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  1. Media / Press

    I've scoured today's Faily Excess but don't seem to be able to find any mention of Chelsea Women's magnificent Double having won the league for the first time along with the FA Cup. I appreciate that the Daily Excess has better things to do than celebrate and promote the women's game. There are the endless articles that no one outside of Anfield and the Press Offices of failing newspapers are remotely interested in pretending that Scumbag FC have their pick of managers when the truth is they are just the new Spurs. But surely, Tony **nks could have given up his silly little made up non-story about late night meetings at Stamford Bridge and used the column inches he regularly wastes embarrassing himself with his lack of objectivity, knowledge or basic human decency for a simple picture of a group of female footballers each worth a hundred times more than a talentless, sack-faced has been hack. Shame on *anks, shame on the Excess and shame on its self promoting Health Lottery gimmick obsessed, Brexit bore of a an improprieter
  2. Khobar's Legacy

    True Michael. He'll probably go back to being an assistant. Rodgers is in essence more suited to being a number two.
  3. Khobar's Legacy

    Yes I agree. Him or Ken Dodd. How tickled I'd be.
  4. Khobar's Legacy

    2015 was not a great year at all for Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool, with some particularly bad defeats: Man Utd 3-1 Liverpool (12 Sept, 2015) Liverpool 0-3 West Ham (29 Aug, 2015) Stoke 6-1 Liverpool (24 May, 2015) Liverpool 1-3 Crystal Palace (16 May, 2015) From the BBC website.
  5. Khobar's Legacy

    As a mark of respect at his passing I shall wear my trousers and pants at half-mast for a few minutes. And just to add Mr Khobar is following the managerial developments with interest. 😀
  6. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Dear oh dear Man U defence looking worse than ours. It's only Arsenal ffs. Even we beat them.
  7. Khobar's Legacy

    Liverpool get a point amd move up to 10th, 4 points ahead of us. Hopefully we can claw that back over the next 30 games.
  8. Khobar's Legacy

    I rather like your scenario Mr Kelly.
  9. Media / Press

    Bitter, biased hack Holden of the Sunday Excess follows up last week's maligning of Chelsea by revealing today his love for Arse and Wenger in a creepy sycophantic homage that would have stronger men than me reaching for the sick-bucket. This rambling love-letter to the specialist in failure trots out all the usual old guff - 'saved money, new ground, attractive football, right philosophy, more class than Mourinho'. Yet laughably despite this sad Crayonist thanking the anointed one for being such a wonderful influence with his mastery of tippy-tappy defeats he thinks it's time he made way for another manager but when you have been so "successful" it's hard to know when to go (there is of course an obligatory swipe at Mournho never being loved like the man with the golden telescope). Ploughing through 'jmmymac-why don't you quit you hack's' awful article is like watching a sad wannabe fanboy thrust his tongue into the cheeks of a pompous, geriatric, serial-loser and expecting everyone else to swallow the same s*it he has.
  10. Khobar's Legacy

    Dear Everton. Please put a smile on my face tomorrow. Love Duffo.
  11. Media / Press

    ^ Love it! Top post.
  12. Khobar's Legacy

    Classic! Okay, taking them at their word does that mean that where Arsenal are only interested in qualifying for the ECL, Liverpool have been reduced to only being interested in qualifying for the Europa?
  13. Khobar's Legacy

    And so the mighty reds heroically hang on for a point at fortress Anfield against mid-table Swiss side Sion. Two points from two games and the pride of Scouseland are flying. I look forward to reading how the press big that result up tomorrow.
  14. Media / Press

    I see serial fact- fiddling, history re-writing Filth McNumpty of the BBScum is at it again. His biased re-telling of the Premiership's impact in Europe takes no account of the fact that most seasons it has been left to Chelsea and/or Man U to carry a disgustingly money-orientated Arse into Europe as a club that exists purely to qualify each year and take the Euro money to pay for their literal garbage dump of a stadium. McNulty, I believe, dishonestly goes on to state that recent dominance began with the success of his beloved Pool in 2005 and ended with Man U losing to Barcelona with Chelsea's 2012 success being a freak. Remember us getting to the Semis in 2004 Numpty? Anyone remember Pool's win as anything other than a freakish run of a ghost goal in the semis, an awful capitulation by Milan and a rubber-legged clown of a keeper. Chelsea experienced around 8 years of bad luck, "criminal" officiating and media campaigns by talentless media "professionals" despite which which saw them finally receive some long over-due success. Dear Filth do no tar us with he same brush as either Arse or Liverpool who are beyond being a joke in Europe and have been for some time.
  15. Media / Press

    We were so poor last night that we only merit a withering critique crayoned by Daily Excess newbie Harry Talbot (who I assume is the sports desk tea-boy in thrall to Matted Dung and Tony *anks). Given how bad we were the article is surprisingly lacking in vitriol(ignoring for a moment it's complete absence of insight or interest) However, the glaring omission in this mock GCSE standard piece of prose is any reference to Chelsea being denied a cast-iron penalty (almost as if it ever happened). And therein lies the problem with agenda driven rags like the Excess, which cannot be trusted to report complete and accurate details because they are too busy trying to create soap-opera to care about the truth. Chelsea may be playing poor football at the moment but the Excess as a newspaper is Sunday morning kick about in the park quality.
  16. Media / Press

    Yes Alan Davies, the thinking man's t*rd shat out opposite Caroline Quinten on a rickety set, (though not as creaky as his am-dram delivery) A one dimensional failed comic who has made a living from playing himself (or should that be playing with himself) in every failed artistic venture he has ever tainted with his execrable lack of talent. A post 2000 Leo Sayer-haired nonentity whose only achievement is to make Steven Fry appear bearably smug as we can only imagine how characterless the show would be if compered by a cork-screw haired comedy corpse with no self awareness. A man who couldn't even buy forgiveness from the Hillsborough Fund Administrators. I'm not sure who has won the least trophies in the last 10 years - Davies or Wenger - but at least Wenger is genuinely funny.
  17. Media / Press

    The Sunday Excess's smug Journo Jim seems to think the club are be-Holden to Jim to talk about our outgoing physio (only the female one mind). One of the reasons we don't talk about it Jimbo is biased sensationalist driven cretins like you who killed professional tabloid sports journalism in this country which led to clubs clamming up as hacks like you make it up anyway, we won't be bullied into speaking to snidey scum and I'm afraid Jim Bowen was wrong "You CAN beat a bitter bully."
  18. Khobar's Legacy

    Brendan Rodgers "We've nearly achieved great things." Yes Brendan and I was only 6 numbers short of winning the lottery last week. The only difference is I haven't spent a couple of hundred million trying to win it. Though to be fair to Brendan I do personally feel Camelot runs a more fair and transparent lottery than the one run by Scudamore and the FA.
  19. Media / Press

    http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/607268/Arsene-Wenger-Splits-Wife-Annie-Brosterhous-France-Paris-Arsenal-Gunners-London Presumably she found out he's been ****ing Chelsea.
  20. Khobar's Legacy

    The BBC site are doing our job for us today. First of all wehave the statistic that Lewandowskli has cored more goals than Pool. Elsewhere McCallister says he is glad that Liverpool fans are vocal in not being prepared to accept mediocrity which in its self is recognition that they are currently mediocre. Of course in years to come when they are hopefully bankrupt, achieving mediocrity will seem like a fairy-tale ending.
  21. Media / Press

    A fairly unremarkable piece of gloating over the Costa campaign in the Express but then Matted Dung is a very unremarkable scribbler. If you dug up the largest, most nobbly potato you could find, scooped out the innards, drew a pair of lglasses on it and sat it atop a hessian sack of dung you would be more likely to get an intelligent article on of that than this artless lard bucket stuffed with the decaying facets of a career that died along with objectivity in UK journalism many years ago. Apologies for any typos. I have misplaced my reading glasses which on reflection actually seemed to improve the quality of Dung's work.
  22. Media / Press

    According to the Metro Arsenal fans are boycotting Costa Coffee. Hopefully they will extend that to include a boycott of Spanish resorts thus giving folk a more pleasant holiday experience.
  23. Khobar's Legacy

    Wow even Paul Scouse seems to have thrown in the red towel today. The eventual extinction of Liverpool FC may not be a pipe-dream after all. Exterminate!!!
  24. Khobar's Legacy

    I look forward to reading Paul Scouse in Monday's Daily Excess to see how he manages to big up Pool's 1-1 home draw with Norwich. Still, fair play to them they are still a point ahead of us and they have the excitement of Daniel,Sturridge's return.
  25. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I do hope Southampton show the same defensive quality against us as they are showing against Man U today.