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  1. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    Which is why he shouldn’t play at all.
  2. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    Very strange he post. It’s almost like you are trying to pretend Kepa hasn’t been absolutely useless for a season and a half. Luckily the persons you are trying to fool have eyes.
  3. Media / Press

    I’m not sure I’ve seen many make that claim. Of course, we need to be fair and acknowledge that Liverpool were in shocking form when we played them and we did face a Spurs without Kane and Son. That’s just facts. But I don’t see any mitigating circumstances for our wins against Atletico. Sure, you can argue it’s a pen. But it’s not a stonewaller and the Atletico player dives in a ridiculous manner. Part of me hope that’s why the ref didn’t give it. They are a bunch of cheating bastards so I’m not feeling sorry for them!
  4. No doubt that we were lucky. Personally I thought it was a very, very stupid thing for Azpi to do and we could easily have conceded a penalty there which obviously would have altered the tie. But as others have said, we were quite clearly the better side but as we don’t translate that dominance into goals then we will always be vulnerable to situations like that. Who knows what would have happened if it would have been 1-1 and us one man down that early? Quite clearly a different game. It is small margins that decides it. This time they were on our side.
  5. Well any nervousness before the game was completely unfounded. We’ve never got out of second gear (ok, maybe third at some stages) and still toyed with them for the majority of the 90 minutes. So solid, press amazing (big ups to Havertz, Werner and Kante) and we were so good with the ball. Not even Zouma made us look awkward. Only downside was that we didn’t score a third and fourth goal. We certainly had the opportunities but we are still trying to find our grove in the final third. Kante was simply amazing. MoM by a country mile. Mendy, Rudiger, Havertz and Werner also very, very good. Onwards and we are in the quarter final again at last! Bring it on! Best moment of the game? Suarez smiling after being subbed after 59 minutes not having done anything and Thiago and Jorginho celebrating the second goal in the stands like proper fans. Oh. And Rudiger doing what Atletico normally does best. Mastering the dark arts and getting Sacic sent off.
  6. Very surprised he has opted for Ziyech over Giroud. That doesn’t sit well with me considering Ziyech offers nothing when it comes to energy and intensity. Zouma starting over an unwell Christensen isn’t great either. Have a bad feeling about this game...
  7. Sure. But the point is that he wouldn’t be prohibited to do so. In 99/100 the club will pay off the manager and the manager is off towards new adventures within a short period of time. In this case the club made it as difficult as they could and even then he could manage within 11 months plus a massive settlement deposited in his bank account.
  8. What settlement? We refused to pay him the what he was owed of his contract. The settlement had to e taken to court and was decided on much later. Conte could have taken a new job on July 14.
  9. Sarri? Unless you want to sell the idea that the club preferred Lampard to Sarri he is a pretty good example of a manager that we let go of mid-contract. That there are no other candidates kind of proves my point, most managers don't get that far in to their contracts that the discussion even becomes relevant. So again, asking for a short-term deal is the equivalent of saying no to free money. If you want to believe Tuchel would do that that's up to you I guess. I am certainly not buying it.
  10. We will go cautiously here. Mendy Azpilicueta Christensen Rüdiger James Kanté Kovacic Alonso Havertz Werner Giroud
  11. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    Yes, but both you and I know it is not that simple. The stongest XI doesn't win every game. In fact, it probably only wins something like 55-60% of the time. I'm not saying we can't win, I'm saying it is far from certain we win even with out strongest XI let alone with a weakened one.
  12. Ages? We fired him officially on July 13 2018 and he officially signed for Inter on May 31. He didn't even have to wait 11 months... We fired him and if he had wanted he could have taken a job immediately. There was nothing that prevented him from doing that, he himself chose to take this to court (since we refused to pay up his contract citing some sort of breach of contract and causing the club damage). But that was one extremely special case with a very stubborn and quite frankly awful person that created that situation. And yes, the club did that out of spite and I supported it 100% at the time. Sarri wanted to leave and we let him leave after Juve paid us £5m. No biggie. For as long as I have supported this club no manager has been held to their contract against their wishes. It would be madness to do so, if the manager is crossed there is no way the team will perform well. So there is nothing to win for the club to refuse a manager to leave if they want to. As for the Conte to Real rumours they were just that, rumours.
  13. Yes, it is the only example because we fired everyone else! Only JM has lasted her longer than two seasons and we have winning managers getting the sack for finishing second! It really doesn't seem like Tuchel will have to worry about being stuck in his contract with us and in the event that he wins everything, all the time (by doing so making it hard for Roman to pull the trigger), no club will keep a manager who wants to leave. They always leave in the end. Whether it is immediately or within 6 months it doesn't matter, they will get out if they want. But since you think this a great risk for a manager, perhaps you can come up with a few (hell, just one would be enough) that tells the story of a manager that has been forced by their club to honour their contract and not being able to switch clubs? Signing a longer term deal ensures that if you are fired you are very well compensated for it while still being able to take on a new job. If you say no to that you are either insane or extremely badly advised.
  14. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    I'm not so sure about that. Scoring goals is our problem, and anything between 0 aned 2 goals scored here is a reasonable expectation. With so few goals, we are always in danger of losing points.
  15. We fired him and he now manages Inter. Anything else?
  16. I don’t think so. Atletico was in a bit of a slump when we last played them and we still had to have a fortunate wonder goal to win it for us despite controlling the game completely. I think it will be another game where randomness decides the outcome. And like all random results it can go either way.
  17. No because we always fire them before it becomes relevant. The only exception is Sarri. How did we handle that?
  18. Only he did sign an extension and immediately started flirting with Real. I think the club was seriously pissed off by that (and rightly so).
  19. Well done. He was here for two seasons and the club refused to let him leave because he was an absolute asshole. The club had already made Sarri the new manager several months before Conte was fired. They simply gave him the finger by stringing him along on purpose. It’s also the only manager the club has refused to let go of. Not because we wanted him to stay, but because we wanted to **** him over. Also, we haven't had many that wanted to leave, normally we get there first by firing them.
  20. Just look at a list of managers under Roman. One manager has lasted longer than 24 months. That a club will keep a manager against his wishes is a no-go, won't happen. So a manager doesn't have any incentive to ask for a shorter term deal over a longer term deal. Financially it doesn't make sense. If he wants to leave he will leave. If he's fired he's guaranteed a large sum of money while still being able to take on another job. It's really a no-brainer.
  21. Again, I conclude you have no interest answering my question. Duly noted.
  22. Eh? With our history he’s guaranteed to be out the door within 24 months and much like players if he wants out he’ll be able to get out of a bigger job comes up. I reiterate. No way would any manager ask for a short term deal over a longer term deal. It’s utter madness and makes no sense at all.
  23. You’re so incredibly tiresome. You said Tuchel might very well have been the one asking for a short term contract and I’ve asked why he would have asked for that. Instead of giving an answer you start with your usual riddles. I suppose that means you know you’re talking out of your backside. Personally I don’t see a single reason to why Tuchel would want a short term contract. That would be the equivalent of saying no to free money.
  24. So no argument to why Tuchel would have preferred a short term contract? Come on, not very much like you making a bold statement and then hide.