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  1. I still think that a lot of the players supposed to be on Man U's buy list never were there (or never on the short list).

    And I doubt the bidding for Fellaini was ever as bad as supposed. Did they ever really care about Baines? What really went on with Fellaini's loyalty bonus - since he went past the deadline, I presume he got it - making the higher priced deal just as good for Man U/Fellaini as the buy-out clause.

    I suspect that without SAF around, the press have just felt freer to make stuff up about Man U in the same way they have always done it with us. The key difference being they just knock us down and fail to correct where they have gone wrong, whereas with Man U they build them up with lies first, and then knock them for failing to reach the press's own bullshit expectations.

    But something has gone wrong at Man U I agree - the story, undenied, that Man U had a choice and preferred Moyes to JM is just so ridiculous that only a lunatic could have told it.

    Why wouldn't they be on their shortlist? Why wouldn't the biggest English club have a long list of possible upgrades on very clear weaknesses in their squad? It makes absolutely perfect sense to me, and it's irrefutable that they wanted a leftback (Baines or Coentrao), an attacking midfielder (Thiago and Fabregas) and another central midfielder (Herrera and Felaini). Deals for Coentrao, Thiago and Herrera were all but completed, no denials have ever been issued by Utd. As far as I'm concerned they've blown this summer transfer window and probably their chances of winning major silverware this season.

  2. Welcome back. Haven't seen you for a while.

    You're right, it is the same tactic as we used for Rooney. However, I don't think we've had that strategy as our plan A before whereas Barcelona has made that approach an art form. They always do it. Always. And they always get away with it with no complaints from anyone with any power whatsoever.

    I think that's the reason people get upset.

    Hi. Barcelona are being very badly run right now at an executive level. Fans turning against directors. There's no real rules against what they've done, and I think everyone really needs to be stronger minded than getting upset by them publically pining for our players. It exposes their weaknesses and undermines who they already have in their squad. Let them keep calling. If David decides he wants out then it will be his decision and his alone and we'll have a replacement ready to spend the money on.

  3. Oh well if you believe the press stories you are bound to be disappointed by whatever Man U (or Liverpool) do.

    If your a hack you write day dreams for those clubs and nightmares for Chelsea - after all that is what they think the readers want.

    I don't think you've quite been paying attention: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/336986/Manchester-United-fans-call-for-Ed-Woodward-to-be-sacked http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/manchester-united-edward-woodward-admits-2253711 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/manchester-united/10282469/Humiliation-for-Manchester-United-as-new-chief-executive-Ed-Woodward-learns-the-hard-way.html

    Man Utd were slapstick in their open briefings of the press, their use of Daniel Taylor as a media shill, their failed attempts to attract Thiago ("see you in Manchester") or Fabregas ("not even if they tripled my wages"), their perverse bidding process for Fellaini and Baines, their inability to complete a deal for Coentrao (or Herrera). All the time ensuring that everyone knows without question that Cleverley, Kagawa and Buttner aren't quite good enough, while Rooney is jack of all trades and master of none.

    The rest of the league has improved far more than they have, now lacking the one great talismanic figure that ensured a generally average group of players consistently overachieved. Ferguson WAS Man Utd, do well for him or you're out the door. Moyes? Expendable.

  4. I wish I could've as confident as you.

    However, I can't believe that Man Utd would relent after stating so many times that they aren't selling. I understand its a game of bluff, double bluff and counter-bluff, but to sell would make Utd, and Moyes in particular, look incredibly weak and would make such a transfer twice as damaging as just selling a few weeks ago.

    That said, their dealings so far in this post-Fergie era have appeared shambolic and amateurish so I guess anything is possible.

    I don't understand this concept of "weakness" for selling a player that doesn't want to play for you. You've got an asset that's gone rotten and you need to monetize it. It looks far, far weaker to me for them to be so petrified of letting him go that they'd rather have him sat on their bench than playing for someone else. A "strong" club and manager would say, OK, he wants to leave, no big deal, we'll get a replacement and be the better team without him.

  5. 20) Arsene Wenger - closest Arsenal would come to winning a trophy but he is on his last year of contract so extremely unlikely.

    19) Brendan Rodgers - the project is well and truly under way. His recent comments about Liverpool's dignity have made him a fan favourite.

    16) David Moyes - watching paint dry is more interesting than watching David Moyes' sides. And considering how often United are on telly we can all have a good moan this season about him. Still, United think they are better than sacking an underachieving manager so he won't sacked unless they find themseleves out of top 4 places towards the end.

    13) AVB - who'll bale them out if Bale goes? Spurs are a bunch of bottlers but can't see them underachiving so much that Levy would sack him early.

    9) Roberto Martinez - Inherited a pretty crap team from Moyes, they'll struggle to play passing football. Can't teach a pig to sing.

    4) Steve Clarke - overachieving is a dangerous thing, just like that people's expectations change.

    I could quite happily swap Steve Clarke with Arsene Wenger. The noose round Wenger's neck is getting tighter and tighter and a trophy seems no closer at hand. Their squad is competent and reasonably deep but lacks any outstanding players, he's hesitant to make big money signings and there's growing influence at board level from people that don't back his approach. Another trophyless season where they compete for 4th and not much else would surely put him close to the edge. Has the football even been that good in recent years? Expectations for West Brom will be tempered by the fact that they've spent nothing in the transfer market, but he's still brought in experienced players like Lugano and Anelka that will improve the squad.

    Same with AVB and Martinez. If Bale stays the pressure on AVB to compete for a title, not just get into the top 4 will be huge, and even if Bale goes, less than 4th will be a failure. Nothing AVB did last year suggests he "gets it" any more than he did at Chelsea. He had 3 more points than Redknapp scoring the same amount of goals and conceding more. Bale's form saved them more times last season than at any time under Redknapp. Where's Redknapp now? Coaching QPR in the Championship... Martinez on the other hand managed to make a team of absolute nobodies in a rugby town, where Victor Moses was by some distance the best player he worked with, not only survive in the Premier League, but win an FA Cup, against Man City. He was a tactical innovator with his use of a 3-4-3 and he got a herd of swine singing barbershop. Look at this squad, it's pathetic. You can't tell me Moyes didn't have much more to work with. If Everton can stick with that dour prick, winning nothing, over 10 years, then I'll be amazed if in a years time Martinez isn't offered a lifetime contract.

    David Moyes. So far a disaster. Will be judged on results of course. Losing Rooney with no replacement will see results decline regardless of his management ability. That might be his saving grace.

  6. well I didn't say that the info was from my source did I?

    I spoke to your source earlier, he asked me to tell you to stop pestering him, that he's changed his number and that he's made a request to your agency to have you put on a different paper route.

  7. It's one of those Red shirt arguments you get on here:

    Poster A < Chelsea play in Red shirts

    Poster B < No they don't - the shirts are blue

    Poster C < There is clearly Red in the shirts - anyone can see that

    Poster B < What are you one about - clearly for the purposes of my post I am right to say we play in Blue

    Poster C < Well if you get to pass your colour blindness test like I have, then you can clearly see the Red on the collar. I'm right, your wrong, plus extra added sarcasm.

    Poster B < I give up.

    Perfect. This seems like it should be regarded as some sort of law, like Godwin's Law or something. DROY's law perhaps.

  8. Wayne Rooney has told team-mates he will be joining Chelsea [ESPN FC]


    and http://espnfc.com/news/story/_/id/1518412/wayne-rooney-confident-move-chelsea?cc=5739

    To me it looks like a done deal, but the clubs have agreed to wait until after Aug 26th when we meet at OT in the Prem.

    Actually I suspect it was nearly done last season - which is why we only got around to replacing Drogba with a temp stand-in in January.

    Given that background it would be safe to say that relations between Rooney and Rio must have been difficult over the past 12 months.

    It also explains the low level of support he has had from the Man U PR team over the year.

    The public pressure on Utd not selling him to Chelsea is enormous, I mean this depends on Rooney being adamant that no other club is for him and that he wants to work for Chelsea because at some point you have to imagine any of Real Madrid or Monaco offer a bit more in the knowledge that Utd would accept it gladly over Chelsea's offer.

  9. Wouldn't be a bad comparison at all. Although not the Van Bommel of recent years, rather the dynamic player he was in his first period at PSV. Maybe even a Cocu, because there's aren't many things he really excels at, yet he's pretty allround. However, I can't really see Van Ginkel effortlessly filling in at left back or centre back, as Cocu was able to do.

    Van Ginkel is not really a passer like Arteta, Mikel or Carrick, but he does a pretty good eye for a nice splitting pass once in a while. That's one of the reasons why I'd like to see him be a little bit more adventurous in his passing than he has done in pre-season.

    He's pretty effortlessly covered for Ashley Cole so far, even creating the key turnover at leftback which led to the first goal at Inter.

    I think Cocu is a very good player to compare him to, but MVG looks somehow quicker and stronger.

  10. Which ones?

    Considering he's looked competent in every conceivable central midfield role (including a libero-type holding role, a shuttler-role, standard no.6, either getting forward or holding shape and man marking, being accurate and consistent in his passing whilst demonstrating strength and pace), I'd say ALL our midfielders are under threat from him. Can play, want's to play, has played and probably will continue to.

  11. Jose's 26 man squad as it stands:

    Homegrown: Cole, Cahill, Terry, Bertrand, Lampard, Moses (6)

    Free spots: Cech, Schwarzer, Hilario, Ivanovic, Luiz, Azpilicueta, Essien, Ramires, Mikel, Mata, Oscar, Schürrle, De Bruyne, Hazard, Torres, Ba (16)

    U21: Kalas, Van Ginkel, Lukaku, Blackman (4)

    Presumably Hilario won't be in the CL squad so there will be 2 free spots to cover the homegrown player that doesn't fit into the club-trained (only Terry qualifies) or association-trained spots as well as one of Van Ginkel/Lukaku/Kalas who don't qualify for the UEFA B List.

    Room for one more foreigner and one more Englishman by the looks of things.

    As far as CL squad is concerned our A-List is full and 3 players will have to be left out. Hilario's a given, but the other 2 are harder. Probably Kalas and maybe Ba.

  12. I'm wondering why Ronaldo and Mourinho are seemingly not on good terms. Its puzzling because always thought Ronaldo is a good trainer off the pitch and on the pitch nothing much more needs to be said.

    I think it's because there's an enormous vacuum where a personality should be with Ronaldo. Mourinho is knowingly arrogant, but Ronaldo is obliviously so.

  13. For the season opener, where JM definitely will put out his strongest team I am expecting these five in midfield:

    - Hazard, Mata, KDB

    - Ramires and Oscar in the dp

    I know Oscar has played as number 10 so far in pre-season, but given Lampard's injury in pre-season, van Ginkel's inexperience and Essien's bit part role, I think JM will go for the more attacking option over Mikel who is probably the biggest contender.

    I think that's highly unlikely. Van Ginkel was another standout last night, inexperience isn't an issue. His positional understanding has grown game by game and he rotated fantastically well with Ashley, Bertrand, Oscar and Mata. He's been the root of 2 of our last 4 goals and looked incredibly strong defensively. For me he's penciled in as a starter. Moreover, Essien hasn't been playing a bit part. The preconceptions about a) his role based on b) his remaining ability, look totally unsubstantiated. Right now he's looking like first choice for a less dynamic holding role within the double pivot. It then becomes a stylistic issue as to whether a different tactical role (and therefore a different player) is required for whatever opposition we are playing.

    Whilst I'd also like to see a system that gets KDB, Mata, Hazard and Oscar into the same side all at once, it's not something we've seen any indication of, and it's something that requires a real commitment.

  14. Liked what Mourinho just said about Torres. Is he the only coach that feels that by adapting the team style to what Torres likes we might just get the best from him? Here's hoping. Never seen such a sensible coach. Not even us are as sensible as Jose is in analysing the Torres situation.

    He just said he was basically so hopeless that the entire team would have to change and suffer his ineptitude and that we really need a player like Rooney because everyone else has one. Torres is going to be 3rd choice at best.

  15. Size is not the only parameter. It has more to do with mobility and willingness to put in an effort.

    We have an example of a well built player in our midfield who's mobility(lack of it) and lazy attitude negates that size advantage.

    Pre-emptive block.

  16. Maybe I am getting carried away, but in him I see a player who will ensure we dont get bullied away in midfield like we did vs toure, diame last year.

    Individuals had so little to do with that. Toure and Diame thrive in space, and the systems we used gave it to them.