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  1. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    He'll be in high spirits heading to the Bridge on Tuesday
  2. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Player right in front of the keeper. Blocked his view of the knock down.
  3. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Saw that at half time. Seriously corrupt.
  4. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Did Mike Dean punch the air?
  5. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Then Salah swung a boot.
  6. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    Not watching, but are all these on-target shots scoring? Or are they mysteriously being kept out?
  7. Chelsea vs Leicester City

    If our fans were all signing yesterday it would explain why they couldn' t be heard on TV (as well as the cameras and mics being permanently stationed in with the Leicester fans)
  8. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    I don't think he did either, but the question is whether VAR even bothered to look at it. There was a lot to consider regarding whether it was a handball, whether it led to an immediate goal-scoring opportunity etc., but - like the offside - it all happened very quickly.
  9. Chelsea vs Leicester City

    Under FA rules, if you kick up enough of a fuss so as to suggest the official has previous and might be unfair to you, you can get the officials changed. I might just be thinking of their rules for Liverpool games.
  10. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Further to my post above, turns out the FA version of the handball is worded differently: This does change the law from the international version. For the accidental handball to be an offence, the law says the player who receives the ball needs to be the one who scores or has the goal-scoring opportunity. The ball did not go directly to Thielemans, but indirectly via Thomas. And yet weirdly their guidance refers to the wording of the IFAB law, before writing it in such a way as to alter it. The IFAB version does not stipulate that the player who receives the ball from the arm/ hand must be the one who gets the opportunity, just that it should be immediate. Bonkers.
  11. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    I agree with all this. He also seems to dive somewhat horizontally, and then lift his arms to flail at the ball which is rising up and away from them.
  12. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    We need to buy Soucek and Burn from Brighton. And rotate them as keepers in important games.
  13. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Confusion over the handball rule is inevitable. Even the lawmakers agree the law is confusing as it states that accidental handball is simultaneously an offence and not an offence, depending on where and when it occurs. They have rewritten the law to try to clear things up, and the changes come into effect in English football from July 1st, apparently. But as of now, the confusing law is still in force. Here it is, as of now - not the soon-to-be-adopted updated version. This is the one Oliver and VAR (and Peter Walton, working for BT, and MotD last night) were working with for the Final: So to clear things up, it's not handball if the ball touches the hand or arm below the arm-pit - or below the imaginary and discretionary T-shirt line in the case of English football. But it is handball if that happens and immediately produces a goal-scoring opportunity. The MotD pundits last night were unanimous in being ignorant of the exception in the law and pronounced it as not handball because it hit Perez's thigh first - as it did. Peter Walton on BT was fully aware of the law and said VAR was used correctly in not declaring it a handball because the goal was scored 7 seconds after the handball, which means it was not immediate. However, he skated over the fact that the law refers to a 'goal-scoring opportunity' being created, not a goal being scored, and based his (entirely arbitrary) timings on that in order to decide it was not sufficiently immediate. He also exploited the fact that the law fails to define 'immediately', which - like the imaginary T-shirt line - can be adjusted to produce the desired outcome. If he used his stopwatch differently, he would see that the opportunity arose when Thieleman's received the ball, which happened four seconds after the handball, not seven. However, the entirely arbitary 'immediately' still applies, so he would be free to pronounce four seconds as not sufficiently immediate. The handball rule - and the people applying it - are ace.
  14. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    I know Kepa's size is a major weakness, but it's weird how many wonder strikes he's let in in the past couple of seasons. No wonder his confidence is totally shot. And no wonder that Thielemans thought "May as well have a pop from here". And Tuchel giving him two massive games to try and rebuild that confidence could prove to be a definitive misjudgement. After such an excellent start I am stunned he made those two selections.
  15. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Turns out the handball law changed on 5th March! The sentence I quoted was revised, so the decision not to penalise the handball was correct, as it was deflected off his leg first, making it accidental, and accidental handballs can now produce goalscoring opportunities. Or did the FA say that change would come into effect from next season? I will check... The plot thickens... When will the handball rule change be introduced? The change to the handball rule is likely to be introduced in England from 1 July. So maybe the law that was revised in March is still in effect and VAR/ Oliver got it wrong.