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  1. 1 minute ago, The_Ghost said:

    I’m sorry but that is daylight robbery. Never in a million years is that offside. 

    Since when is a player allowed to score with his hand?!?!?! His hand is offside, so what? 

    Absolute ****ing bollocks. How can anyone care about this mockery of a league these days? **** this, I’m done with this ****. 

    Yep. I’m genuinely at the point where I force myself to watch to stay involved in the game. I have this fear that if I miss 1-2 of our games, it will become very easy to miss them all and give up on the game. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, The_Ghost said:

    Just like Sarri we don’t create enough chances. This time we create even less. Difference? Hazard. 

    Lampard didn’t have Hazard so had to be more adventurous. That made us weaker defensively while conceding far too many due to Kepa being useless. I’ve said this countless times - without Hazard we need a more attacking set-up to score goals.

    Was laughed at in here. Well, I think it is pretty clear really. We don’t create more than 1-2 chances per game regardless of who we play. Not sustainable. 

    I said at the time no way that’s a penalty. Greenwood clearly pushes Odoi’s hand to the ball. It actually looked to me that Greenwood tried to use his upper arm to get the ball with him but hit Odoi’s hand by mistake. A split second later Greenwood has his upper arm all over the ball. 

    If that would have been given as a penalty it would have been a joke. The free-kick that created the situation even more of a joke - Mount being kicked down by a high foot from McTominay. 

    Agreed. We did have an element of control under Sarri the majority of the games we played. However, we simply didn't create very much and that was with a world class player who was in the best 1-2 years period of form in his career. Its still early days for TT though and he needs to somehow find a way of being in control of the game, but ensuring we actually have a creative threat. I think the lack of a striker who can do everything we need them to do, is a clear handicap.

    11 minutes ago, thevelourfog said:

    Watched the game on mute as I was in Zoom with some mates, and didn't listen to or read any press last night. Hadn't myself given it a second thought; Greenwood clearly hits that ball with his arm just as he and Hudson-Odoi started tussling for it. A nothing incident, turned into something in retrospect just for something to write/talk about imo.

    Yep. I'm surprised such a non event moment in a game can create so much discussion. Modern football really is a horrible experience and it seems like it will get much worse, before it may get better.

    I'm getting closer and closer to just tossing the game off to be honest. It's these type of scenarios and the whole pointless analysis that comes with it as to why. As for OGS comments after, what a load of absolute bollox. To be so dogmatic over that incident, it just further questions the way the game has gone and is heading.

  3. Not a great watch, but we looked solid and never felt like we would lose that game. Whilst we have not set the world on fire under TT, we are clearly a much better outfit who can compete with most opponents, which is progress.

    AC and Rudiger very good solid performances. Kovacic and Kante pretty good. The rest were average at best really.

    Whilst difficult game where the two teams cancelled each other out. Werner came on with about 15mins to play when the team are at home looking for a goal. Anyone know if he actually touched the ball?? I genuinely don’t remember him touching the ball once in his little cameo! I stand corrected if he did . 

  4. 37 minutes ago, Droy was my hero said:

    I think you are going to regret that - probably before the end of the season.

    Depends on what the definition of success is. Some will be happy with goals and tenuous assists next to his name as a definition of how successful he is.

    I'll need for more than that to convince me. 

    I'll counter it with 'he's already proven himself to me' because I think you are going to regret that one far more.

    It's far easier to attach a stat to someone and use that as a positive or a negative. I'll believe my own eyes every time first and foremost though.

  5. Let's be honest here. We wouldn't need a striker if we did make such a massive cock up on the one signed in the summer!

    Many seem intent on turning a blind eye towards him, or highlighting him when he does anything remotely good as a positive step change for the future.

    We need to face reality and get Werner punted ASAP. If he has a good Euro's we could get money back , a poor Euros then take the £10-£15 million loss and get someone in who actually suits what our intended style of play is.........does anyone know that though ? If you go back down new manager route and end up with someone who wants to play counter attack, then you might as well keep Werner............if you want to play a predomiantely possession based style of football, well he needs punting ASAP.

  6. 22 minutes ago, Martin1905 said:

    Yes you have and I respect that but it's the chances that he gets that make him what he is. We are not exactly the most creative team yet Werner has had, and missed, an awful lot of chances so far. I mean, if we were to look at all his missed chances, good ones too, and he had taken half of them I dont think anyone would have doubted him this year.

    His finishing, up until the first half of this season has always been one of his biggest assets. The chances he has missed are very unlike him, he is pretty clinical. I am convinced it's a mental/confidence thing and even more convinced he will overcome it and when he does we could have a striker that is comfortably scoring 20+ league goals a season.

    All well and good but he has still had an awful lot of chances, he has just not taken them.

    His assist record speaks for itself to be fair to him. I mean, this year alone he has 9 assists so I have less of an issue with this style of play. It's not really any different to say Cesc, in terms of risk vs reward,  who attempted killer passes, they dont always come off whiich also breaks up the pattern of play but in a different way.

    Well yes and I agree with you but I genuinely 100% think he will score and assist lots and lots of goals for us. 10 goals and 9 assists so far this season, when we have been pretty rubbish for a lot of it is not a bad start. he's actually averaging a goal or assist every 124 minutes which I think is ok but could and should be far higher. If he had scored 5 more and when you look at the chances he has missed it should be even more he would be averaging a goal or assist pretty much every game.

    You may be right. Well see how things turn out with him.

    I would question assist stats though. Big difference between a genuine assist and say the one he got recently when Tammy scored which deflected in Tammy’s path. That was not the ball Werner was making, yet he got the assist.

    I do think he has been given a bit of a pass in generally though. Maybe because he is very hard working. Not long ago many were saying he needs to play centrally and putting his poor form to playing wide. Now he has had a couple of decent games, that talk gone quiet and we are pushing his assists! The same assists he has got through playing wider and not centrally.

    He seems to be afforded a lot of excuses so far, for what have on the whole been poor performances.

  7. 14 minutes ago, Droy was my hero said:

    I see the lack of playing style causing Werner's sub performance (and half dozen other players).
    He has already proved himelf to me

    Well of course he has. He is incredibly quick which is consistently very high in your rating of a player. 
    Werner clearly looks better under TT so far. It simply has not eradicated the flaws in his game though. Like I said, it’s convenient to forget that first 30mins because of a goal and assist. Those performances are not the minority though. 

  8. 16 minutes ago, Martin1905 said:


    Which is what I think he will do once he sorts his head out. 

    You look at the chances he has missed this season and those are not chances he normally misses. Something is wrong with him, no doubt, but when he sorts himself out he will score silly amounts of goals.

    It's easy to criticise him for the missed chances, and rightly so but it is the amount of chances he gets that makes him so good. For whatever reason he has missed far more than normal. If he had scored half of his easy chances he would be top scorer in the league. 

    Yep fair enough. I have been consistent on him with missed chances since he arrived. The missed chances don’t really bother me. I’d rather he gets the chances and misses them, ahead of never getting the chances.

    Its the all round game I have serious problems with. When he is bad, he really is dreadful. I think many have turned a blind eye to it, probably in hope that it is just a blip. Missed chances are a blip. His lack of intelligence, his style of play I just don’t see as blips. He is a player who is used to playing at 100mph as soon as he has the ball, because he’s whole game is based around counter attacking and exploiting space. When that space and counter attacking style is not as evident, then you get what we are seeing now.

    Head down and attempts to be positive and get on the front foot. Sometimes he’ll get past his man and may lead to assist, the other 6 occasions he’ll lose the ball and break up the pattern of play.

    So hopefully you can see what I mean about why is goals and assist will need to be very high for me to appreciate him. If they are not very high, well he just becomes a bit of a liability really. He will need to produce Salah like goal stats for me to be confident he is the right man for Chelsea.

  9. 4 hours ago, Faramir said:

    Since Tuchel's arrival what would be the results of our games if not for Werner's contribution in assists and goals?


    I have no idea as it’s a hypothetical question. You can’t just pick and chose what hypothetical moments you want to change. Knock on effects of change apply.

    Like I have said, I have seen enough of Werner now to know he is not for me. If you’re happy with his recent performances, well each to their own but you are setting a low bar.

    Werner post assist moment in the game  yesterday was decent. One thing you can’t criticise is his work rate and effort.

    Werner first 30 mins of that game. No touch, no imagination, gave the ball away nearly every time he was in possession. This first 30 mins was not a one off, he has produced a number of these performances.

    I’m not gonna let an assist and a goal against really poor defending blur my thoughts on what I watched in that first half hour. He’ll always pose a threat because of that pace and how direct he is, but it’s that over directness which is part of the problem. He plays like he is the in the playground aged 10 still. 
    You’re free to have whatever opinion you want on him. If you think I am talking nonsense, you are free to watch that first 30mins again and critique his performance. You don’t even need to get to the end of the first minute to witness dumb moment number 1 ! 
    He’s gonna need to score and assist on some serious number of goals for me to appreciate these type of performances.

  10. Just now, paulw66 said:

    This. Clear foul.

    Until which goal? The one he made or the one he scored?


    Yup. We keep the ball brilliantly when Kante isn't there 

    Both. Credit to him for his assist and goal against dreadful defending.

    He’s just not for me. Obviously, I hope he does well because that means Chelsea are doing well. I just don’t rate him. 

    He’s just not for me. Unless there is some vast improvement coming from his all round game over the next 6-12 months. 

  11. Just now, My Blood Is Blue said:

    Nope. Last few games his performance levels have been good. Contributing a lot to the side and getting assists.

    Unlucky there not to score as well.

    Dreadful until that goal. Needs to be judged on what he is producing. Not judged on realigned expectations because of what he has produced so far. 
    No football brain and tries to do everything at 100mph. He would improve on immeasurably if he just slowed things down and used his brain. 
    It’s all or nothing every time. Even that goal is scuffed! 

  12. 28 minutes ago, chara said:

    What an interesting well thought out selections....my only comment is Ossie in my five would "neutralise" all but Essien in the first two minutes!...including Wise!...just my humble opinion..

    Now a 5 to frighten the world would be Borata Chopper Bumstead Baldwin and Webby.....might not win but I dare you to go on that court!...Any other "frighteners'?...bearing in mind a lower centre of gravity is an asset rather than a tall guy.

    Vinny will be seething he didn’t make this team! 

  13. 31 minutes ago, paulw66 said:

    Well, I wouldn't

    What is clear from this thread is that there are plenty who are firmly in either camp

    Kante in the last 3 games has passed the ball directly out of play more times than I can remember Maka doing his whole Chelsea career. He is poor in possession when under pressure, and we look a lot more secure at the moment when he is off the field. 

    I'm getting my Chelsea 5 a side in first !

    Kante , Hazard, Lampard, Gullit, Cudicini

    I'd fancy these 5 to beat any of your four plus Maka :)

  14. 29 minutes ago, Erland Johnson said:

    Christiansen was one of top performers first half along with Tammy and CHO. He was in this position because someone in midfield had lost the ball when they shouldn't have. It wasn't a 50-50 that he lost out on, he was trying to recover our mistake higher up the pitch

    I didn't say he had a bad game. He did lose a 50/50, two players body strength coming together and he ended up on the floor whilst the Barnsley player didn't. I would say that was losing a 50/50 scenario. Someone else may have made a mistake which led to that, but AC was the one floored when the two players came together.

    It's not really a criticism in isolation. I was just explaining the scenario to Mark as it sounds like he did not see it.

  15. 52 minutes ago, Ham said:


    Genuinely shocked.

    What specifically is Kante better at in your opinion? 

    I'm talking about natural ability with the ball, calmness, footballing intelligence, first touch, ability to read the game, positional sense, I could go on. 


    Kante better passer, better ability at running with the ball, better goalscorer. All these things are part of a players ability. Maka was genuinely great at what he did, but majority of what he did and was great at was without the ball. 

    I agree Maka superior in football intelligence, calmness, ability to read the game etc. They are are skill sets where you don't need the ball. In terms of ability with the ball, Kante wins hands down for me.

    33 minutes ago, paulw66 said:

    Are you joking? Serious question.

    Kante is faster. Everything else, Makelele was superior at, IMO

    As per above. Maka superior at everything where they ball not required and the mental aspect of the game. Actually ability with the ball at their feet. Kante all day long.

    Maka was a unique one off really. Not really been a plyer like him since, despite many attempts.

    If you went into a 5 a side scenario where ability of the ball is key factor. Anyone would pick Kante all day long. Maka would add very little in a 5 a side scenario because the tactical nature of the game disappears and it becomes more about what your actual skill set is with the ball for example.


  16. 24 minutes ago, Mark Kelly said:

    I gave up five minutes into the second half of this turgid mess of a game so missed Kepa flapping at a cross , being left in no mans land and Tammy coming to our rescue .

    So much for a new start although he did make a decent reaction save when the ball hit him in the first half so...

    We may nominally have a "big squad" but there's an awful lot of wasters in it.

    Christensen I see , went off with a headache , about par for the course for him other than being beaten to the headed for the cross for their first chance of the night.

    Absolute wasters. 

    It was a very Christensen like moment. He got a kick to the top off the head because he was on the floor and tried to head the ball away on the floor, whilst the Barsnsley player was trying to kick it.

    The irony of the whole situation was, it happened because he was not strong enough in a 50/50 with the Barnsley player in the first place and that was what put him on the floor!

    It really did feel like a player trying to prove his critics wrong and show his bravery. Trouble is, it was the first 50/50 he lost as to why he is routinely criticised and not his stupidity to put his head in the way of an oppo players boot!

  17. Difficult game to assess really. Pitch was very poor and helped them far more than it did us. A number of players didn't really take their chance to shine, notably Ziyech and Pulisic who both showed flashes of vision and creativity, but I just don't think they could get to grips with the pitch and the effort Barnsley put in to deny them any space.

    Not a game worthy of too much analysis really. Have to be honest, it was thoroughly dull and I struggled to keep my eyes open in the last 20 mins!

    We are pretty much spoilt by PL pitches these days.  

  18. 7 hours ago, Droy was my hero said:

    Do you think Maka was a better player than Kante?  I really don't.  Both are/were brilliant, but Kante is better.


    1 hour ago, paulw66 said:

    Makeleke was a much better footballer.   Never kicked it aimlessly out of play like Kante does. Incredible positional discipline too.


    Kante would be the much better footballer imo. Maka far advanced in the game smarts department for sure. You have to give huge credit to the guy for effectively having a great career, creating virtually his own position on the pitch and getting the absolute maximum out of his natural ability.

    In terms of footballing ability, Kante has the more ability by quite some distance imo.