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  1. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Interesting link here, an ECA Report on European Youth Academies talking about the good work Jose did with Inter's squad management and use of youth players; "Mourinho launched the so called 19+4 format in the Senior A team squad. He wanted to have 19 experienced, world class players plus 4 promising youngsters from the club academy".
  2. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    96kg I think makes him the heaviest footballer in the Premierleague, heavier by 3kg than Papa Bouba "Wardrope" Diop who weighed 93kg. I will repeat it till I'm blue in the face, I don't think there's EVER been a footballer with his height/weight/speed metric, he is an NFL player that can pass, dribble, move and he can shoot with unerring accuracy and power. Gold.
  3. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Hilario's been released, Wallace is definitely a Chelsea player, but highly unlikely to make the first team, and I'd probably count Ivanovic as a rightback with the greater possibility of a new centreback being added. We can pretty much guarantee Courtois won't be our backup goalkeeper because he'd be a starter at most other top clubs in Europe. I don't think you can cast aside Essien at this stage, or expect Chalobah to accept being 6th choice, especially if another EPL team wanted him. Piazon's already claimed to want to play in Spain again next season, and if you were going to have an under 21 there, Thorgen Hazard's the more developed player. I've mentioned elsewhere on the site that a more attacking leftback option would be useful for the squad, but there are certainly more important priorities like replacing Torres, possibly Ba too. If Schurrle were to come that would negate any need for 4 strikers when we're likely to only start 1. This summer's silly season has got to hyperventilation stage very early on, where even conservative estimates see us picking up Mangala, DeRossi, VanWinkel, Schurrle, Markovic and Cavani for a cool £100m+. I'm already snowblinded by it to the point of disdain and wait to see how Jose evaluates the talent available.
  4. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Jose goes for, and uses, 20 outfield players and 3 GK's. We'll probably travel to America with a squad of 30, before we've added anyone new, so there should be some quality competition for squad spots this summer. For example, after Oscar, Mata and E.Hazard we'll have De Bruyne, Moses, Marin, Kakuta, Piazon, T.Hazard and Davila competing for 3, maybe 4 spots, and that's before Schurrle arrives, possibly another.
  5. Ashley Cole

    @bluecueball Madrid played with Ronaldo AND Marcelo/Coentrao down that left hand side. The attacking threat was so great that the fullback was rarely ever exposed to two on one situations. @DROY I agree with you, but based on the times he has gone forward this season, Cole's already limited attacking ability appeared to have declined. At Inter Jose had Maicon, Maxwell and Zanetti, or Chivu for a defensive option. At Madrid he tried to sign Maicon to add to Coentrao and Marcelo. I don't think that was a case of working with what he had, I think it was because his developing strategy requires that extra dimension from his fullbacks. Maybe he'll settle for defensive fullbacks to help cover for Kamikaze Dave... aka Sideshow Bob... aka The Chelsea Smiler... aka David Luiz. He's really not very good. A flat out bad defender, and not especially good going forward. So far he's had a couple of good games for Vitesse, without ever really consistently shining. I would expect him to be let go. But hey, if this is the post we all look back and laugh at, I'll be happy.
  6. Ashley Cole

    So Cole's started to become something of a non-entity in an attacking sense the last few years. One weapon less than Jose had at Real Madrid (where Marcelo and, remarkably, Coentrao thrived). Ivanovic and Azpilicueta have their strengths going forward but neither could be described as wingbacks. I would tend to agree that we'd want fullbacks to defend first, but there are plenty of occasions where at least one outstanding attacking fullback can totally shift the emphasis of attack and the space available for the midfield. Cole's strengths may outweigh his limitations, but Bertrand offers no tactical variety.
  7. I'm not sure Jose is really up anyone's sleeve is he? OK with Chelsea, he's made it clear, we're special to him, but he dipped his toe before bombing in today. In 2023 we'd only look back at Pep being one of those quirks of history as Jose will continue his rivalry with him and presumably keep it every bit as acrimonious.
  8. We don't know that he didn't turn us down. Or Klopp, or Pellegrini. Could well have been the case that Jose was the only one left.
  9. Negotiations with all of them could have been ongoing concurrently, no?
  10. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    Thankyou for the links, but it was telling how one half time team talk from Jose really put the system to the sword. Pressurise the double pivot and it begins to break down, until a third midfielder is then brought in to provide relief. At that point it isn't really a 4222 any more. It's an old system that can help good players overmatch bad players, best used now against teams that you know aren't interested in pressing outside of their own half. But in that situation you'd expect Chelsea's central defenders to be performing much of the same jobs the defensive midfielders do there, in games where it almost becomes pointless to have a defensive midfielder at all. Then we might go to a back 3, as Jose did a few times this season, like the 2nd leg vs Dortmund. Jose has always had a tendency towards playing two strikers in variations of his diamond 442, where two, if not 3, of his 4 central midfielders are comfortable occupying wide positions. But if you're simply looking for a tactical justification for playing Oscar, Mata, Hazard, Cavani(or other non-Torres) and Lukaku in the same system on a regular basis, you're going to struggle.
  11. Point is that it's on a downward trend as he becomes less and less relevant as a footballer, with virtually no discernible personality whatsoever to fall back on.
  12. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    It doesn't look good at all. One of the significant issues this season was the disconnect between back 6 and front 4, something RDM wasn't capable of fixing, and a lesson that I can only hope Abramovich took note of. The personnel in this system only exacerbate that problem with 4 full time forwards and the expectation of Ramires and De Rossi to work overtime in defending counter attacks, being in good position to initiate attacks, invariably leaving an exposed back four and limiting the opportunities for fullbacks to safely venture forward. It will never happen under Mourinho thankfully.
  13. As a player you'd value him similarly to a striker like Jelavic (and I'm being generous there), a player incapable of starting regularly or being relied on to make much of an impact in rotation or from the bench, you would then have to take his wages as a severe negative, and then counterbalance that against whatever dregs of marketing value he has left.
  14. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    Which is exactly what happaned in the USA/Belgium game last night. Lead the line before Benteke came on, doing well in that role and scoring a nice offside goal, but after Benteke came on he spent much of his time fanning out to the channels to receive the ball displaying a good touch, outstanding movement, and some very good passing whilst always providing absolute menace with his pace and strength.
  15. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Best thing about RLC's performances was the way he made himself available and was aware of the pressure on the defence. A testament to the training he's receiving at youth level and, because he's physically precocious, gives him a chance to make the squad. He already looks better than Romeu to me.
  16. Chelsea Finances Thread

    As Droy says American Sport is in many ways reflective of its culture, and I'd say that was probably true of sport generally, reflecting the economic culture that it is inherently subordinate to. We still live in an era of enormous corruption and unfairness where a tiny minority own the overwhelming majority of the wealth and do everything they can to keep it that way. In America that tiny minority have not only closed ranks but absolutely obliterated any competition, in Europe that minority would love to do the same, but can't, and have their workarounds.
  17. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    OK, well yes he is. As I explained earlier in the thread, he's essentially new to his body and as he's changed height, shape, weight, muscle mass, strength, quickness and pace, his techniques have had to adjust in less than a few years. His natural, subconscious understanding of how to move his body about in very unnatural ways (because football is full of very unnatural movements), has been and is adapting. You can look at almost any tall player (especially strikers) and see that they tend to peak later than shorter players. I'd say Lukaku was ahead of the curve.
  18. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    Seriously, does ANYone else see Lukaku this way? Just bizarre. He has the heaviest, broadest build of any footballer in the top European leagues. Certainly for any player 6foot+.
  19. An observation related to this. We can't have this thread degenerate into more pro/anti-Mikel, but Jose definitely did rate him and he's very much the hub of his national team's play. But who really knows? Some people's wet dreams might come true and Mikel will be the first out the door with Jose innovating a totally new style of play.
  20. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Hahaha, he likes the liquidity that new investors bring, just so long as they don't get near the silverware.
  21. When we were getting annihilated by Atletico Madrid and Falcao, one of the few games Mikel and Lampard played together this season*, Mikel was noticeably more mobile than Frank, very effectively using the space Atletico provided him. Obviously the system we used was entirely flawed, and at both ends of the pitch we suffered from being overmatched (their defenders > Torres & Falcao > our defenders). Whether Mikel is more mobile than Frank isn't really especially relevant these days, especially when Frank's skill is timing. But he's every bit as mobile as Xabi Alonso who was a lodestone of Jose's Madrid team. Mikel's the most similar player to Alonso in our squad and he is an excellent tempo setter. We don't currently have any equivalent of Makelele or Khedira. I wonder whether that's why there were so many rumors that we were interested in Corinthians' Paulinho. The rumors about him started around the same time we had allegedly begun negotiations with Mourinho to come back as Chelsea manager (end of 2012). His agent is Joorabchian.
  22. Following Chelsea's Loans

    I think it's normal for his age and frame, but odd that it took so long to sort it.
  23. He's utterly useless and Mourinho will kill him.
  24. He didn't "treat Casillas like a piece of sxit", he dropped him for what he considered a better goalkeeper. This was unacceptable to Casillas and many of Casillas' mates who, as European and World Cup winners, Spain legends, Madrid legends (Barca legends), decided to nark Mourinho off. Casillas has always been more reliant on his incredible acrobatic shot stopping than all round play, just the sort of goalkeeper to age quicker as a player than the bigger more well rounded keepers.
  25. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    In the last 2 years Lukaku has gone through massive changes in his body, a significant change in his frankly enormous musculoskeletal system, and the natural gain and shedding of puppy fat that's pretty standard for his age/body type. Suggestions that he never had a good touch are simply wrong, it just suffered a great deal during a period where he has been adapting to all the changes in his body. You very rarely get very tall players showing their true ability as teenagers and many take until their mid-20's to really adjust and flourish. Lukaku is starting to feel settled in his own skin, starting to understand the force his body exerts through each step, each touch, the way in which he has more weight to shift in accelerating than many of the defenders he faces, the way he has to be more delicate than the tiny players when receiving the ball and still be assertive with that. Aside from his freakish Height/Weight/Speed metric (way beyond any other football player I've seen) he appears to have a naturally very accurate shot, hitting the target unerringly time and again with power. I long for the day Jose gets to use him against Barcelona. Godzilla In Spain.