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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    No matter who we get in this window, just cannot get over the fact that Sanchez is going to my most hated club and now manager of United...wat a tragedy....
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Looks like the Crouch story is true although I think he will still be 3rd choice. We will still try and get someone to compete with Morata. John Cross‏Verified account @johncrossmirror 3h3 hours ago Crouch drops amazing Chelsea hint after biting house in Cobham and getting his dad a season ticket etc John Cross added, Jacqui OatleyVerified account @JacquiOatley Crouch’s dad will be the happiest man alive if this happens! Season ticket holder for a long time. Crouch idolised Kerry Dixon as a kid (but also went to QPR with his mates). Sure he lives in the Cobham area so nice and local. …
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I really don't get this rule of being able to Sell but not Buy after the window has closed for a particular country, makes no sense whatsoever...A transfer can mean either buy or sell and when we say close of transfer window it should mean both... I feel the window should start and end together for all leagues or prevent a club from BOTH buying and selling after the window is shut...allowing one but not the other is just stupid and at the moment leaves the English clubs vulnerable..
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    I totally agree, it could be a big mess if the Deadlines are so far apart....Other European clubs wouldn't sell on time as well as they need to get replacements in place..but they wouldn't be planning so soon as they would have more time for than their English counterparts...I think this change could actually trigger a lot more transfers between English clubs... A lot of good planning would be required from English clubs and given our board's recent history, already reasons to worry I guess...
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think this squad should be able to carry us through till Jan at least, hopefully with not too many injuries...really hope the likes of Musonda, Kennedy, Scott and even new signing Empadu get extended runs at least in the Capital one cups and we don't end up burning out our first team players for that as well...If we lose we lose..nobody is going to give us credit for winning Capital one cup anyways..That's how all the big teams treat it... Conte needs to stay, bottom line...his impact is equivalent to 2-3 more players in the squad and on the pitch..
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hope our reckless Board has learnt its lesson that Deadline day doesn't really get you any bargains..ultimately we paid the price Leicester were asking for the past 1 month for Drinkwater and paid a much bigger price by missing out on Llorente, LWB and an attacking midfielder (not sure if Barkley was the answer except for being HG) by failing to sign them up much earlier... So we are definitely 3 players short IMO, a forward, LWB and attacking midfielder....I dunno what to expect from Musonda and Kennedy? Is Remy still there or gone? Can just hope and pray Conte doesn't walk too soon, he is the only one I really fear to lose.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    So how's it that English clubs can sell but not buy after the window? Weird
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    What's with Costa, no news whatsoever on him?
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Are we still Drinking Water after window is shut, so it's only one player confirmed..?
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Disagree... I think it's majorly our fault with ox n Llorente.. Without knowing player preference keep bidding n waiting for them... Ridiculous
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    We just need bodies right now, don't care who it is..
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Never happened in history of transfers ever.. Sky discussing why doesn't anyone want to come to Chelsea right now
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    40 mins to go.. Barkley passed the medical as well..
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Spurs are having a dream deadline day.. Aurier, Llorente n now Andre Gomes.. Unbelievable..
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Can't believe Llorente ditched us too.... Gutted n speechless....