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  1. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    My comprehension is just fine thank you dude. There is an element of hypothesis in the contention that Mendy would not have conceded the two goals, but a hypothesis based on prior observation and a good view of the incidents. This is in contrast to the waffly butterfly theory you brought up above. I suspect we are boring the other forum participants, so I'll let you have the last word. Suffice to say I concur that we are clueless in the final 3rd, but no more clueless than our hapless reserve goalkeeper.
  2. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Blimey. I'd take either, or both ! Even though they are both old men.
  3. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    The only two points of reference we have for the two defeats is the incompetence of the selected goalkeeper v the competence of the one eschewed. All the hypothetical nonsense above is just waffle. The goalkeeper had no other real saves to make in either game, so the outcome was directly affected by the failings of the selected keeper. Pick Mendy and we can then talk about how shite the forwards are for not scoring the goals to win the game.
  4. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Pretty much all our discussions on here are subjective: my view on this is if Kepa creeps out of his goal and doesn't tell the guy with the ball that he has done so in an almost silent stadium and concedes as a result, and then doesn't possess the footwork to compensate for his small stature and lets in a goal which I reckon (based on precedent and on the distance by which Kepa's hand missed the ball) our real goalkeeper would have saved, then Kepa is responsible in large part for the 2 defeats and the poor attackers are to blame for for the rest !
  5. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    OK. Your right to have an opinion, but don't characterise people who hold the opposite opinion as being "new levels" especially when they agree with your contention that our attack is a shower of shite ! 😉
  6. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    6 wrongs don't make a right !
  7. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Can you read? We didn't score, so wouldn't win, but with a competent keeper we don't lose either. No one is saying our attackers are good. They clearly are not (an opinion I express elsewhere), but our keeper in the past two games has let in two goals that our other keeper would not have.
  8. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Yes we did, Cyclops. With Mendy in goal it's a draw and extra time.
  9. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Well that represents one half of the argument, but the fact remains that without Kepa in goal (or not as it turns out) those goals against don't happen and they are draws. Everything Kepa touches (which admittedly isn't much) turns to ****. Mendy is his obvious superior and to select Kepa in an FA Cup Final is a staggering piece of incompetence.
  10. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    I agree about Tammy. To chuck him out of the squad like this is very strange, especially to include 2 substitute left backs. He wasn't ripping up trees, but neither was (or for that matter is) anyone else. Either Tuchel has a personal problem with Tammy, or something has happened behind the scenes. Either way, one of them will be gone by August, perhaps both !
  11. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Sadly I do. We just aren't very good. I was watching the buildup and some of the fantastic teams we have had over the past 20 years or so and this one just doesn't measure up. We don't have a single striker that anyone in the top 6 would covet. That is a dreadful oversight by the team planners.
  12. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    We really aren't very good Mr G, but Mendy saves that.
  13. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Absolutely correct, apart from the "Leicester are very good" part.
  14. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    The next question is, if we lose the CL final, as I predict we will, and fail to qualify in the top 4, will Tuchel be sacked ?