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  1. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Regarding our CL A List: If De Rossi signs, and none leave (or we replace whoever leaves with another 'List A' candidate - no theories on who please), we'll have 20 players who could only be registered via the A List. Of those, who would be the best candidate to drop from the initial CL squad? Kalas, Bertrand, Essien and/or Ba would seem the weakest. Expect 'a' is Ramires and 't' is Holland.
  2. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Forwards are certainly an issue with the abject Torres, average Ba and callow Lukaku, it appears the club are chasing an upgrade. Quite right too. But midfield? Even without De Rossi we have so many options, so much a competent manager could work with. Van Ginkel is no whippersnapper, KDB is no dilettante. They are mere steps away from being consistent, top class performers in multiple positions. DROY isn't banking on that, which is fair enough, but I don't care, I trust what I've seen and what Jose's said. They will contribute plenty. Get a striker, or two, to replace the garbage we have already and suddenly we'll be clear favourites for an EPL title, and more. Both had their assets, tremendous experience, basic competence and technical ability, which considering the fatigue of some of our best players was all we really required in a handful of games. So they really should have been options. But Jose's already said things that suggest a more pervasive influence on the club, on dictating policy. Unlike RDM or AVB this is not his first big job, he has leverage, he knows what needs to be done.
  3. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Can't edit my post above. *1 of those HG players has to be list A.
  4. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    For CL spec 2 of those homegrowns will have to be List A and I don't think Kalas, Lukaku or V.Ginkel qualify for List B.
  5. Van Ginkel

    No, not remotely bud. MVG is a genuine central midfielder, Oscar and KDB are attacking midfielders. It reinforces my belief that we'll see a version of Jose's Madrid here, with MVG in rotation for the Khedira role, or version of it. Oscar and KDB in rotation for the Ozil and/or Di Maria roles.
  6. I think the extra time off is less to do with the physical aspect and more to do with allowing players personal freedom and time to themselves, because even when they do come back I suspect they will be asked to mentally prepare before they are really put through their paces physically.
  7. I've explained what I imagine will happen, based on how Jose developed his system at Real Madrid, but it's all guess work, based on a few known factors; Oscar, Mata and Hazard thrive in space, centrality isn't vital to space, space is created by movement, effective movement is based around rehearsed positions, positions alter depending on where the ball is and where or who the opponent is. Yesterday Brazil went into the game at a perceived competitive disadvantage, Hulk was asked to use his physical attributes to disrupt, if we found ourselves in a similar situation then we could use Ramires and then Mata is fighting for spots with Hazard and Oscar. How often next season will we face teams that have such a significant advantage over us? I suspect very few. And if Mourinho has the combinations right, has the team gelled, then how many other teams have anything like a triumverate of attackers like Mata, Oscar and Hazard. 3 perhaps? Bayern, Barcelona and maybe Real Madrid. Not Dortmund anymore, not Utd, not Arsenal, not really even City. Let's wait and see.
  8. Brazil did nothing we haven't seen at any time in the last 2 seasons where Mata has been superb. Hulk played auxiliary right back and ****ed things up most times he stepped past the half way line, so no I don't see Mata doing that, I see him doing much more, much better.
  9. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Be careful here, Luiz is given freedom to move out of defense (turning heads) due to the defensive acumen of Silva. Luiz is consistently very good at transitioning defence to midfield, or attack, he's often (but not always) outstanding at intercepting play happening in front of the defence, or events occurring in front of him. But he's also regularly caught out by clever players moving into spaces behind him, he still takes too many risks and makes too many decisions that rely on perfect execution which he cannot guarantee. All of these traits have been exhibited during this tournament, and yet Silva has consistently kept a calm presence in front of a shaky goalkeeper and between 3 very attack-minded defenders. There are still big question marks as to which of the negative aspects of Luiz's play can be trained out of his game. The nature of the position is that evenness in form is far more valuable than erratic form, where bad play is more devastating than ever outstanding play can be productive.
  10. Much easier for Ancelotti to follow Scolari than Mourinho. By comparison to non-Mourinho managers, I like Ancelotti. But by comparison to Mourinho, he may as well be Alan Shearer, as was evident in the Chelsea-Inter CL tie. Ancelotti is probably the right guy to come in and be just sycophantic enough to the monstrous ego's of that Madrid changing room, emboldened by their President's weakness. He might just win a title too, as Barcelona's transfer policy seems to be taking a leaf out of ours in recent years, thinning a squad, failing their scarcely believable top-end talent. But by the time Villanomark's been replaced by someone with some ideas of their own, Carlo's charm will most likely have worn off, just like it did at Chelsea. In the meantime I hope we can steal a march on them and win a European Cup.
  11. Please, for the love of God, take him back!!!!!
  12. @Bob Injuries broke Torres. We bought a broken Torres. Watch some early Atletico games, see some great runs from the half way line and naff all close control. He failed his medical and I can only hope our medical staff and player evaluation departments will be working much closer together this time around under Jose. They weren't 'terrible' though. In many respects they were typical, whilst apparently failing to integrate a more direct approach through.... well, anyway.
  13. I think he'd still be quite the catch for the president of a Spanish club. I hope they could convince him that a heroes welcome awaits him back home.
  14. He's technically 5th choice behind Fabregas, Villa, Pedro and Soldado and quite lucky to be in front of Llorente. Spain have been incredibly loyal to him because he's seen as part of that core who started their unprecedented success. Think how hard it was to drop Geoff Hurst despite his goalscoring ratio at club level starting to drop dramatically. Torres is basically Spain's vestigial tail. He's not good enough to take on an important role for them, and 3rd choice striker for Chelsea is more important than 5th choice striker for Spain who often don't use a proper striker at all.
  15. There's this assumption that the club won't be honest with him about whether they want him or not, and that they'll settle for him. I don't see that happening. There are ways to circumvent the wage situation, including Chelsea paying a percentage of them, perhaps through a loan agreement, or clubs agreeing a new contract that pays the same over a longer period. Or if the club are very clear with Torres that they really don't want him, that there isn't a key role for him, then I find it highly unlikely that Torres will settle for that and not take some form of pay cut to play plenty of games elsewhere.
  16. Yeah, yours! :-DFlogging dead horses now.
  17. Turn what around? Time? If you want Torres to be literally anything, he needs electric pace, and he will never have that again.
  18. Free header in the 6 yard box, a genuine can't miss. The best thing about it was the move he made on a ball watching Oboabona. Still conspired to miss a one-on-one in acres of space a few minutes later. Contribution to general play? None. He won't get picked ahead of Lukaku if there's a genuine meritocracy. He's not half the player.
  19. Media / Press

    They are the slime:
  20. Don't forget the mobile phone.... *shudders*
  21. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Actually 8 defenders, 6 midfielders, 5 forwards, where I counted Ozil, Kaka and Modric as midfielders, all capable of playing as forwards + Coentrao and Marcelo are essentially converted wingers. Morata was barely used not because he couldn't be used but because he wasn't needed.So another 5 would be overkill. 2 at absolute most.
  22. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Yes, one year. John in farkin France? He's never had pace and he won't be asked to play every game, so the only issue is wages against the clubs financial plans imo. If he's going to go the club will probably tell Jose why he has to let him go.
  23. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Don't see much relevant comparison between Terry and Cahil, although he has occupied a similar role in Terry's absence. As Droy says, Terry's a fantastic reader of the game, a player who relies on superb vision to get into positions to stop things at source. Cahill's someone that relies on his athletic ability to react to whats happening around him. To my mind they don't work any worse as a partnership than Ivanovic or Luiz with Terry. Whilst Cahill is a decent premier league defender, and he's solid enough in a defensive effort, I have serious doubts about him when left in space or one-on-one situations against world class players. While Luiz's awareness of his surroundings is poor (as is Cahill's, hence Falcao's demolition of the two), he is generally good at intercepting play happening in front of him, and very good at linking the defence to the midfield. Ivanovic is similar. Whoscored has Luiz's interceptions at 72 (2.4 a game), Ivanovic's at 49 (1.4 a game) and Cahill's at 27 (1.1 a game). That raw statistic doesn't cover the fact that Cahill has often anchored next to Ivanovic or Luiz, but probably because of what they were better than him at than what he was better than them at. What I'd want us to be looking for is a player with similar ability to spot danger before it happens and be aware of his surroundings as Terry. We have 1 defender that's good at that, and nearly on his way out, and 3 that aren't good at it. What I've heard (more than seen) is that Mangala has that ability. That he's also a very good athlete means that he'd be able to effectively partner any of our current centreback options, including Terry.
  24. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    25 players, 6 forwards, 7 midfielders, 9 defenders, 3 gks. That included 3 usable academy players (Nacho, Rodriguez, Morata). That's near enough standard Jose and fairly close to his 19+4 squad ideal at Inter.
  25. Media / Press

    Wasn't Hoddle influential in convincing Gullit? The rest falls in line. And how dare you forget Frode Grodås!