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  1. Jimmy Greaves RIP

    A great player for us in his early days and an entertaining sports commentator. I once knew an older Spurs fan through work who had lunch with him. She was about a decade younger than my Mum and said she was awe struck yet he was a real charmer.
  2. Non Chelsea: International Football

    Looked at the BBC and they rated Phillips more highly than Mount. Dad's Daily Mail has Mount rated the highest bar Sterling saying Mount was quality on the ball. Only watched the highlights yet he did look good. Lukaku scored two decent goals as well, one very opportunist yet finished well. Kane should have scored more yesterday he had several good chances.
  3. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Nice to see Gallagher earn Palace a point, with two well taken goals in the penalty box. Didn't see that in his game at WBA might be one to follow while under Vieira.
  4. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    Liverpool had way more fouls yet not even a yellow to Chelsea's two yellows and a red. I'm not a fan of James as a starter always think he is panicker. For the penalty the ball hits his upper thigh and careers upwards he then moves his arm towards the ball yet not sure he touched it and if he did it looked the underside of his upper arm. Probably a penalty yet a red too is disappointing. We defended well to get a point after the sending off. Lukaku has only been with the team a short while, needs a bit longer before we judge him too harshly.
  5. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Will he be judged a failure if he fails to land the Champions League?
  6. Arsenal 0 Chelsea 2

    I thought we would win before yet during the match did not think we had it sealed until the 53rd minute, thought that was the first time we are going to win this. Smith-Rowe had an early half-chance and Holding should have scored from a corner, no-one was near him. On the other side feel we have should more, 4 or 5 would not have flattered us.
  7. Arsenal 0 Chelsea 2

    I thought until we went 2-0 up it was reasonably close, after that we could have had 5, some poor finishing and decision making. Lukaku looks good anyway. Glad we beat them as the last few matches they had luck of the green for me.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Given the situation of having such a large squad I think club are doing ok yes I would agree there have been some poor acquisitions in the past. Sometimes I think we should have taken the money offered like with Bakayoko when he was under Gattuso yet this is not a perfect science. We do run the risk of giving away a prize asset and it coming back to bite us. It hasn't yet to my knowledge. Lamptey was threatening to be the best RB in the league though dropped away I think through injury. Bamford was in the wilderness a lot before leading the Leeds line yet to my knowledge no-one has tried to poach him. Solanke has not hit the heights since leaving us. Gilmour might be one of those that presents a dilemma.
  9. Good points. I also thought Alonso was decent too and like you say given the transfer speculation you would wonder about his commitment. Deserved a goal and made the keeper work. Re the goal, Gerard Moreno kept on moving forward and Rudiger and Kova just watched. Can't blame Blondie (aka Jorgy) for that one. A blow that Ziyech was injured he has been really good in this pre-season spell, just as well Lukaku is on the horizon. Kante was unlucky not to score and even Werner's quickly taken volley / lob drew a save. Mount later on made the keeper work. At times we played well and other at times we were caught napping. Nice to see Kepa being the hero for once. What a great way to start the season!
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yep but not too many. I'm hoping we get that Kounde fella too if TT wants him. Always better to have two new faces than just one. I'm warming up to seeing how Lukaku will play with Werner and Havertz under TT.
  11. A (Chelsea) Rose by any other name

    7 is normally an age when kids become a little more adult, also the age when the first adult teeth appear. It might be attention seeking, do you spend enough time with her doing things she likes or has it started since COV-ID and is perhaps a result of being locked down and not meeting her peer group? If nothing else works you have the psycho. therapies and also alternative ones.
  12. A (Chelsea) Rose by any other name

    Haha, I have a daughter too who is well behaved, great sense of humour without offending anyone. She was good at sports until against my advice seeing a surgeon for ankle / knee issue. 2 years later can only cycle though is philosophical about it. When she was younger I bought her a Chelsea shirt and she wore it everywhere solidly for about a fortnight. She did play football than and her best friends Dad was an Arsenal fan. Re the kids normally an environmental issue either kids they hang out with or parents, doesn't sound like you Liam.
  13. A (Chelsea) Rose by any other name

    I did go to Hillsborough for that 2nd leg though can't recall how I got there, don't think I drove and don't remember Stuart.
  14. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    Ziyech in that more forward position took his goals well.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    A lot of media noise suddenly about us and Lukaku. Not the best though not the worst. The price will be interesting as will any potential player make weights included to get the deal done.