, he is big which helps in the aerial department obviously, but two other aspect to his game appeal to me, he has fantastic touch and passing which derives from very good technique. The other thing is he tackles very hard and doesn't seem to do things in halves. At 27 he has been given an opportunity to win things with a huge club at a time in his career when he had probably accepted that this wasn't going to happen, I think he is very grateful and will give 120% when he does play and not whine when he doesn't. Drogba-- I don't know about anyone else but he looked world class to me against united. He held it up well, laid it off well and dribbled well his touch looked vastly improved compared to the begining of the season. There was a volley he tried from the left hand corner of 18 yard box, it wasn't a threat as it hit the side netting but I love to see that type of flair, and confidence. BEST GOAL EVER-- The move that ended with Howard saving brilliantly from Robben, but it started with a tackle from someone (think it was Billy) frank to Maka and back to frank on the half way line, touch to DD who ran the ball 50-60 yard with three men on him, cut back, pass along the 18 yard box late arriving tiago dummys magnificently in the D to allow the ball to run through to the arriving Robben. If that goal had gone in it would have been one of my favourite Chelsea goals ever, the way it flowed, oozed confidence and the whole move took about 5 or 6 seconds. Absolutely class. Mourinho is a sensation but I expected it as I am a huge follower of continental football and was well aware of the wonders he achieved at not only Porto but also leira and benfica, just finished his book and it has confirmed a long held view, he is the best manager in the world.
  3. Didier Drogba

    I keep hearing people complain about Didier Drogba, but those who do are idiots and I will tell you why. 1- he's still settling in and will only improve with time 2- playing a 4-3-3 Drogba is very effective, he requires the attention of two defenders, normally both centrebacks. This leaves Duff and Robben one on one with the full backs (who they normally beat) and prevents the opposition doubling up on our wide men. 3- he is brilliant in the air and that is a unique threat, maybe the best header around he can jump SOO bloody high, like Les Ferdinand he hangs up there 4-he has never been fully fit for us yet, so be patient as the best will come 5-he is a good finisher, look at the goal at Newcastle, 6-he is probobly the strongest player we have had in modern history, he is so powerful, a monster of a man 7-at times you see glimpses on the touch and skill he is capable of, it is just a matter of time before he explodes 8- he does get caught offside a lot but most good strikers play the line to the limit, often you will also realise if you look again that often he is offside because the timing of the pass and run are not quite in sync, but the longer they play together the better that understanding will become. But no, your right, 6 goals in 12 games is disgraceful, so lets fire him. Come on boys, lets be positive and stop criticising a fantastic player.