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  1. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    He kicks it almost straight at him. A goalscorer would have placed it out of reach. If the keeper can save without extending himself the finish wasn't good enough. A proper finish and it's unsavable for any living organism in the known universe.
  2. Yes. IF the end of the season warrants a bonus (so maybe qualifying for the CL final, winning the FA Cup and making top 4). But that's not what you said. You just stated we needed to give him one now.
  3. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    Absolutely, this was one of the best games for Tuchel in terms of bench usage. I wouldn't have done anything differently. It was just the perfect subs at the perfect time. Yes - Kanté a much better version of Ramires. Chilwell a worse version of Asley Cole. It was a horrible miss. Anyone calling that a great save by Courtois is clearly on a wind-up. He hardly had to react.
  4. What clubs would look to sign a new manager within the next 12 months? How many of those would be seen as a better proposition than us? Giving Tuchel a new deal in December will hardly be much of a gamble imo. Of course, we may decide to give him a contract extension earlier. I’d suggest that should be seen as a bonus for him based on performance and not as a means for us to protect ourselves.
  5. Well. Why don’t you give your reasons why he need an extension, whatever the length you propose?
  6. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    I may be slow but what about Barca 2018?
  7. Yes. What’s your reason to give him a 5 year deal?
  8. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    Before the game I’d have taken 1-1 without any hesitation. But it doesn’t sit well with me that we should have won this quite easily... This was a glorious opportunity to kill the tie. Can they be as bad for another 90? I’m not so sure....
  9. 1.1/1.2 - at least it’s one reason. What would the reason be to give him an extension that doesn’t mean anything anyways if he wants to leave us? What clubs would he leave us for? How likely are they to want him? 2. How often does our manager make the signings on his own? Players who sign for us doesn’t do it because of the manager. They do it because of the club.
  10. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    Well, keep doing what we are doing and being able to finish and we’ll be in the final. Keep this up with the same lame final third play and we certainly won’t be playing in the final.
  11. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    We should have buried this tie in the first 25 minutes. Instead it’s 1-1 and very much game on. We can only blame ourselves. Werner out, Havertz on. Now.
  12. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    Werner making the wrong run again, and then makes the wrong decision. I’m sorry, but when he plays against this quality opposition it becomes clear he isn’t of sufficient quality to really impact games at this level. Forget CBs, CMs or wingers. What this team is screaming out for is a top class striker.
  13. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    Exactly. A common mistake he does. He lacks intelligence and finishing. Sadly our wastefulness will and has cost us. Imagine if this team had a striker like Benzema? You know, someone who is actually a striker.
  14. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    Dear god, what is Werner doing?!?! Make the go goddamn run ffs! That’s twice he’s just jogged at the spot inseam of making the run.
  15. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    Watch and learn Timo, watch and learn. THATS HOW YOU FINISH! Christian Pulisic has found form at the right moment! Awesome, awesome goal!
  16. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    ****ing hell Timo. That’s just ridiculous. You simply have to score that. Most people in here would have scored that. If he can’t put chances like that away, and the jury is certainly out, he has no future here.
  17. 1. Based on history it would be prudent and absolutely the right thing to do. 2. Since when has a player picked a club based on the expected longevity of the current manager? Top players sign multi-year contracts which more often than not actually means something. The length of a managers contract means nothing at all. 3. Is it really? I'm not so sure you are right. 4. Why not?
  18. Yes. If we are looking for a striker we should look at him.
  19. Why is it dangerous? What is the worst that can happen? That Barca, Real or B München decides they want him? Unlikely. I don't see him leaving us for anyone else. And if any of those sides are after him he will leave regardless, contract extension or not.
  20. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    I should be super excited about this game but for some reason I'm not. I'm looking forward to it, but it just feels wrong to play such a big game in an empty stadium. The team should pick itself really. I'd definitely go with; Mendy Azpi Silva Rüdiger James Kanté Jorginho Chilwell Mount Pulisic Werner
  21. I would like to see Tuchel here next season but I would not give him an extension now. Why? Should be obvious really... The average manager under Roman stays with us for 17 months (not counting Hiddink x2 or Rafa as they were clearly only caretakers). But I do count RDM (given a new contract) and Grand (given a 5 year deal). If we are doing well come december/january next season we can give Tuchel a new deal. Before that will be a waste of money.
  22. European Super League

    Shocked anyone would think differently.
  23. European Super League

    No. The owners are custodians of the clubs. HUGE difference.
  24. European Super League

    Exactly. If anyone needs to be punished it’s the owners. Not the clubs. The CLUBS had nothing to do with this, the owners did. You don’t see the difference which is why; 1. You seem to think the ESL was/is a good idea 2. you think it’s reasonable that people who had nothing to do with this is punished
  25. European Super League

    Won't happen and if it does it's madness. It just punishes the fans and players of the clubs who had nothing to do with this and actively fought against it. Also, the remaining sides will be seen as petty if they do go through with it. You should gain points by sporting merit, not through votes and on top of that voting about something that never actually took place.